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  • Cairo

    Call for papers - Epistemology and methodology

    The emergence of the Ḥadīṯ as the authority of knowledge, 4th/10th and the 8th/14th century

    2ᵉ Colloque de l'Idéo au Caire

    One of the questions raised today by some Egyptian religious authorities is on the lawfulness and relevance of using intellectual tools foreign to the Islamic tradition to read and interpret the Qurʾān and texts of the classic Islamic heritage. Is it permissible and appropriate to use contemporary human sciences to study the texts of the Arab-Islamic patrimony or should it be limited to the Ḥadīṯ? IDEO would like to contribute to this debate by studying the emergence of the Ḥadīṯ as the authority of knowledge in the Islamic sciences between the 4ᵗʰ/10ᵗʰ and the 8ᵗʰ/14ᵗʰ century.

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  • Hammamet

    Call for papers - Language

    Path of Men. Portrait of a Literature

    Life stories in Arab Writing before the 10th Century AD.

    The objective of this conference is to examine, from a literary perspective, the biographical story in classical Arabic sources. The conference is part of the GenèR programme at Ifpo “Genesis and Evolution of the Arabic Literary Narrative: New Perspectives” and of the recently concluded ESCIMED seminar “Biography and Autobiography: Rethinking Short Time in the Islamic world”.

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  • Beirut

    Call for papers - Middle Ages

    Light in the Religions of the Book: A Multidisciplinary Approach

    If light is a valuable tool for the development of buildings, it also meets the requirements of practical and functional needs.  Beyond its purely aesthetic role, it is indeed a way to delineate the space and to organize its occupation by defining spatialities and temporalities adapted to the functions of the building. In order to assess the significance of spatial and temporal dimensions of light, a cross-reading of architectural, archaeological, textual and iconographic sources might be particularly fruitful. The theme of light which, somewhat complex, constitutes a privileged entry point not only to the study of man's relationship to space and the sacred, but also to the development – within or between monotheisms – of influences, exchanges, ruptures, continuities and legacies. The goal of the conference is to explore the theme of light in the East and in the West, during the Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, in a transdisciplinary perspective and within five thematic panels.

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