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  • Girona

    Conference, symposium - Urban studies

    Cathedrals and Mosques: Building Urban Memories and Landscapes in Southern Europe (12th - 14th centuries)

    This international conference will discuss interdisciplinary questions regarding the importance of cathedrals and mosques in the definition of memory and urban landscape in the medieval Mediterranean from the twelfth to the fourteenth centuries. Our research aims at analysing the role these two buildings played in configuring the urban fabric of the Mediterranean world. One of our primary objectives is to understand how these buildings defined medieval landscape and urban space. How did they modify and condition the social and functional organisation of their urban surroundings? What architectural features contributed to their place in civic memory (decoration, architectural style and building techniques)? We are interested in the place they occupy in their cities’ urban planning and topography.

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  • Vancouver

    Call for papers - Middle Ages

    Troubadour Poetry : "Lieux de mémoire"

    In keeping with the 2015 Presidential theme for the 130th MLA Annual Convention (Vancouver, BC; 8-11 January, 2015) the MLA Provençal Discussion group seeks proposals for its session devoted to troubadour poetry and 'lieux de mémoire,' or sites of memory.

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