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  • Lomé

    Call for papers - Africa

    China in Africa - what agricultural cooperation for what food security?

    L'université de Lomé, en partenariat avec l'ambassade de Chine au Togo, organise, du 3 au 5 octobre à l'université de Lomé, un colloque international sur le thème : « La Chine en Afrique : quelle coopération agricole pour quelle sécurité alimentaire ? ». Il sera question de questionner le partenariat actuel dit gagnant-gagnant entre les pays africains et la Chine dans le domaine agricole pour en tirer les leçons qui s'imposent.  

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  • Constantine

    Call for papers - Economics

    China in Algeria

    Global economy and local development

    To what extent the numerous very big Chinese enterprises (especially public capital, more or less controlled by the Chinese government) or smaller ones (privately owned, operated by a diaspora of petty entrepreneurs) today in Algeria in the construction, commerce, industry, services sectors, fosters a new growth dynamic based on a joint local / global economy? This conference should be an opportunity to deepen the debate by examining in particular the effects of the Chinese presence on local development. The papers should describe experiences related to the Chinese presence in Algeria focusing on its effects on the territories, and analyze them in comparison to other experiences in Algeria, Africa and the world. Emphasis will be placed on both the empirical and theoretical aspects. Different approaches (economics, sociology, anthropology, law, geography, political science, demography) could be used to study the environmental issue, to capture the relationship between business and territories and to implement tools and methods associated with these theoretical frameworks in order to achieve a socio-economic diagnosis of territories.

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