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  • Antwerp

    Call for papers - Law

    The Worlds of Pre-Modern Neutrality (ca. 1400-1800): Norms, Institutions and Practices

    This symposium aims to contribute new insights to the long-term history of neutrality, focusing on its "pre modern" dimension broadly understood (ca. 1400-1800). Indeed, the law of neutrality started to emerge in the Early Modern Age through the practices and beliefs of the European state system, but also from its interactions with non-European normative and cultural systems. Different but complementary angles of approach can be used to understand this phenomenon: e.g. diplomatic history, IR history, political history, economic history and legal history. Throughout history, polities as well as private actors have interpreted neutrality in flexible and divergent ways, e.g. proposing a proactive-assertive approach or a more passive and inward looking one. Benefiting from multiple disciplinary perspectives, the symposium takes into consideration both the theory and the practice of neutrality, advancing our knowledge of the often-contested conceptualisation of legal regimes at sea as well as on land. Such a conceptualisation depended on the interaction between situations of peace and diverged across different temporal and spatial coordinates.

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  • Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Food, power and the African diaspora: Exploring intersections

    Issue of Civilisations journal vol.74, 2025

    Over the last decade the concept of decolonisation has circulated not just in academic circles but also in the political arena and activism in the global North-West. To what extent do decolonisation efforts carry the potential for food justice and in what ways are African diasporas concerned about the decolonisation of food systems and engaged in efforts to make their foods more accessible? We seek contributions that engage with the experiences of diasporic communities and their aspirations, struggles and actions to reshape African food systems. This issue seeks to explore socio-cultural, economic and political aspects of the foodways of the African diasporas. The focus is the dynamics and interplays of power shaping current African food systems and how African diasporas relate to and engage with their food traditions.

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  • Târgu Mureş

    Call for papers - Language

    De la parole au corps du monde. Lorand Gaspar à la croisée des langues, des cultures et des disciplines

    Lauréat des très prestigieux prix Guillaume Apollinaire (1967) et Goncourt de la poésie (1998), Lorand Gaspar, poète, traducteur, historien, photographe mais aussi remarquable médecin chirurgien, voit le jour le 28 février 1925. Située au confluent des cultures et des disciplines, l’œuvre de cet écrivain francophone aux origines transylvaines a déjà suscité l’intérêt de nombreux chercheurs et plusieurs travaux universitaires lui ont été consacrés, dont une partie importante s’est constituée par le biais des nombreuses traductions réalisées à partir de et par Gaspar lui-même. Nous proposons aux personnes intéressées (spécialistes de l’auteur, critiques historiens, poètes, traducteurs, médecins, etc.) un colloque qui aura lieu dans sa ville d’origine : Târgu-Mureş.

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  • Dijon

    Call for papers - Science studies

    Book of Nature, Nature of Books: Practices of Female Botanists

    The research centres TIL (Université de Bourgogne) and EMMA (Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3) are organizing a bilingual (French-English) international interdisciplinary conference on the role of women in the development of botany as part of visual, manuscript and print cultures, from the Middle Ages to the contemporary period. We propose to foster discussions at the intersections of the history of natural sciences, print culture, book history, illustration studies, gender studies, plant studies and ecocriticism.

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  • Call for papers - Modern

    Le monde en polycrise: défis géopolitiques et réponses du droit international

    Le monde se trouve au cœur d’une « polycrise », un enchevêtrement de crises qui s’étendent aux systèmes mondiaux. Le terme « polycrise » illustre la façon dont les crises mondiales sont interconnectées, entrelacées et s’aggravent mutuellement. Si ce concept est utilisé avec plus de clarté et de précision qu'il ne l’a été jusqu’à présent, il pourrait apporter des éclaircissements essentiels et nouveaux sur notre situation actuelle. C'est pourquoi l’Université européenne de Valencia lance un appel à communications sur les thèmes suivants : les approches conceptuelles de la polycrise, l’impact de la polycrise sur l’économie, l’intelligence artificielle dans le contexte de la polycrise, les nouvelles inégalités générées par la polycrise, les réponses juridiques et politiques au défi de la polycrise, l'environnement en tant que cause et « victime » de la polycrise, ainsi que l'impact de la polycrise sur la sécurité et les droits de l“homme.

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  • Call for papers - Africa

    African colonialism : Origins, development and modern challenges

    This call for paper explores the multifaceted nature of African nationalism, which encompasses historical, political, social, economic, cultural, and linguistic dimensions. It argues that scholarly research on this topic should adopt an interdisciplinary approach to fully grasp its complexity. African nationalism, rooted in colonialism, evolved as a response to internal and external factors, aiming for political independence and broader African unity. However, post-independence challenges in governance, economic development, cultural identity, and education persist. The call emphasizes the need for further interdisciplinary research to delve into the past, present, and future of African nationalism.

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  • Limoges

    Call for papers - Modern

    Panoramas de conservación y preservación del patrimonio audiovisual

    Número de revista «FLAMME»

    Abrimos Call for papers para acoger y dar visibilidad a todos aquellos estudios que tengan como objetivo cualquier ámbito relacionado con la conservación y preservación del patrimonio audiovisual en formatos analógicos, 35mm, 16mm, super 8, 8mm o 9,5mm entre otros, y soportes magnéticos Betacam, Betamax, VHS, mini DV, etc. tanto para los casos relacionados con películas comerciales como aquellos que aborden el cine doméstico o amateur. Buscamos estudios que ahonden en cuestiones de conservación de todo tipo de formatos, protocolos establecidos y metodologías de trabajo aplicadas por diferentes archivos, entidades y laboratorios, además de proyectos de investigación y recuperación de memoria fílmica en España, Francia y Europa principalmente.

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  • Tizi Ouzou

    Call for papers - Language

    Translation assessment: What is a good/bad translation in the new digitalized context?

    Evaluating translations is a multifaceted process crucial for ensuring linguistic accuracy and cultural relevance. It aims to assess the quality and effectiveness of translated content. High-quality translations facilitate effective communication fostering global relationships and understanding. Comprehensive analysis and comparison are involved to ensure that the translated text meets the desired standards of accuracy and fluency. On another side, various tools and methods can be employed to evaluate translations, ranging from automated software solutions to manual linguistic scrutiny or translation studies’ outcomes. 

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  • Nanterre

    Call for papers - History

    People and Places

    Who Cares ? Psychiatry in the English-speaking world

    «Who Cares?» is a newly-formed group of scholars from the Université Paris Nanterre, working specifically on the history of psychiatry in the English-speaking world. We are keen to encourage discussions on this subject and strengthen its international dimension. Our aim is also to foster further discussions on links and comparisons between historical perspectives on psychiatry in the French and the English-speaking worlds. This international conference will welcome all historical approaches to psychiatry and more generally  to the treatment of mental illness which reflect on the topic “People and places”  from the Middle Ages to the end of the 20th century in English-speaking countries.

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  • Oran

    Call for papers - Language

    “Letters and Languages” Journal - varia

    The editorial board of the Letters and Languages Journal invites Algerian and foreigners researchers, professors and Phd students to contribute in the June 2024 issue.

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  • Messina

    Call for papers - Africa

    Cross border communities and blurred citizenships in Africa: stakes and challenges

    As part of the 7th Biennial Congress of the Association for African Studies in Italy (ASAI), we are organizing a panel on cross-border communities in Africa. This panel welcomes papers from various disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives, particularly those interested in the individual and collective dimensions of territorialized and individualized relations at international borders, which Amilhat Szary and Giraut (2015) call “borderities.”

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  • Call for papers - Europe

    Divided memories and political-cultural imaginaries in post–Cold War Europe

    "Europe: cultures, memories, identities" Journal, no. 1 / 2025 (first issue)

    This journal is especially devoted to the study of the dynamics of memories and of cultural identity representations which have shaped the spaces of experience, the horizons of expectation, and the sociocultural imaginaries in “Europe’s Europes” in the 20th and 21st centuries. It provides a special outlet to the analysis grounded in cultural memory studies, and particularly in contemporary theories of “agonistic memory”, considered as a “third way”, that of the research of an equilibrium between the contraries embodied in the two competitive paradigms which have disputed their hegemony in the European area, particularly since the end of the Cold War: the cosmopolitan/ transnational one, and the national(ist)/ antagonistic one.

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  • Beirut

    Call for papers - Language

    Revue « Al-Kīmiyā », numéro 25 – Varia

    Le numéro 25 d’Al-Kīmiyā, la revue de la Faculté de langues et de traduction de l’Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth se propose d’accueillir, sous le signe de la diversité, des articles recouvrant divers domaines de recherche en traduction et en langue. Les propositions peuvent traiter des problématiques qui préoccupent actuellement la recherche en traductologie et en sciences du langage. Le choix des thématiques est laissé aux chercheurs qui reflèteront ainsi dans leurs articles la diversité des approches et des perspectives ouvertes au décloisonnement des disciplines. 

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  • Rabat

    Call for papers - Africa

    Cultural and Creative Industries in Africa and the Arab World

    The main objective of this first edition of the International Conference on Cultural Engineering and Heritage Development is to approach the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) in African and Arab contexts and their evolution in the era of postmodernism; era that is characterized by focus on knowledge, intangibility and digitalization. While the core of CCIs remains in works of art, artistic expressions, cultural heritage, and traditional know-how, the production and reproduction models of art and culture have continued to reinvent themselves, as is the case with those of creation. Thus, from an interdisciplinary perspective, the main themes of this conference focus on the complexity of CCIs in Africa and the Arab world, their specificities, and the issues their development generates.

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  • Saïda

    Call for papers - Sociology

    “Atras Journal” - varia

    Volume 5, issue 2

    ATRAS is a double-masked, peer-reviewed, and multidisciplinary journal issued by the Faculty of Letters, Languages, and Arts, Saida University, Algeria. The journal aims to provide national and international researchers with an academic environment in applied linguistics, literature, civilization, translation, psychology, cultural studies, pedagogy, arts, philosophy, and sociology. ATRAS invites researchers in the previously mentioned fields to submit their scholarly papers.

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  • Galaţi

    Call for papers - Europe

    Mémoire pour l’avenir, nostalgie et utopie dans les imaginaires socioculturels des « Europes de l’Europe » contemporaines

    En analysant, une décennie après la fin de la Guerre Froide, les changements survenus au cours du dernier quart du siècle passé sur le plan de l’expérience et des perceptions du temps. Le caractère multidimensionnel de la mémoire historique et ses rapports avec l’avenir dans le contexte des « transformations sans précédent » entraînées par le progrès technologique et par les défis climatiques représentent également des axes majeurs dans les recherches récentes en historiographie et en philosophie de l’histoire. À l’intersection de la mémoire historique avec celle politique, la nostalgie fonctionne comme « une épée à deux tranchants », en ce qu’elle semble être tant « un antidote émotionnel pour la politique », que « le meilleur instrument politique ». Les chercheurs de divers domaines sont encouragés à soumettre des propositions explorant plusieurs thèmes liés à la mémoire, à la nostalgie et à l’utopie en Europe post-Guerre Froide.

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  • Nogent-sur-Marne

    Call for papers - History

    Energy transitions and economic thinking in German-speaking territories, 1800-2000

    ETRANHET explores how economic ideas on energy have developed in various market-economy contexts around the world, since the first waves of industrialization at the turn of the 19th century. It particularly addresses three key questions: (1) How did past economists (broadly defined) conceive the connection between energy, growth, and development? (2) How did they consider innovation and technological change in energy affairs? (3) How did economic discourse on energy influence policymaking, and vice versa? Areas covered by the project include Continental Europe, the British Isles, North and Latin America, South-East Asia, and some areas under colonial control. This workshop will be an opportunity to look more closely at German-speaking territories within Continental Europe.

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  • Call for papers - Africa

    History and Memory: Epistemological Reinterpretation of Africa's Past in a Post-Colonial Context

    “Práticas da História” journal

    This special issue of Práticas da História is interested in receiving contributions, referring to colonial and post-colonial African contexts. It is important to better understand what is happening in different African countries, at the level of the Academy but also in other spaces where social memory and history confront each other, and how political, ideological, economic and linguistic factors interfere in those situations. In the case of the former Portuguese colonies, which will soon celebrate 50 years of independence, there are additional factors, such as the later end of colonial rule and the delay in historiography about Africa that occurred until recent decades, both in Portugal and in Brazil.

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  • Call for papers - America

    The Pioneers of TransAmerican Art: in the footsteps of a Caribbean Diaspora aesthetic

    “Angles” journal

    Contributors to this thematic issue of Angles are invited to underline the connection to these ancestral memories and explore their current resurgence in the visual and living arts. Contributions can bear on scientific, fictional, and secular literature, the genius of dance and music, and the visual, scenic, culinary, performing, visual and ritual arts. Themes of interest could include but are not limited to, decoloniality, body politics, representation, restorative justice, Caribbean indigenous thought and practices, and diasporic art spaces. In the spirit of collegiality that animates this publication project, we intend to create the same dynamic between the communities of researchers and artists of the Greater Anglophone Caribbean. This dynamic is therefore open to all those who want to maintain a constructive dialogue to advance the knowledge and sharing of Caribbean aesthetics in the footsteps of the pioneers of TransAmerican art.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Encyclopaedia of Church History

    The editors of DHGE - Louvain Dictionary of Church History are seeking contributions for its next issue.



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