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  • Jaji

    Colloquium - Political studies

    Managing National and International Security in a Globalized World

    Annual conference of the SPSP in collaboration with IFRA-Nigeria

    Du 7 au 9 mars 2012, l’IFRA Nigéria participera à la sixième conférence annuelle de la SPSP (Society for Peace Studies and Practice), organisée à Jaji (Kaduna State – Nigeria) en collaboration avec le Nigeria Army Peacekeeping Centre. Cet événement réunira chercheurs, doctorants, professeurs et membres des différents corps d’armée engagés dans les programmes de pacification et de résolution des conflits au Nigéria. / From March 7-9, 2012, IFRA-Nigeria will participate to the sixth Annual Conference and General Assembly of the Society for Peace Studies and Practice (SPSP), organized at Jaji (Kaduna State, Nigeria) in collaboration with the Nigeria Army Peacekeeping Centre. Scholars, professors, PhD students and members of security agencies involved in conflict resolution in Nigeria will be part of this event.

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  • Geneva

    Call for papers - Information

    Celebrity news, an oxymoron?

    In recent years, celebrity news has spread throughout Western media, and particularly in media aimed at the general public. The aim of the Conference is to study and discuss the spreading of celebrity news across the media and to consider the various issues at stake.

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  • Dnipropetrovs'k

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Approaches to post-Soviet transformations

    Summer school in Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine)

    Two decades after the collapse of the USSR, evolutionary paths travelled by post-Soviet societies are spectacularly diverse - posing analytical challenges for social scientists. In the first post-Soviet years, these societies were expected to “Westernize” and so social transformations were supposedly transitional. Later, it became obvious that genuine evolution observed in the former USSR needed genuine analytical tools. Dramatic change exhibiting a strange (at times conflict-ridden) coexistence of transformation and continuity neither elicits comparison to “normal” social evolution, nor can it be explained as a chaotic or un-analysable specificity. The aim of the summer school is to discuss different approaches / concepts used to analyse post-Soviet transformations and to question their heuristic effectiveness. The Summer School is designed to be interdisciplinary and international.

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