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  • Naples

    Call for papers - Europe

    Good and evil in the Germanic Middle Ages

    1st PhD Conference Associazione Italiana di Filologia Germanica (AIFG)

    The concepts of good and evil are expressed, from a lexical point of view, in different ways in different Germanic languages and at the same time they are declined in different forms depending on linguistic and literary traditions. The theme takes into account texts of different types: religiouos, legal, medical and so on. Starting from these assumptions, we encourage prospective participants to submit proposals which deal with the theme from a literary, philological, linguistic and/or historical perspective. The call is open to PhD students and PhDs in Germanic Philology and Linguistics.

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  • Trento

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - History

    Stipendien für die Studienwoche "Machtgestaltung und individuelle Spielraüme: Spannungsfelder der Moderne"

    LVIIe semaine d'étude de l'Institut d'histoire italo-germanique de Trente

    L'Isig (Istituto storico italo-germanico) de Trente, Italie, offre à des doctorants et/ou étudiants en DEA 12 bourses de participation à sa LVIIe semaine d'étude intitulée « Machtgestaltung und individuelle Spielraueme: Spannungsfelder der Moderne / Forme del potere e spazi dell’individuo: tensioni del moderno ».

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