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  • Granada

    Conference, symposium - Language

    Mythographica & Paramythographica Graeca

    La transmisión de los textos

    The International Colloquium “Mythographica & Paramythographica Graeca” aims to be a meeting space for the reflection, discussion, and dissemination of researches on the transmission of Greek mythographic texts in a broad sesnse (manuscripts, editions, translations, comments, etc.). The Colloquium focuses primarily on mythography, but contributions on the presence of mythographic materials in others types of scholarly literatura are included.

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  • Rome

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Europe

    Postes de membres de l’École française de Rome

    Campagne 2022-2023

    L’École française de Rome recrute des membres scientifiques qui se consacrent à des travaux de recherche dans les domaines relevant de l’établissement, en histoire, archéologie et sciences sociales, répartis en trois sections : l’Antiquité, le Moyen Âge, les époques moderne et contemporaine. La campagne de sélection des membres de l’École française de Rome pour l’année 2022-2023 est ouverte.

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  • Girona

    Call for papers - Middle Ages

    Geographical Mobility and Cultural Itineraris during the Late Miggle Ages

    This congress seeks to take an interdisciplinary approach to a specific aspect of geographical and cultural mobility during the Late Middle Ages: the relationship between the geographical routes and itineraries taken by texts, books, artworks, and, in their wake, cultural ideas and tendencies. It will give special consideration to the Occitan-Catalan area as the starting, middle, and final points of these journeys. To investigate this topic, the focus will be on figures who are often left on the margins of study: the intermediaries and agents responsible for the transfer culture. Oral accounts, music, written texts, and artworks were all physically and intellectually transported by agents who were often under the cover of anonymity; this includes scribes, translators, minstrels, cantors, artists, and patrons or promoters, but also other figures such as pilgrims, students, clerks, diplomats, and merchants. These all played a fundamental role in developing, disseminating, and circulating ideas, and encouraged cultural and intellectual mobility in Europe.

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  • Aubervilliers

    Seminar - History

    Initiation in the publication of Greek patristic texts

    Poursuivant le travail commencé en 2018, ce séminaire reprendra le court texte ascétique attribué à l’Éphrem grec, l’Adhortatio ad fratres (CPG 4018 ; éd. Assemani, III, p. 205-215), qui est également attesté en copte, en arménien et en géorgien – langues dont l’apport a été étudié et sera évalué.

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  • Seminar - Middle Ages

    Euro-Mediterranean Entanglements in Medieval History

    The German Historical Institutes of Paris and Rome are launching a new online seminar series on “Euro-Mediterranean Entanglements in Medieval History” in the academic year 2021/2022. The events take place every two months. They are aimed at both young and established scholars from all medieval disciplines. The intention is to create an international and interdisciplinary forum where diverse topics and methodological approaches can be presented and discussed.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Timber and architecture during prehistory and Antiquity (2)

    Wood supply, agro-sylvo-pastoral activities and forest

    The objective of this workshop is to engage an open discussion among palaeobotanists (palynologists, dendrochronologists and anthracologists in particular) and historians (studying iconography, written and archaeological sources) to lead to methodological reflection. Our aim is also to question the sources available to study the forest cover and its management, but also to discuss the interpretation of these sources. It is also a matter of highlighting the limits and biases of each method as well as the potential of comparing sources.

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