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  • Call for papers - Early modern

    1715-1716: The Apex of Jacobitism?

    Origins, Representations, and Legacies: Essays in Honour of Daniel Szechi

    This collection of essays, entitled ’1715-16 : The Apex of Jacobitism ? Origins, Representations and Legacies’, in honour of the life work of Professor Daniel Szechi aims to re-evaluate the 1715 rising in its broader international context and within the heritage of the long eighteenth century. Contributors who have encountered the Jacobite rising in their respective fields, for example, while studying its industrial, intellectual, and scholarly impact from the Treaty of Union to the present, are invited to propose their contributions. As Jacobitism was a ubiquitous landmark of the eighteenth century, researchers are invited to question the military, political, literary, and/or cultural significance of the rising. The editors are particularly interested in consequential research on the rising through a comparative perspective in the interdisciplinary fields of literature, material culture, and travel or media studies.

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  • Call for papers - Urban studies

    Placemaking and Urban Sustainability

    The UK New Towns in the face of Health, Housing and Climate Challenges

    The growing concern for healthy living, housing supply, and sustainability in the UK warrants a reflection on the potential contribution of New Towns (past and present) in the form of a special issue of the Journal of Urbanism. The issue will address the relationship between these contemporary challenges and the planning and housing heritage and identities of New Towns in the UK. More generally, it will focus on how the New Towns can help towards achieving sustainable development as defined by the Sustainable Development Goals set in the UN 2030 Agenda (UN, 2016): ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages (Goal 3) by making cities inclusive, sustainable and resilient (Goal 11), among other sensitive goals.

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