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    Appel à contribution - Époque contemporaine

    Representations of Power and Power of the Image in British and American Contemporary Photography

    Représentations du pouvoir et pouvoir de l’image dans la photographie contemporaine américaine et britannique

    From the power of images to images of power, this workshop will explore the representations of power and the power of representation in contemporary American and British photography. What is photography capable of doing? Whether in the form of a public person, the environment of power (emblematic places and explicit or underlying forms) or its symbolism, what is photography capable of revealing about power itself? Political, institutional, economic or social power all depend upon a system of relations or tensions between groups or individuals (accepted, rejected, questioned, expressed visually or internalized) participating in the construction of the identity, myths or memories of the American or British nations. In what manner does photography enhance or contribute to this construction or deconstruction of the notion of identity and nation?

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  • Appel à contribution - Représentations

    The American and British Nations in Contemporary Landscape Photography

    This second workshop in a series devoted to photography and national identity will question the way in which landscape as represented through the specificities of the photographic medium may participate in the construction of contemporary American and British national identities.

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