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  • Barcelone

    Appel à contribution - Pensée

    Études comparées d'art, littérature et philosophie

    Revue FORMA, volume 6, 2012

    Call for papers for the sixth issue of FORMA (Journal of Comparated Studies. Art, Literature and Thought). This call is opened and addressed to scholars, PhD students or any researcher who holds at least a BA degree. The deadline for submissions will be April 9th 2012. In each journal, the works published will be ushered by some articles written by well-known prestigious scholars, as well as an interview to an intellectually remarkable person and some reviews of books which might be of academic interest and were published the year before.

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  • Clermont-Ferrand

    Appel à contribution - Époque contemporaine

    Pour une définition de l’intimité au XXe siècle…

    Ouvrage collectif sur l'intimité au XXe siècle

    Pour une définition de l’intimité au XXe siècle… " Il existe peu d’études sur l’intime, l’intimité, l’intimisme " témoigne Daniel Madelénat dans son ouvrage sur L’intimisme. Face à un tel constat, Lila Ibrahim-Lamrous et Séveryne Mu

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