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  • Nice

    Call for papers - History

    Venice, a Mediterranean regional power

    Economic, maritime and political perspectives, 1669-1797

    This seminar aims to explore the relationship between Venice and the Mediterranean between the loss of Crete, the last major dominion of Venetian maritime empire in 1669, and the end of the Republic in 1797. Through the analysis of economic and commercial exchanges, naval activities and diplomatic/military relations of the Serenissima in the Mediterranean, we aim to discuss the dynamics of transformation and adjustment of the Republic’s new status as a regional power faced with the challenges of an Inner Sea crossed and populated by more powerful and richer competitors.

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  • Mexico City

    Conference, symposium - Ethnology, anthropology

    Exvoto. El voto como objeto: concepción, exposición, patrimonialización

    Longtemps cantonnées à l’étude de ses formes picturales, les recherches sur l’ex-voto ont été renouvelées à l’aube du XXIsiècle révélant dans le même mouvement la complexité de sa définition. Objet d’un vœu, objet d’une promesse, l’ex-voto se caractérise par sa variabilité formelle et usuelle, qui brouille son identification. Il est alors essentiel de se tourner vers les spécialistes de sa fabrication pour considérer les conditions de son élaboration dans une temporalité complexe qui va de l’imploration du divin au dépôt de la chose promise. Quelle que soit la religion au sein de laquelle il prend forme, l’ex-voto est replacé dans un lieu de culte, et la question de son exposition devient centrale. Objet connecteur entre le profane et le sacré, sa valeur se transforme au gré de ses circulations et selon le lieu où il est présenté. De son exhibition dévotionnelle à son exposition patrimoniale, l’ex-voto nous permettra de nous interroger lors de ce colloque sur les interrelations qu’il construit entre : religion et esthétique, dévotion et patrimonialisation, culture populaire et culture savante.

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  • Villeneuve-d'Ascq

    Call for papers - Urban studies

    Territorial fractures, ruptures, discontinuities and borders: issues for planners

    The French-British Study Planning Group / Groupe franco-britannique de recherche en aménagement et urbanisme, has worked for 20 years on the building of networks and intellectual bridges between the communities of planning research and practice on both sides of the Channel. Since 2005 it has been formally constituted as a sub-group of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP). The potential retreat of the current United Kingdom from the European Union presents a new context and it is natural that the group should turn its attention to the territorial impacts which could arise as a result. It is also an occasion to reflect more widely on all forms of territorial discontinuities, ruptures and borders, including those at the national, regional and local scales, and which are of concern to planning research and practice.

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  • Nantes

    Call for papers - Language

    Networking May Sinclair

    This international conference explores the diversity of connections, inspirations and influences in the work of modernist writer, May Sinclair (1863-1946). It will be held at the University of Nantes (France) on Thursday 18th and Friday 19th June 2019.

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  • Lisbon

    Call for papers - Europe


    Preservation, Study, Dissemination, Institutionalisation

    The treatment of artistic legacies in all its different aspects involves great responsibility. Several players may take part in it: artists, their heirs or legal representatives, galleries, museums, foundations or academic institutions are the main promoters of the preservation, study, dissemination and management of artistic and documentary estates which make it possible to systematically trace the career path of a specific artist.

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  • Strasbourg

    Study days - Geography

    Geoarchaeology and archaeology of the city of Cádiz, Spain

    This workshop-seminar organised in Strasbourg will be focusing on the archaeology and geoarchaeology of Cádiz. New sedimentary cores drilled in a marine palaeochannel crossing the city in Antiquity will be discussed. Researchers from the University of Cádiz, the CNRS, the ENGEES, and the University of Strasbourg will be present.

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  • Clermont-Ferrand

    Conference, symposium - Europe

    Paradigms, models, scenarios and practices in terms of strong sustainability

    While the notion of sustainability continues to be associated with the Brundtland Report (1987) and the concept of sustainable development, a community of sustainability researchers and practitioners increasingly seeks to emancipate the concept to be consistent with the knowledge and aspirations of the moment. The enthusiasm and expectations for more sustainability go beyond mere environmental issues. They touch on crucial social issues as well. The symposium papers intends to question the paradigms, models, scenarios and practices that embody sustainability. One may wonder what meaning should be given to the very idea of sustainability and the representations it conveys. 

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  • Athens

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Europe

    École française d'Athènes fellowships - 2020

    L'appel à candidature à une bourse de l'École française d'Athènes pour l'année 2020 est ouvert.

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  • Tempe

    Conference, symposium - Early modern

    Gendered Species: Colette, Gender and Sexual Identities

    Espèces genrées : Colette, le genre et les identités sexuées

    Although French woman writer Colette was indifferent to and even critical of the feminist movement of the early 1900s, in the way she lived her life as in her fiction, she exemplified financial and social independence and shame-free sexuality, or what would be call today “gender fluidity”. This international conference will show how Colette represents a vibrant and radical expression of feminism in tune with the #MeToo spirit in today's society

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  • Aix-en-Provence

    Conference, symposium - Law

    Soft Law Research (Solar) Network

    Financed by the European Commission, the Academic Network of Soft Law Research (SoLaR) aims at stimulating the debate between academics and practitioners on the national role of EU soft law. SoLaR asks whether and how non-binding EU instruments are used bynational administrations when implementing EU policies and bynational courts when ruling in cases falling within the scope ofapplication of EU law. This final event will present the results of the project (to be published by Bloomsbury as an edited collection in 2020), introduce the policy recommendations and discuss follow-upactivities

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  • Hammamet

    Call for papers - Urban studies

    Urban and architectural identities in Mediterranean cities

    Identités urbaines et architecturales dans les villes méditerranéennes

    The architectural and urban diversity characterising mediterranean city is inseparable from their identity. It seems clear at that this diversity and multiplicity of different identities shoud be considered as one of the greatest cultural and human values. The coexistence of forms in time and space, the blending of urban and architectural cultures, influences and contaminations, even the contrast and and contradictions of identity that are revealed in the mediterranean urban  territory reflect the stratification of the city in its pragmatics implications and its identity meanings. Today, in a context of a competition and attractiveness betwen territories, several mediterranean cities are going through a period of profound changes. Faced with these transformations, the reference to "identity territories" (Troin, 2004) and the ability of the city to build an identity and speared it among the population are called into question.

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  • Târgovişte

    Call for papers - History

    Cold War East-West divide: conflict, cooperation and trade

    The aim of this event is to bring together established, senior and junior scholars and researchers from a variety of fields and perspectives (Cold War Studies, International relations, foreign policy, political sciences, history, economics, media studies etc.) to foster discussion on East-West contacts, whether they were characterized by conflict, competition, mistrust, trade, cooperation or compromise.

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  • Hamburg

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Europe

    Researcher specialising in the High and Central Middle Ages

    Im Arbeitsbereich Mittelalterliche Geschichte der Universität Hamburg ist eine Stelle als Wissenschaftliche*r Mitarbeiter*in mit Spezialisierung in der Geschichte des Früh- und Hochmittelalters - Egr. 13 TV-L – befristet für die Dauer von zunächst drei Jahren zu besetzen. Die wöchentliche Arbeitszeit entspricht 50% der regelmäßigen wöchentlichen Arbeitszeit. Es besteht Gelegenheit zur Anfertigung einer Dissertation; Lehre im Umfang von 2 LVS; Mitwirkung beim Einwerben von Forschungsmitteln sowie bei den Forschungsprojekten der Professur.

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  • Fiesole

    Call for papers - Europe

    New shape of sharing: networks, expertise, information

    A forum on current issues in European librarianship

    The New Shape of Sharing: Networks, Expertise, Information continues conversations begun at the New Directions Symposium held in Frankfurt in 2017. This multi-day forum of panel presentations, a poster session, and interactive breakout sessions on key issues facing Western European collections and public services will encourage both structured and unstructured debate. We will advance our understanding of the challenges and initiate action in three areas: design new models for collaborative collection development and services; explore a growing range of content and format types and what they mean for libraries and researchers, and highlight the evolving role of libraries and librarians in the research process.

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  • Rome

    Study days - History

    "Fake news". Art and information

    Inventing reality - between artistic production and historical enquiry

    Il tema delle fake news è di grande attualità e rilevanza per i mezzi e i fini con cui queste vengono messe in circolazione: esse hanno il potere di alterare la realtà e di far circolare notizie prive di fondamento.Durante la giornata di studi si indagherà la modalità in cui l’alterazione del messaggio è stata assunta come verità nella storia dell’arte, ripercorrendo l’iter del processo artistico e la conseguente creazione delle fake news.

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  • Aix-en-Provence

    Study days - Representation

    Between research and action

    Le travail que le collectif de jeunes chercheur∙e∙s « Migrations et altérités » a mené durant toute l'année scolaire touchera bientôt à sa fin. Après l'organisation de plusieurs séminaires et ateliers, dont vous avez pu suivre l'actualité sur notre page, l'aboutissement de notre réflexion prendra la forme d'une journée d'étude intitulée "Entre recherche et action", lors de laquelle chacun des membres du collectif présentera une communication.

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  • Angers

    Conference, symposium - Europe

    Integrating Gender in the History of Humanitarian aid: Europe (20th –21st century)

    À l’heure des élections européennes, un colloque international se tient à Angers sur un sujet qui porte sur l’histoire de l’action humanitaire à l’échelle de l’Europe, à partir de la première guerre mondiale jusqu’à aujourd’hui avec l’investissement de l’Union européenne dans l’aide humanitaire. Le colloque pluridisciplinaire, Intégrer le genre à l’histoire de l’aide humanitaire, interroge l’action humanitaire au prisme des questions du genre. Il s’agit de comprendre en quoi le genre a pu avoir un impact sur le travail humanitaire et en quoi l’absence de prise en compte du genre a pu se répercuter sur les actions de terrain.

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  • Ferrare

    Conference, symposium - Prehistory and Antiquity

    Meeting at the borders: Mediterranean hybrids in pre-Roman Italy

    Le colloque « Se rencontrer aux frontières : hybridations méditerranéennes dans l’Italie pré-romaine » entend promouvoir une réflexion sur le thème des frontières et des modalités de rencontre et d’hybridation entre populations d’origine différente dans l’Italie préromaine dans un cadre analytique pluridisciplinaire, associant l’étude des données archéologiques à une vision historique et anthropologique des relations ethno-politiques et sociales.

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  • Brauweiler

    Conference, symposium - Europe

    The protection of cultural heritage in Europe and Rhineland

    Franziskus Count Wolff Metternich and the Kunstschutz during the Second World War

    Ce colloque traitera de la protection du patrimoine culturel en Europe et en Rhénanie. Franziskus comte Wolff Metternich (1893-1978), conservateur provincial et du Land de Rhénanie entre 1928 et 1950, et directeur du Kunstschutz dans les territoires occupés pendant la seconde guerre mondiale, joue par son activité un rôle important dans la réflexion sur la protection des biens culturels au XXe siècle. Le colloque se propose de présenter les résultats rassemblés par un projet de recherche de trois ans sur les sources du Kunstschutz et sur le réseau de Wolff Metternich, projet implanté au sein du LVR -AFZ (Archivberatungs- und Fortbildungszentrum du Landschaftsverband Rheinland / Centre de conseil et de formation en archives des autorités régionales de Rhénanie).

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  • Call for papers - History

    Ireland, the Revolution and the First World War

    Continuities, ruptures and legacies (1913-1919)

    We are pleased to host, at the Centre Culturel Irlandais de Paris, an international conference on Ireland and the First World War as part of the national commemorations for the Centenary of the First World War.

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