• Bordeaux

    Conference, symposium - Modern

    Towards a plurilingual curriculum : fostering pluricultural communication in the digital age

    This international conference is part of a multidisciplinary approach to languages and cultures in applied linguistics (didactique des langues), drawing in particular on language sciences, sociolinguistics, education sciences, political sciences and info-com. Participants are invited to (re)think about language teaching/learning, whether formal or informal, as an objective of intercultural communication. The plurilingual and pluricultural perspective calls for a fundamental reconsideration of the language and culture curriculum

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  • Nanterre

    Call for papers - History

    People and Places

    Who Cares ? Psychiatry in the English-speaking world

    «Who Cares?» is a newly-formed group of scholars from the Université Paris Nanterre, working specifically on the history of psychiatry in the English-speaking world. We are keen to encourage discussions on this subject and strengthen its international dimension. Our aim is also to foster further discussions on links and comparisons between historical perspectives on psychiatry in the French and the English-speaking worlds. This international conference will welcome all historical approaches to psychiatry and more generally  to the treatment of mental illness which reflect on the topic “People and places”  from the Middle Ages to the end of the 20th century in English-speaking countries.

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  • Saint-Martin-d'Hères

    Conference, symposium - History

    Decoding European History through Guns: Methodologies and Research Approaches

    What are firearms? How did they impact on the history of European societies? What are the more promising research approaches for studying them? Firearms hold profound implications for European societies, influencing international relations, the diffusion of violence, and State sovereignty. This workshop will convene researchers examining themes such as the relationship between European States and guns, global efforts to regulate arms markets, the role of firearms in changing the societal perception of violence, and the semantic nuances defining these instruments. Through exploration of diverse research methodologies, the workshop aims to highlight the significance of firearms as both a subject of scholarly inquiry and a lens for examining critical aspects of contemporary history, shedding new light on the European past – one trigger pull at a time.

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  • Paris

    Study days - Europe

    Art Activism and Ecoart Communities in Ireland

    Journée d’étude organisée par le centre de recherches en études irlandaises et nord-irlandaises ERIN (EA PRISMES, Sorbonne Nouvelle) et l’équipe EMMA (Université Paul Valéry- Montpellier 3), avec le soutien du GIS EIRE.

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  • Berlin

    Study days - Language

    Literatur and Psychiatrie revisited, 1920–1970

    Momente gegenseitiger Beobachtung | Moments d'observation mutuelle

    Le colloque se consacrera à la relation entre littérature et psychiatrie après « l’âge d’or de l’aliénisme » ( Castel 1977) en examinant des moments d’observation et de description mutuelles qui se déroulent entre l’apparition des avant-gardes et l’apogée de l’antipsychiatrie européenne. Faudra-t-il adapter les catégories d’analyse littéraire et d’histoire des savoirs qui ont fait leurs preuves dans l’étude du XIXe siècle lorsqu’il s’agit d’explorer les relations entre l’écriture littéraire et le savoir psychopathologique dans le contexte des bouleversements poétologiques et épistémologiques survenus depuis l’entre-deux-guerres ?

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  • Ghent | Brussels

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Representation

    Researcher for the FEDTWIN project "Photography Collection of the Royal Museums of Art and History"

    Consisting of about 120,000 items, the vast collection of photographs of the Brussels Royal Museums of Art and History has never been studied thoroughly. This project aims at the assessment, study and disclosure of this collection. This function is part of the FED-tWIN programme of the Federal Science Policy, which aims to promote sustainable cooperation between the ten Federal Scientific Institutions and the 11 Belgian universities through the funding of joint research profiles. In this case, its is a joint initiative of the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels and Ghent University. The position consists of a part-time position at the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels combined with a part-time position at Ghent University. It combines research tasks, educational tasks, organization of exhibitions, project leading tasks.

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  • Nogent-sur-Marne

    Call for papers - History

    Energy transitions and economic thinking in German-speaking territories, 1800-2000

    ETRANHET explores how economic ideas on energy have developed in various market-economy contexts around the world, since the first waves of industrialization at the turn of the 19th century. It particularly addresses three key questions: (1) How did past economists (broadly defined) conceive the connection between energy, growth, and development? (2) How did they consider innovation and technological change in energy affairs? (3) How did economic discourse on energy influence policymaking, and vice versa? Areas covered by the project include Continental Europe, the British Isles, North and Latin America, South-East Asia, and some areas under colonial control. This workshop will be an opportunity to look more closely at German-speaking territories within Continental Europe.

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  • Call for papers - Africa

    History and Memory: Epistemological Reinterpretation of Africa's Past in a Post-Colonial Context

    “Práticas da História” journal

    This special issue of Práticas da História is interested in receiving contributions, referring to colonial and post-colonial African contexts. It is important to better understand what is happening in different African countries, at the level of the Academy but also in other spaces where social memory and history confront each other, and how political, ideological, economic and linguistic factors interfere in those situations. In the case of the former Portuguese colonies, which will soon celebrate 50 years of independence, there are additional factors, such as the later end of colonial rule and the delay in historiography about Africa that occurred until recent decades, both in Portugal and in Brazil.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Encyclopaedia of Church History

    The editors of DHGE - Louvain Dictionary of Church History are seeking contributions for its next issue.



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  • Nice

    Conference, symposium - Political studies

    Digital democracy: promises and illusions

    A stable and peaceful society is based on a solid and strong democracy. The democratic model is the future of any society that respects human rights. New information and communication technologies and the still poorly regulated advances in Artificial Intelligence have impacted not only all human activity, but have also contributed to reshaping the relationship with politics, citizen participation, political communication and politics. national and international. Digital democracy (or electronic, cyber, digital) is a political-social phenomenon which began to emerge around fifteen years ago in very diverse national contexts. Today, it is a tool that is used mainly for electoral expression intended for a fairly small number of citizens. The purpose of this international conference is to question the phenomenon of electronic democracy not only from an instrumental point of view (e-voting tool), but to question the conditions of possibility and possible limits.

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  • Aix-en-Provence

    Conference, symposium - History

    Writing the Desert

    Directions, sources & perspectives

    How can we write the history of deserts? As "Desert Studies" are only beginning to attract the attention of scholarly communities across the English-speaking world, this conference examines the crucial issue of sources, and its articulation with key research questions relating to arid spaces around the world, with a particular interest in, but not limited to, the Sahara. Research engaging with the history of the Sahara Desert has taken new directions in recent years, notably around previously neglected issues such as mobility, networks, the emergence of new identities in Saharan countries following decolonization, or as part of new explorations of the relationships between colonised and colonisers. Drawing upon this growing historiography, ‘Writing the Desert’ aims to create a space for reflection around the fundamental material of all academic research: on the one hand, the archives which inform the work of the researcher, and on the other the questions around which their investigation is structured.

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  • Geneva

    Conference, symposium - Asia

    Promotion of Chinese culture and arts, 1930-1950

    Around the Bibliothèque Sino-Internationale

    From 11 to 13 April 2024 we organize in Geneva a Symposium about the promotion of Chinese culture and arts in the decades 1930-1950 by, and around, the Geneva Bibliothèque Sino-Internationale.This symposium aims at being an opportunity for exchange and discussion among 16 specialists to shed light on the Bibliothèque Sino-Internationale and on the circumstances and context of its action. The main focus is on the promotion of Chinese arts: painting, literature, music, theatre and opera.

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  • Call for papers - Modern

    Crises, emerging risks and resilience. Challenges for risk management in a changing world

    Revue « Laboreal »

    A global scenario marked by multifaceted crises - environmental, health, geopolitical and social - is challenging our ability to rethink real work, reduce risks and support productive activity. In both the public and private sectors, facing an increasingly uncertain environment makes it necessary to develop capacities to anticipate threats and manage critical risks in order to avoid crises and recover when this has not been achieved. Laboreal invites researchers involved in these topics to submit their work and contribute to the publication of this issue. Papers detailing field experiences, which provide access to real work, will be given priority. The articles will be published in one of the journal's two languages (Spanish or Portuguese).

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  • Vienna

    Study days - Thought

    Europe and the USSR. Literature in the face of the persecution and extermination of the Jews

    The workshop’s purpose is to examine the literary, artistic, musical and cinematographic responses to the rise of anti-Semitism in the 1930s, which led to the systematic persecution and extermination of Europe’s Jews. It will focus on the period before as well as after the war. This will allow to consider, on the one hand, the capacity of literature (and other media) to project an aftermath as a consequence of ongoing events, and on the other hand the aftermath as it was felt in the years following the Shoah.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Representation

    Histories of Photography from the Struggles for Independence: practices, circulations and aesthetics

    It's a well-known fact that the history of photography as a discipline has for the most part been constructed as that of "Western" photography, more specifically that of Europe and the United States. Between the introduction of so-called "extra-Western" photographers on the contemporary art market since the 1990s and the numerous works on the history of the medium during colonial periods, there is still a lack of information on the history of photography from the liberation and independence struggles onwards, from a global and transnational perspective, across all geographical zones. The aim of this colloquium is to highlight the histories of photography generated during the processes of decolonization, while rethinking methodological and aesthetic approaches to the medium that are still too Western-centric.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - History

    Architecture of the Past: inspiration for the Future

    Architecture, in response to universal needs, has developed in various forms, in diverse environments, and consequently offers a multiplicity of solutions. This diversity of construction types is of interest to numerous disciplines that do not often have the opportunity to exchange ideas. The aim of this interdisciplinary event is to bring together archaeologists, historians, architects, artisans, conservators, restorers, and ethnologists to share their work and research on architectural practices and structures that are relevant to approach current and future environmental, social, and economic challenges. This event will also discuss how the architecture of tomorrow is also invented with an eye to the past, whether it be sophisticated or vernacular, regardless of materials, period, or geographical and cultural area. A list of themes are suggested and detailed in the full call for proposal.

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  • Brussels

    Call for papers - History

    Activists in Exile. Gender, Political Commitment and Migration in the Twentieth Century

    The aim of the symposium is to highlight recent developments in research on migrant activists, exploring the interactions between gender, political commitment and migration in the twentieth century. Proposals may focus on women's engagement, masculinities or gender relations in militant contexts. How does gender influence militancy in migration? And how do political commitment and migration influence gender relations and the construction of femininity and masculinity?

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  • Call for papers - Representation

    The Role of Women in Decorative Arts and Design in France (1850 to the Present)

    Women played an important role in the history of decorative arts and design. Recent exhibitions (Here We Are! Women in Design 1900 – Today at the Vitra Museum in 2021 and Parall(elles): A History of Women in Design at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in 2023) displayed an overall approach of the question. But in some countries as France, what is the state of the issues and how is the contribution of women to be placed in this general context? This conference aims to discuss and to provide a state of research on the question but also to shed light on an aspect of artistic creation. It aims also to give an overview of the evolution and role of women in the decorative arts and design in France since the mid-19th century, in order to complete a current knowledge related to an ongoing field of research in the history of art and creative industries.

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  • Cergy | Aix-en-Provence | Amiens

    Seminar - History

    Political, cultural and intellectual South-North circulations in the post-Bandung era: towards a connected history of the Commonwealth

    By choosing to focus on South-North circulations, this seminar is dedicated to the deconstruction of the “British Empire” as a homogeneous category to write and think about the intellectual, artistic, and political histories of the people who circulate and inhabit this polity known as the Commonwealth of Nations in the post-Bandung era. Working from the assumption that committed artists, intellectuals and political activists from the Global South have networked and connected within this space, we seek to interrogate the counter-hegemonic nature of the knowledge, theories and artistic practices produced during the post-Bandung era. We thus call for the study of the circulation and transfers of political and cultural ideas but also the intellectual trajectories of individuals, collectives and institutions.

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  • Madrid

    Call for papers - Modern

    Prensa, democracia e integración europea, 1975-1996

    L’objectif de ce colloque international est d’aborder le processus d’intégration européenne et de consolidation de la démocratie en Espagne à partir de la presse, en comprenant ces deux processus comme des réalités qui présentent un profil singulier dans leur dimension de « constructions médiatiques ». Seront acceptées les propositions qui analysent les changements matériels qui ont lieu dans la structure de la presse espagnole (économique ou politique) en relation avec les processus de démocratisation et d’intégration européenne ; les recherches qui analysent le contenu publié dans la presse sur la manière dont l’idée européenne est présentée aux Espagnols ; ainsi que les travaux qui étudient les profils individuels ou collectifs des personnes ou des groupes impliqués dans ces processus.

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