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  • Taipei

    Appel à contribution - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    Bodily Cultivation & Cultural Learning

    8th International Symposium of CORPUS (International Group for the Cultural Study of the Body)

    Almost all cultures recognize as a means of achieving religious or spiritual goals, cultivating moral and emotional virtue, or transforming ideas into bodily practices. Some of the most common examples include fasting, meditation, vegetarianism, and qigong or taichi. Rather than focus on these obvious examples, conference attendees will examine culturally driven bodily practices such as proper ways to walk, sit, and gesture—all of which are often endowed with rich cultural meaning, information about cultural learning, and knowledge about the cultivation of values and merit. Bodily cultivation can also be analyzed as a channel for learning, manifesting, developing, or shaping cultural concepts and ideals.

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  • Göteborg

    Appel à contribution - Religions

    Elective affinities. Critical approach of religious heritage-making in the Mediterranean

    Workshop of the inaugural conference of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies

    This workshop of the inaugural conference of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies (Gothenburg, 5 June 2012) focuses on the relationships between religion and heritage in the Mediterranean. It aims to study the entwining of these two phenomena and reveal the eventual particularities of religious heritage-making, as well as to discuss the conceptions of heritage embedded in the monotheistic religions, and re-examine the cultural matrix that religion and heritage share, redefine or negotiate through memory practices.

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