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  • Saint-Denis

    Call for papers - Africa

    Ecologies of the Indian Ocean Worlds

    TrOPICS journal

    This issue of TrOPICS journal examines ecologies in the broad sense in the Indian Ocean. The approach is multidisciplinary and proposes to invest two main axes : ecologies of spaces and (sub)marine and aquatic ecologies.

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  • Tours

    Call for papers - History

    Food Crises: Challenges, Innovations and Sustainable Change

    From prehistoric times to the present, crises relating to military conflicts, climatic hazards, health challenges, harvest failures, economic decline, environmental change, geopolitical conflicts and many other factors have affected food systems in complex and varying ways, depending on specific constellations, local resilience and the timescales involved. The distinctive aim of this conference is to examine the “creative” and “constructive” potential of the relationship, specifically the extent to which crises can trigger innovation and sustainable change within food systems.

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  • Call for papers - Africa

    African Revolutionary Film: Archives in the Making

    Journal “Sources. Materials Fieldwork in African Studies”

    We are delighted to announce this call for papers for a special issue on revolutionary African films made during decolonization (1950s-1970s), their role in shaping the social lives of African viewers both then and now, and their perilous and complex position as archival sources. This special issue seeks to gather scholarship on African revolutionary filmmaking and African film and media archives from across academic disciplines and intellectual contexts. We use the term “revolutionary” broadly here to denote the radical, multifaceted projects of transforming society, culture and discourses from colonial rule in ways that both genuinely sought emancipation through the “disruption of existing categories” as well as those projects that embedded authoritarian politics under the sign of revolution.

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  • Call for papers - Africa

    Gold: wealth or curse?

    Revue « Afrique contemporaine »

    Recent years have brought a dramatic upsurge in Africa’s gold output – boosting the export earnings and goverment revenues of producer countries, fuelling hopes of additional resources for development. But many also fear there could be negative spillovers, particularly in eroding stability and good governance, the so-called “resource curse”. These are just two facets of what is a wide debate debate, as the gold sector has multiple economic, political, environmental and symbolic ramifications. This issue of Afrique contemporaine aims to provide studies on different aspects, focusing as much as possible on the link between gold and the various forms of conflict.

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  • Athens

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Europe

    Recruitment for members of the École française d’Athènes (2022-2023)

    L’École française d’Athènes est un établissement public à caractère scientifique, culturel et professionnel placé sous l’autorité du ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la recherche et de l’innovation. Elle a son siège à Athènes. Elle a pour mission fondamentale de développer la recherche et la formation à la recherche dans toutes les disciplines se rapportant à la Grèce antique, byzantine, moderne et contemporaine. À ce titre, elle est un centre de recherche en sciences humaines et sociales sur le monde hellénique et balkanique. L’École française d’Athènes accueille des membres scientifiques nommés par le directeur de l’École pour une année renouvelable trois fois maximum, sur proposition du conseil scientifique de l’École après avis d’une commission d’admission.

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - Asia

    Autour de l’exposition « Splendeurs d’Asie centrale » : nouveaux terrains, nouvelles problématiques

    The conference « Autour de l’exposition Splendeurs d’Asie centrale: nouveaux terrains, nouvelles problématiques» supplements the exhibition (23 November 2022 – 6 March 2023) whose success is already exceeding the expectations of the organizers. It will gather international specialists (Uzbekistan, France, Russia, Austria), all directly involved in the historical and archaeological research on the past of Uzbekistan, the main crossroads of the Silk Roads from the 3rd to the 8th centuries CE. All participants have been involved in the preparation of the exhibition catalogue).

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  • Ziguinchor

    Call for papers - Political studies

    L’État : entre universalisme et variabilité des pratiques

    The State : between universalism and variability of practices

    From ancient times onward, different state models have been conceptualized and applied all over the world. The main objective of this colloquium is to enrich an intellectual and interdisciplinary discussion which is about observing and analyzing how the States are created, how they work, survive and are contested from ancient times onward.

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  • Lyon

    Call for papers - History

    The time of justice in the early and late modern period (Europe, Amériques)

    Les travaux sociologiques récents soulignent combien le temps est devenu un enjeu central du fonctionnement et de la légitimité de l’institution judiciaire. Cependant, le temps de la justice comme activité sociale a été peu étudié en lui-même par les historien·nes. Le colloque vise à mettre en perspective l’accélération contemporaine de la justice en observant sur plusieurs siècles les rapports de la justice au temps. L’enjeu du colloque est d’étudier comment la justice construit ses temporalités et les articule aux autres temporalités sociales aux époques moderne et contemporaine, dans différents espaces, contextes et cultures juridiques.

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  • Madrid

    Call for papers - History

    Dancing to the Empire’s Limits (16th-18th centuries)

    L’Espagne est un maillon essentiel dans l’économie des langages chorétiques européens à l’époque moderne. Sans nier le rôle matriciel de la France et de l’Italie, il faut donc rappeler son rôle dans un réseau de pratiques communes aux cours européennes et alimentées par leurs échanges et leurs dialogues. Or, par l’ampleur de son empire et de son influence culturelle, la monarchie hispanique contribua à la diffusion des codes et des modes de la danse européenne jusque dans les territoires de ses vice-royaumes, tout en intégrant par différents procédés d’hybridation, certaines des traditions chorégraphiques propres à ces cultures. C’est dans ce grand cadre de réflexion que se situe l’appel à projet du colloque « Danser jusque dans les confins de l’Empire (XVIe-XVIIIe siècle) », qui aura lieu les 26 et 27 juin 2023 à la Casa de Velázquez à Madrid.

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  • Call for papers - Modern

    Afro-Diasporic Imaginaries in 20th and 21st–Century Latin American and Caribbean Literature and Visual Arts

    Nakan Journal

    In this volume, we would like to analyze in depth the paths taken by the 20th and 21st century Latin American and Caribbean letters in relation to the experience of the black diaspora in dialogue with the visual arts, as well as in relation to the main themes, forms and techniques used by artist, playwrights, poets, storytellers and writers. In a context of increasing violence and intolerance towards minorities in Latin America, we will welcome analyses that focus on the relationship between literature and the resistance of the cultures created by the black diaspora.

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  • Nanterre

    Conference, symposium - Ethnology, anthropology

    Digitizing Performance in Africa

    Politics, Aesthetics, and Historical Continuities in the Circulation of Music

    This conference brings together anthropologists, ethnomusicologists, and historians to discuss the ways that communication devices have continued, reinforced, or altered how African people are sharing sounds and images of performance.

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  • Aix-en-Provence

    Call for papers - Africa

    “L’Année du Maghreb” New section: “Issues and debates"

    The historical section “chroniques annuelles” of the L'Année du Maghreb journal has become the “issues and debates” section. Within this framework, a call for contributions will be published each year. The proposed themes, which are merely indicative, address current events and recent developments in the Maghreb countries. Contributors may also propose articles on other themes insofar as they deal with issues related to the socio-economic, political and cultural dynamics of the region.

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  • Call for papers - Representation

    Art and decoloniality

    Figures de l’art n° 42, revue d’études esthétiques

    The question of a “decolonization of knowledge”, instilled in large part by cultural and postcolonial studies, today questions all of our university fields. Decolonization studies have nowadays acquired a wide audience in Anglo-Saxon universities.

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  • Piraeus

    Call for papers - Asia

    Diplomacy and Literature

    “Diplomacy and Literature” aims to examine the link and permeability between literature and diplomacy. Are Diplomacy and Literature two concentric circles? How does one become a writer? How is the diplomat-writer experience conveyed via literature? What cultural practices are being used? Who serves as a source of inspiration for writers-diplomats? Does language become a vehicle of culture? What are their preferred literary genres? How does diplomacy inspire literature? What is the ‘writers-diplomats’ contribution into shaping international relations? These are some of the questions that participants in the Conference will be asked to consider.

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  • Call for papers - Language

    « Prismi » nouvelle série, n. 5 - Varia

    From 2020 onwards, Prismi, a journal of Italian studies founded in 1996 by Bruno Toppan and produced by the Italian Department of the University of Lorraine, will be published in two volumes, in print and online. The regular annual publications now include three sections (at least two per issue), in order to better nourish and enhance the traditionally multidisciplinary character of the journal, giving a large place to Italian literature but also promoting the opening of the horizon towards a comparatism understood in the broadest sense and towards historical and cultural studies. For Issue 5 (to be published in 2024) only the Interlangues and Arcimboldo sections are being called for contributions.

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  • Call for papers - Geography

    What role is there for smaller ports in tomorrow's maritime system?

    Faisant suite au succès des trois premières éditions, l’équipe DEVPORT organise un quatrième évènement sur le thème des ports territoriaux. En mobilisant des réseaux de recherches et de professionels internationaux, ce colloque ambitionne d’être le rendez-vous incontournable de l’année 2023 pour les acteurs des secteurs maritimes et portuaires réunis autour d’un sujet d‘avenir. L’objectif est de comparer les différentes approches disciplinaires se référant à cette thématique de l’activité maritime au niveau international.

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  • Call for papers - Africa

    Reconciling art and craftsmanship

    The conference examines the relationship that binds craftsmanship to the artistic field, through experiences examined in different countries, and asks the following questions: Is it imperative to set up an integrated training program for craftsmen across the whole Republic of Tunisia? Are the measures dedicated to the use of crafts as a privileged tool of the “anti-unemployment policy” sufficient? What is the responsibility of higher institutes of fine arts and crafts in Tunisia in promoting the sector? Designers and visual artists, will participate with their theoretical-practical projects, individual or collective, dedicated to this relationship between art and craftsmanship, to furnish an exhibition of arts and crafts objects, which will be organized in Tozeur in parallel with the conference.

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  • Call for papers - America

    Le documentaire engagé : sport dans les Amériques

    This monographic dossier of IdeAs. Idées d'Amériques examines the relationship between sport, politics and society through the prism of documentary film.

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  • Call for papers - Geography

    Thinking cityness from East African cities

    “EchoGeo” – N° 67 (january-march 2024)

    This issue of EchoGeo seeks to explore East Africa’s contribution to the debate on cityness and city life in urban studies. This contribution has been growing over the past ten years, reflecting the accelerated urbanization of this part of the continent. Despite heterogeneous situations, the depth of the social transformations brought about by the urban transition has stirred major debates on city life and cityness in this part of Africa, once regarded as a bastion of African rurality. This initially led to the emergence of a scientific dialogue between East African cities themselves. However, this conversation has now opened up beyond this sub-region: researchers who work in East Africa have now engaged in broader international debates about city life, converse with urban scholars from other parts of the world, and are involved in comparative research projects that cross-cut regional divides (Rizzo and Atzeni, 2020).

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  • Toulouse

    Conference, symposium - Political studies

    L’emprise de la communication

    The Grip of Communication

    Pour ses dix ans d’existence, la revue Politiques de communication organise un colloque international dont l’ambition est de proposer une réflexion d’ensemble sur « l’emprise de la communication » dans la structuration des espaces sociaux contemporains. Il propose un bilan des travaux sur l’évolution des pratiques et représentations sociales de la communication et leurs implications organisationnelles. Il propose également d’interroger les rapports sociaux de domination - de genre, de classe, de « race », de génération et autres - dont la communication est un outil et parfois un révélateur.

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