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  • Martinique

    Call for papers - Language

    Afro-Diasporic Imaginaries in 20th and 21st–Century Latin American and Caribbean Literature and Visual Arts

    In this volume, we would like to analyze in depth the paths taken by the 20th and 21st century Latin American and Caribbean letters in relation to the experience of the black diaspora in dialogue with the visual arts, as well as in relation to the main themes, forms and techniques used by artist, playwrights, poets, storytellers and writers. In a context of increasing violence and intolerance towards minorities in Latin America, we will welcome analyses that focus on the relationship between literature and the resistance of the cultures created by the black diaspora.

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  • Lorient

    Call for papers - Language

    Le panhispanisme : tensions, écarts, rencontres

    Société des hispanistes français

    Le mot panhispanisme a toujours fait référence, surtout, à la langue en ce qu’elle constitue le dénominateur commun d’un ensemble de territoires dans lesquels on utilise l’espagnol de façon plus ou moins prépondérante. Le but du prochain colloque international de la Société des hispanistes français (SHF) est de s’interroger, de débattre et d’échanger, depuis des approches et des perspectives variées, sur la notion et la réalité du panhispanisme. L’hispanisme, le lusitanisme, le galéguisme, le catalanisme et l’américanisme sont concernés par cette thématique qui se déclinera en plusieurs disciplines : lexicographie, dialectologie, traductologie, didactique de la langue, analyse du discours, glottopolitique, sociolinguistique, civilisation, études culturelles, études postcoloniales, études cinématographiques et histoire en général. 

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  • Call for papers - America

    Women and political activism against Latin American dictatorships

    “Orda” journal

    The main objective of this issue is to gather works of researchers from different countries, diverse fields of knowledge and several theoretical as well as methodological perspectives, so as to feed the debate on the issues in keeping with female participation during the dictatorships of Latin America. Contributions should tackle the subject of women activists but they may also consider in a less strict sense the link between women and activism. We wish to address the issue of activism in a broad sense to include a wide range of social movements in which women have played a significant role. 

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