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  • City of London

    Call for papers - Middle Ages

    Crusades, Islam and Byzantium

    An Interdisciplinary Workshop and Conference

    Interdisciplinary and international workshop and conference for young researchers and early career academics intended to identify, present and discuss new findings and approaches in the fields of Crusade, Islamic and Byzantine history.

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  • Conference, symposium - History

    Religious Community and Modern Statehood

    The passage from the Ottoman empire to modern states

    The conference aims to explore various aspects of the communal organization in the Ottoman Empire for regions such as Asia Minor, Middle East and the Balkans, and to present the changes that occurred within the religious communities during the 19th century and particularly during the period from Tanzimat reforms until the First World War. Key questions in relation to the modernization process of the Ottoman state and the functioning of religious communities, are a) how does the Sublime Porte understand the process of structuring a modern state with respect to religious communities, b) who is responsible for the modern institutions: the state or the religious communities, c) what is the reaction of the religious communities regarding the modernization process d) why and in what way the religious communities are changing on the light of this process.

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  • Berlin

    Seminar - History

    Ottoman Urban Studies Seminar (2009-2010)

    Post-Ottoman Cities

    What is the historical experience of cities in the former territories of the Ottoman Empire - in the Balkans, Anatolia, the Middle East, and North Africa - in dealing with the impact of global changes and the transformation from Empire to nation States? How did people of different cultural, social and religious backgrounds live together? How are such examples of conviviality, conflict, migration, and urban regimes of governance and stratification conceptualized? And how have urban traditions been reinterpreted, and what bearing does this have on modern conceptions of civil society, multicultural societies, migration, or cosmopolitanism. These and other questions will be addressed in this year’s Seminar in Ottoman Urban Studies. Séminaire organisé par Ulrike Freitag et Nora Lafi.

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