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  • Trier

    Call for papers - Early modern

    Catholic Abolitionisms

    The conference Catholic Abolitionisms is dedicated to the central question is whether or not, and to what extent, Catholicism inspired abolitionist ideas and movements in the Atlantic world during the early modern era. We use “abolitionisms” in the plural to include instances that may not be connected because of their chronological or geographical distance and to suggest a comparative dimension.

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  • Buea

    Call for papers - Modern

    Artificial Intelligence and the Translation/Interpreting World: Current Trends and Future Directions

    This is the second thematic issue of Critic Journal and the forth volume by the Cameroon Association for Translation Studies (CATRAS). It focusses on on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the field of translation and interpretation. The papers are supposed to explore current trends and future directions.

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  • São Carlos

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Sociology

    Forest citizenship for disaster resilience: learning from COVID-19

    Postdoctoral fellowship of the Research Project Trans-Atlantic Platform (FAPESP/ESRC/NSF)

    The Project “Forest citizenship for disaster resilience: learning from COVID-19” and the Department of Sociology at Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) are receiving applications for one postdoctoral (PD) scholarship to develop research on forest citizenship in Amazonia. This scholarship is associated with the Trans-Atlantic Platform, supported by FAPESP Grant 2021/07558-3, directed by Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Constante Martins in Brazil, Luke Parry in the United Kingdom, and Peter Newton in the United States. The main goal of this postdoctoral fellowship, which was pre-approved by the Sao Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), is to investigate how forest peoples, notably rural communities and riverine populations, have made use of specific practices and actions to face the pandemic of COVID-19, and how the strategies adopted by these social groups - outside the established institutional circuits - have been constituted as important instruments for the maintenance of their ways of life.

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  • Montreal

    Call for papers - Urban studies

    The unresolved tensions of mass housing

    Session in the Society of Architectural Historians Conference 2023

    This session invites contributions that examine the diffusion and transformation of mass housing projects worldwide. It focuses on how the processes and outcome of housing projects relate to programs of social reform, restructuring or coercion, in various cultural and political contexts from the 1920s to recent years.

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  • Aubervilliers

    Conference, symposium - Political studies

    Theories and Practices of Federalism

    Federalism Conference 2022

    The Federalism conference is an international and hybrid conference that seeks to explore one the one hand, normative and historical theories of federalism and, on the other hand, investigate federal practices based primarily on case studies from Asia. With many countries opting for a federal structure of the government, federalism has now become a popular research topic among political scientists and constitutional scholars, leading to the burgeoning of centers and research projects at the international level. Federal ideas and the reality of existing federal states cannot be sharply divided. A comprehensive analysis of institutional philosophical roots can thus help us to further a comprehensive understanding of federal institutions as well as design appropriate analytical tools for investigating elements of multilevel governance systems.

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  • Lyon 07

    Conference, symposium - Law

    Transition énergétique : les échelles de gouvernance

    The Scales of Governance of the Energy Transition

    Ce colloque clôture les travaux de recherche et de diffusion de savoir menés dans le cadre d’un projet de recherche (projet TGL) financé par la Commission européenne. L’ambition du colloque est notamment de croiser les regards de la doctrine et des praticiens afin de dresser un panorama complet des acteurs et d’examiner leurs apports normatifs et organiques respectifs, y compris politiques et pratiques. La lecture de ces apports permettra de comprendre les véritables dynamiques qui se dégagent autour de la gouvernance de la transition énergétique et climatique.

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  • Houston

    Conference, symposium - America

    Staying Balanced in the Pivot: Legal Challenges of the Carbon Transition

    6th Annual North American Environment, Energy, & Natural Resources Conference

    As the world moves to decarbonize, the North American energy sector faces major structural changes. Throughout this transition to sustainability, energy production and usage must also remain stable. Join University of Houston energy and climate law experts, energy general counsel, and Blank Rome attorneys as we examine the complex legal uncertainties and economic opportunities from the low-carbon transition at our 2022 North American Environment, Energy, & Natural Resources Conference.

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  • Call for papers - Thought

    Brazil Meeting of the Global Bergsonism Research Project

    Based on the pioneering work of Bento Prado Júnior and Franklin Leopoldo e Silva, Bergsonian studies have developed significantly in Brazil over the last twenty years. This includes a thematic diversity that allows a rich dialogue with other scholars around the world. This Webseminar will be an occasion to discuss the potentialities of Bergon’s work, explored in an original way through the diversity of schools and academic backgrounds of all continents. We hope to encourage and foster discussions in a concrete practice of “ouverture” – mental, cultural and social – renewing questions and problematizations around three themes: spirit and life, Bergson and the history of philosophy, Bergson and contemporary philosophy.

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  • Call for papers - America

    T. S. Eliot in translation

    On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of The Waste Land’s first publication, the LARCA (Laboratoire de recherches sur les cultures anglophones, UMR CNRS 8225, université de Paris) is very pleased to invite T.S. Eliot scholars, and specialists of Modernism more generally, to share and discuss their (re)assessment of the reception of T. S. Eliot’s works and ideas in the various languages of Europe. We are especially, but not exclusively, interested in probing the role of translation in reception and canonization processes, that is, in the formation and reshaping of literary canons and their effect on the circulation of literary theory.

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  • Detroit

    Conference, symposium - Urban studies

    Reinventing Public Space in Business Improvement Districts

    Over the last two decades, public space renewal in downtown Detroit, as in other cities, has undergone phases of experimentation in response to emerging phenomena that put pressure on existing governance models. This includes most notably “metropolitanization,” referring to the increasing geographical scales of interdependence developing in response to the stalemate coming from increasing partisan bickering and shrinking subsidies that have negatively impacted the provision of public services at local levels. New public space governance models based on a large range of partnership forms have emerged in this context and in response to the need to reimagine urban identities, which are critical in ensuring global competitiveness.

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  • Bogotá

    Call for papers - Prehistory and Antiquity

    Dialogues in Antiquity: Archetypes for a Contemporary World

    Xth Conference on Classical Philology in honorem Giselle von der Walde

    The expressive wealth of dialogue presents itself in numerous artistic and intellectual ways. The encounters between emotional and aesthetic resources, pedagogical and didactic purposes, as well as between claims of objectivity and scientific rigor, are fertile ground for the transdisciplinary inquiry characteristic of classical studies. This invites a diversity and multiplicity of perspectives for contributions in relation to ancient authors and their works. Investigating the history of dialogue since Antiquity also allows us to consider it as an archetype for the exchange of opinions and ideas. This is suitable for dealing with current problems that increasingly require the willingness to negotiate and rethink ideas and convictions, empathize with the feelings of others, and build agreements based on the examination of opposing arguments and points of view.

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  • Lisbon

    Call for papers - History

    History of art today - Modus operandi symposium

    Artis - Art history institute of the school of arts and humanities, university of Lisbon, promotes the History of art today – Modus operandi symposium, on the occasion of Professor Vítor Serrão’s retirement (b.1952). To the tribute that is due to one of the most influential Portuguese art historians in recent decades, there is also a tribute to another great name in national art history, professor José-Augusto França (1922-2021), celebrating the centenary of his birth. Exponents of their respective generations, master and disciple, both were decisive in consolidating History of art in Portugal as an autonomous discipline in terms of teaching, research and civic intervention. The moment of homage is also a moment of reflection on the importance of Art history today and its role in society.

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  • Aubervilliers

    Call for papers - Political studies

    Federalism conference 2022

    Federalism conference is a one-day-long hybrid conference (virtual and presential) with four panels. The conference will be divided into a morning session that focuses on theories and an afternoon session that revolves around federal practices and case studies from Asia. The main objective of this conference is to set up a pool of information and network of young researchers and senior scholars involved in the field of federalism while actively promoting dialogue between academics. 

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  • Call for papers - Economics

    Development and democracy in the era of the health crisis

    As part of our next collective publication, we invite you to submit a proposal related to the theme of this edition “Development and Democracy in the Age of Health Crisis”. The book aims to address different issues, constraints and perspectives of the covid-19 health crisis on development and democracy in a context of hegemony, instability and climate change.

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  • Scholarship, prize and job offer - Science studies

    Borders, Migration and Knowledge

    Beyond borders 2022

    Beyond borders provides scholarships for different stages of Ph.D. research. It supports research about borders and boundaries in past and present times and promotes interdisciplinary exchange in the social sciences and humanities.

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  • Paris

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - America

    Terra Foundation Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Fellowship for American Art

    Université de Paris and Université Paris Nanterre, 2022–24

    Endowed by a generous grant of the Terra Foundation, this two-year research and teaching fellowship in Paris offers a postdoctoral scholar the opportunity to pursue their own work, and teach at Université de Paris (ex-Diderot) and Université de Paris-Nanterre. The fellow will receive a $ 42,000 annual stipend (to cover all costs including travel, housing, visa, health insurance, research, and so on; to be disbursed in euros).

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  • Call for papers - America

    The American State with and after Trump: (il)legitimate Institutions and Political Process(es)

    The AFEA (Association française d’études américaines) Annual Conference invites us to reflect on the theme of “Legitimacy, Authority, Canons” in 2022. This workshop is therefore open to contributions on the political, administrative, and institutional record of the Trump presidency, and its legacy on the authority and legitimacy of his successor Joe Biden. In particular, we invite work on the evolution of public policy, institutions, political mobilizations, and political experimentation at all scales of U.S. federalism to discuss the consequences of Donald Trump’s presidency on the American political development.

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  • Pessac

    Conference, symposium - Europe

    Contentious Science, Tricky Politics : Experts and Scientists in Controversial Policy Debates in Europe and North America

    This conference, conceived and organized before the events of this last year, seeks to interrogate the uncomfortable, confusing, and consequential intersection of experts and politics of which the Covid-19 crisis is only the latest dramatic example.

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  • Call for papers - History

    The Great(er) War of Military Occupations in Europe

    Antecedents, experiences and legacies

    This international conference is dedicated to the occupations of the First World War. Its aim is to understand the different forms taken by the occupations during the First World War and to develop better categories of analysis by looking beyond the traditional geographical and chronological limits towards the Greater War. 

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  • Houston

    Lecture series - Law

    Energy transition and climate governance

    On behalf of the Environment, Energy and Natural Resources (EENR) Center at the University of Houston Law Center, this events will be held in the frame of virtual lecture series on Energy Transition and Climate Governance, sponsored by the EU’s Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions and spearheaded by Dr. Aubin Nzaou.

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