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  • Conference, symposium - Asia

    Spirituality, Healthcare and Social Movements in East Asia. A Transnational Perspective

    The East Asian cultural sphere has figured prominently in recent collections of research on new religious movements, Theosophy and global therapeutic cultures, while it continues to attract the attention of scholars working on civil society and self-help movements. But, although we are often aware of the complex entanglements between these seemingly separate areas of interest, we seldom have the opportunity to discuss such entanglements in and beyond East Asia. At the same time, in the last twenty years, significant scholarship has been published in East Asia on this topic.This conference aims to offer such a chance by inviting academic contributions to reflect on the intertwined relationship between spirituality, healthcare and social movements in East Asia from a trans-national/local/cultural perspective. As a time of unprecedented changes and accelerated global interactions, our focus lies on the period between the nineteenth to the twentieth-first centuries.

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  • Paris

    Study days - Representation

    L'arbre qui cache la forêt

    Journées d'étude de l'association Asie-Sorbonne

    L’association Asie-Sorbonne organise des journées d’étude dans le but de réfléchir à la dynamique du rapport à l’arbre - et au-delà, à la nature - en Asie de l’Est et du Sud par rapport à l’Occident. Nous postulons que cette relation, que ce soit dans l’art, les pratiques religieuses, l’agroforesterie ou encore les pratiques de loisirs, s’inscrit dans un rapport paradigmatique à la nature qui est déterminé par un imaginaire de l’arbre, des souvenirs associés au paysage et des pratiques culturelles. Les journées abordent une double question : comment les pratiques culturelles, artistiques, religieuses, classiques ou populaires, traditionnelles ou contemporaines, ainsi que les théories philosophiques/esthétiques témoignent d’une certaine vision de la forêt ? Comment conditionnent-elles potentiellement l’expérience réelle de l’immersion en forêt ?

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  • Da Nang

    Call for papers - History

    From the Port to the World. A Global History of Indochinese Ports (1858-1956)

    In order to pave the way for the writing of a global history of Indochinese ports under colonial rule, a three-day international conference will be held October 26-28, 2022 at the University of Đà Nẵng in Việt Nam. By bringing together researchers from Việt Nam, France and beyond, this conference will aim to establish the current state of research on a question that remains largely unexplored. It will address the ports of the Indochinese Union (Việt Nam, Laos, Cambodia) in all their aspects (colonial and imperial, economic, social and cultural, military and strategic, etc.), at the crossroads of different historiographies, different disciplines, and with a comparative approach in mind.

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