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  • Lisbonne

    École d'été - Histoire

    1956: Empires under tension

    XXIV Instituto de História Contemporânea's summer course

    Keeping up with tradition, on September the Instituto de História Contemporânea (IHC) starts the school year by organising a summer course open to all the community. This year, the subject will be “1956: Empires under Tension”, in a course coordinated by Fernando Rosas, Pedro Aires Oliveira, and Rui Aballe Vieira.

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  • Lviv

    École d'été - Études du politique

    Embracing the City

    Memory, Contestation, Politics

    The Summer School seeks to embrace the city as a focal point for examining questions of belonging, place, power and the intersection of society and state in urban space. It welcomes proposals that embrace the city from many disciplines in the social sciences and adjacent fields, such as history, sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, architecture, and urban studies. Our regional focus is the former Soviet Union, Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

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