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  • Call for papers - Language

    Cordel Literature: new perspectives, new approaches

    Jangada Journal #20

    Due to its thematic, poetic, and expressive diversity, the cordel witnessed, narrated, and recorded several national history moments. Even though only men mastered the art of composing and singing in verse initially, little by little, women also took the stage. Nowadays, poets adjust national and international interest themes to their meter, rhyme, and clause. They denounce the system’s falsities and contradictions; they question decisions and mock hypocrisy without, however, losing that aura of playfulness and wonder that has consecrated the cordel among us. Originally handwritten and later in printed versions, cordel has maintained a strong connection with the voice and culture of fairs and squares, the fey and laughter of rogue heroes, and the feeling of indignation of the less favored and the exaltation of legendary braves since the end of the 19th century. More recent researchers drew attention to the relationship between cordel and its singers’ orality and body performance while singing poetry and African griots. In this thematic issue, we propose to host papers concerning the most varied studies on cordel literature and its cultural practices.

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  • Call for papers - Sociology

    Decentering the analysis of Africa-China relations

    Revue internationale des études du développement n°251 (2023-1)

    The question put forward by the vast majority of works studying the relations between Africa and China is “What is China doing in Africa? What are the Chinese doing in Africa?”, thus often overlooking the anthropological dimension of social, economic, and political change in which African actors can reclaim their place, in other words an approach that would decenter China and the Chinese in order to shed light on the microfoundations of the macroprocesses of development by examining Africa and Africans. Agency – or agentivité as it is now commonly called in French – is defined here as the ability to effect or introduce socio-economic and political changes in the arena in which the actors are involved. By addressing the question of African agentive practices and norms in Afro-Chinese relations, this call for papers therefore leads to decentering China to focus on Africa.

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  • Call for papers - Sociology

    Petropolitics in the Countries of the South

    Revue internationale des études du développement n°250 (2022-3)

    For this special issue, we consider a broad approach to the world of hydrocarbons, ranging from economics to cultural issues, and including history, politics, demography, sociology, and anthropology. Our aim is to go beyond a conception that reduces oil-producing countries to black boxes with outgoing flows of oil and gas and incoming financial flows, thus boiling everything down to this single (economic, political, and geopolitical) issue. Before causing global warming, oil had an in situ impact on territories, human communities, and ecosystems. This approach calls for a critical rereading of the abundant literature on the oil-producing countries of the South, in order to tackle oil-related phenomena differently, to identify new connections between them, and to examine those which are only little or not studied.

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  • Bordeaux

    Study days - Language

    Old age: experience and representations

    Pour sa onzième édition, la journée des doctorant·e·s du laboratoire AMERIBER (EA 3656) vise à explorer le concept de vieillesse – processus physiologique inévitable mais aussi construction sociale dont les caractéristiques varient selon les époques – dans les champs des sciences humaines, des arts et de la littérature. Les onze interventions de cette journée permettront d'explorer ses différentes représentations mais aussi les enjeux socio-culturels, artistiques, institutionnels, littéraires et politiques qui en découlent.

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  • Toulouse

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Festivals and trans (national) cinematographic dynamics : forms of production, circulation and representation

    This international conference will take place at the University of Toulouse 2, simultaneously to the international film festival Cinelatino - Rencontres de Toulouse in March 2022. The objective is to go beyond a binary national / transnational approach to cinema in order to understand the articulation between practices, mediations, rhetorics and representations that form this contemporary cinematographic spatiality. It aims at promoting a collective and internationally open dialogue around the strong relations between festivals, production support systems, residencies and the circulation of professionals. If the starting point was the cinemas of Latin America, it is now our intention to develop a more comparative approach with other regions of the world which also participate in these international dynamics - such as Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, the Near and Middle East....

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  • Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Blackness and Racial Relations

    Revue « Horizontes Antropológicos »

    La revue internationale Horizontes Antropológicos lance un appel à contribution pour son dossier thématique « Négritude et relations raciales ». Le concept de race, même repensé scientifiquement et compris comme une construction sociale et politique, demeure un défi académique, compte tenu de la façon dont sont vécues les relations raciales et de pouvoir et la manière dont cette question est inscrite à l’ordre du jour de la lutte contre le racisme. Ce dossier vise à rassembler des travaux récents et critiques qui repositionnent les sciences sociales quant au concept de race et à l’étude des relations raciales. Les travaux s’inscriront dans les débats sur l’intersectionnalité de genre, de race, de génération, de classe, sur l’invisibilité des relations raciales dans le champ scientifique et les expériences de racialisation à l’échelle globale.

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  • Limoges

    Call for papers - America

    Ederly people in the world in the 21st century

    Learning to live together

    Le congrès sera l’occasion pour les chercheurs, la société civile, les aidants, les médias, les politiques, les jeunes et les moins jeunes issus de pays développés ou en voie de développement, francophones, hispanophones, lusophones, anglophones et autres, d’échanger et de partager des connaissances, des expériences, de s’impliquer et de sensibiliser les publics à un nouveau « vivre ensemble », à une meilleure qualité de vie, d’apporter des réponses et des solutions facilement adaptables dans le cadre de politiques publiques et dans le respect de l’Agenda 2030 et des droits de l’homme.

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  • Madrid

    Call for papers - Europe

    Creation at work in ultra-contemporary fiction: literature and cinema

    Conference. Call for papers

    Nous nous proposons de revisiter les fictions ultra contemporaines ayant pour héros un créateur confronté à son travail et voué à la production d’une œuvre inédite. Cette thématique très répandue au XIXe siècle revient en force en ce début du XXIe siècle, malgré le discrédit de l’art et de l’artiste du panorama actual et le changement radical de paradigme depuis la Postmodernité. Ainsi, notre volonté est d’interroger la littérature et le cinéma, essentiellement en langues française et espagnole, pour dégager les motivations profondes de ce paradoxal regain d’intérêt.

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  • Dakhla

    Call for papers - Africa

    Energy Economics between Deserts and Oceans

    Third International Congress on Desert Economy

    The ultimate purpose of the International Congress on Desert Economy – Dakhla, is to be a scientific and multidisciplinary platform on desert and Sahara economy development, in order to contribute effectively to the good governance and in the sustainable development of desert regions, by stimulating meetings between all stakeholders on a global scale, with a view to fostering cooperation and partnership, among (Sahara) desert countries (Africa, the Gulf States, the United States of America, China, Australia...), with the aim of creating a conducive environment to the exchange of experiences, expertise and innovation, around themes related to desert and Sahara economy development, such as: Tourism and travel industry, agriculture, renewable energy, raw materials, transportation and logistics, sea and ocean economy, technology and innovation,  entertainment and sport economy, cultural and intangible heritage, nature and environment.

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  • Call for papers - Sociology

    Land and violent conflicts in Africa

    Revue internationale des études du développement n°244 (2020-4)

    The goal of this special issue is to establish a dialogue between two research fields in the social sciences, whose interactions are often overlooked as a consequence of disciplinary specialization. Some works refer to violence and civil wars, while other works investigate violent conflicts associated to land-related mechanisms. These two fields often ignore each other: on the one hand, the violence to access natural resources in the rural areas is regularly identified as one of the decisive elements of the origin, development, and duration of civil wars (guerrillas, insurrections, and endemic violence); on the other, civil wars spread around increasingly social tensions worldwide. Finally, the policies of ‟crisis-management or ‟post-conflict” make the property issues a key priority of their action.

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  • Bogotá

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Music, Tradition and Creativity in the Digital Era

    New Ethnomusicological Perspectives From the Global South

    This Symposium will explore how digital media and new technologies have affected the ways through which musicians, producers and researchers experiment and engage with "traditional" musical forms, in Colombia and in other parts of the world. The participants are invited to share their research results and methodological experimentations in the field of applied ethnomusicology, music pedagogy, performance, digital audio production or digital humanities about the study of the impact of digital technologies about current musical practices. This Symposium will also include the presence of several local musicians and producers who will conduct workshops on "traditional" Colombian music and music from other countries of the global South.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - America

    Machines, gender and natures

    anthropology of extractive territories

    L’objet de ce colloque est d’étudier différents territoires extractifs du point de vue des dynamiques anthropologiques qui les structurent, en faisant l’hypothèse qu’ils posent des problématiques communes au-delà des différentes géographies et populations concernées. Il propose de discuter cette hypothèse en mettant à jour les liens entre mécanisation, rapports de genre et rapports à la nature dans divers contextes d’extraction de ressources naturelles.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Central Africa: history, politics and society

    La Revista África(s) – Revista do Programa de Pos Graduação em Estudos Africanos e Representações da África – is pleased to invite researchers to submit unpublished scientific papers in order to contribute to the issue “Central Africa: history; politics and society”. Accosting the central Africa geographical area through CEEAC , which is the central Africa states economic community and the eleven countries that it encompasses, the issue “ Central Africa: history; politics and society” is interested in the history of that area by the means of geopolitics  in order to experience the cultural exchanges and diversity of the people that are part of it.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Representation

    The Silver Atlantic. Photographic circulations in the 19th and 20th centuries

    The “Silver Atlantic” conference ambitions precisely to follow the photographic circulations cutting across the region in the 19th and 20th centuries. We invite submissions on topics including, but not limited to: The material circulation of pictures and publications; Circulations of actors (photographers, gallery owners, agents...), ideas (theories, books, translations...) and practices (forms, genres...); Circulation of technology; Commercial and institutional exchanges (agencies, museums, exhibitions, publishing houses, companies, etc.)

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  • Yaoundé

    Call for papers - Thought

    Intepreting Africa

    Discourse and counter discourse in African literatures and in literature about Africa and written by the African diaspora

    Il est organisé les 26, 27 et 28 juin 2019 un congrès international à l'université de Yaoundé I (Cameroun) sur le thème « Interpréter l’Afrique : discours et contre-discours dans les littératures d’Afrique, sur l’Afrique et de la diaspora africaine ». C'est un congrès multidisciplinaire qui se propose de questionner, sous diverses approches, l’Afrique et sa diaspora en tant qu’entité dominée, communauté d’appartenance et de destin, ou encore, communauté imaginée qui utilise la culture et les imaginaires populaires comme une mémoire de résistance et de dissidence.

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  • Bielle

    Summer School - Political studies

    The writings of power

    Advanced international training seminar. Political cultures in the Iberian peninsula and Maghreb (13th-15th century), 2018 session

    Les universités de Bordeaux, Pau et Toulouse, avec la collaboration de la Casa de Velázquez, organisent un séminaire de formation avancé qui propose un examen croisé et pluridisciplinaire des cultures politiques dans la péninsule Ibérique et au Maghreb au Moyen Âge. La session 2018 de l’atelier propose d’étudier la culture et l’expérience politiques au prisme de l’écrit, des écritures du pouvoir. Les renouvellements historiographiques récents permettront d’interroger l’acte d’écrire en le replaçant dans un contexte spécifique, de soupeser le gouvernement et l’administration par l’écrit, le poids de l’écrit dans la culture politique. Les écritures du pouvoir seront envisagées dans toute leur diversité.

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  • Libreville

    Call for papers - History

    Africa and Latin America - transatlantic interactions

    Ce colloque vise à interroger et débattre sur les différentes interactions sociales, historiques, politiques, épistémologiques entre le continent africain et latino-américain. Au cours de ce colloque, il ne s’agira pas seulement de jeter un regard sur le chemin parcouru ni de faire le bilan des recherches effectuées au sein du Centre d’études et de recherches afro-ibéro-américaines (CERAFIA). Mais, il faudra surtout repenser le CERAFIA en dessinant un nouvel avenir et de nouveaux enjeux. Il faudra également renforcer son insertion pluridisciplinaire au sein de la recherche scientifique gabonaise, sans rien lâcher de sa perspective comparatiste et triangulaire entre l’Europe, l’Afrique et l’Amérique latine.

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  • Granada

    Conference, symposium - Europe

    Medieval toponymy, ethnonymy and anthroponymy

    Amazigh and Iberian onomastics

    Le second colloque de recherche Euro Amazighe est dédié á l'onomastique médiévale comme patrimoine immatériel á conserver et étudier. Patrimoine nécessaire pour comprendre l'histoire, la culture et l'identité des territoires et des groupes humains établis dans la Péninsule Ibérique et le Nord de l'Afrique et leurs interactions. 

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  • Agadir

    Call for papers - Economics

    Social, environmental and long-lasting(sustainable) Entrepreneurship

    North/South crossed looks

    The increasing importance of the notion of sustainable development in our companies(societies) brought to the foreground three new types(chaps) of entrepreneurships: the social entrepreneurship, the environmental entrepreneurship and the long-lasting(sustainable) entrepreneurship. Our colloquium suggests analyzing the various stakes bound(connected) to these types(chaps) of entrepreneurship in Africa.

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  • Evora

    Conference, symposium - Middle Ages

    Political communication and diplomacy in the Late Middle Ages

    This meeting wants to carry out a state of the art on the history of medieval diplomacy, a topic on methodological renewal process. For this, it will focus on aspects such as new historiographical tendencies the wide range of sources available (literature, archives, letters...), sociology of the protagonists (clergy, nobility, lawyers, merchants...) and the different political contexts of medieval diplomacy (papacy, kingdoms, cities...).

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