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  • Call for papers - America

    Women's rituals and power spheres in the American viceroyalties

    Dossier temático del número 11 (2023) de Espacio, Tiempo y Forma. Serie VII. Historia del Arte

    La convocatoria del dossier Rituales femeninos y ámbitos de poder en los virreinatos americanos pretende reunir una serie de estudios de caso o detenidas revisiones en los que se aborde este fenómeno como cuestión de género desde el marco de una perspectiva comparada. Las líneas generales que se han establecido van desde la construcción de un imaginario político en torno a la soberana, el papel desempeñado por la virreina en sus dominios de influencia hasta la agencia de las mujeres criollas o de procedencia peninsular en las cortes virreinales.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Listening to Justice

    Revue « Criminocorpus »

    The question of images in court and the video recording of trials has been addressed extensively. Christian Delage, who has precisely worked on the validity of images as evidence at the Nuremberg trials, put forward the notion of “hermeneutic prerogative of the image”. However, the history of the sound of justice has yet to be explored, even though recent works in the historiography of the judiciary as well as research in sound and listening studies do suggest the field might prove a fruitful one. Covering all historical periods in a diachronic perspective, this dossier aims to “listen to justice” throughout its entire process, from the early stages of investigations to court hearings, through periods of custody.

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  • Tokyo

    Call for papers - Geography

    Japan and its doubles. Study and representation of Japan’s territory and spatial planning through art and literature

    « Ebisu. Études japonaises » – special issue

    This special issue of Ebisu. Études japonaises focuses on the hypothetical heuristic value and the equally hypothetical performative role that artistic and literary representations, and even myths, play in the making of Japanese territory and the evolution of the reasoning and principles of their planning. Conversely, this issue also seeks to measure and analyse the impact of the dynamics of spatial planning on Japanese artistic and literary production, and even on possible inflections of the great myths that structure them.

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  • Call for papers - Sociology

    Appropriation culturelle et créolisation. Des usages politiques de la culture

    Numéro spécial des Cahiers de l’unité de recherches Migrations et société (URMIS) Appartenances et altérités

    The objective of this issue is to propose a reflection on the political uses of culture by putting into perspective the notions of cultural appropriation and creolization. It will examine the different conceptions of culture and identity that these two notions, which have emerged in social contexts affected by a strong racial hierarchy, entail. The expected case studies will focus on: the contexts in which these two notions have found their social relevance, the meanings they carry and the power relations in which their political and social uses are inscribed; their effects on inter-group relations and the nature of the boundaries they tend to reinforce or attenuate; the cultural productions (cuisine, hairstyles, ornaments, music and dance, arts, religious beliefs) privileged to support the discourses of cultural appropriation and creolization.


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  • Abidjan

    Call for papers - Science studies

    Changement climatique et santé en Afrique : état de connaissances et mesures d’adaptations

    Climate Change and Health in Africa: State of Knowledge and Adaptation Measures

    Le climat de la planète change rapidement et va continuer à long terme à cause des activités humaines. Ce changement climatique caractérisé par la hausse des températures, l’élévation du niveau de la mer, la répartition des précipitations et la fréquence ainsi que l’intensité des événements météorologiques extrêmes constitue un risque certain pour la santé humaine. L’objectif de cette journée d’étude pluridisciplinaire est de rassembler des travaux récents sur les liens entre les changements climatiques et la santé en Afrique, pour montrer les enjeux liés aux effets présents et futurs du changement climatique sur la santé humaine d’une part et d’autre part, de réfléchir sur les stratégies d’adaptation et des mesures de résilience qui protègent et favorisent une bonne santé et un bien-être des populations, particulièrement les plus vulnérables.

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  • Pierrefitte-sur-Seine

    Call for papers - History

    Ghost Archives and Shadow Records

    Urban history among documentary disappearances and dispersions, reconstructions and restitutions

    Archival City is organizing its fall 2022 symposium. Its aims are to propose new modes of intelligibility, visualization and use of urban archives, from six experimental and non-exclusive fields: Algiers, Paris, Jerusalem, Bologna, Quito and Chiang Mai. Historians, archivists, historians of architecture, urbanism or cities, are invited to propose papers across these themes of “ghost archives” and “shadow records” in the urban context, paying special attention to its epistemological and comparative potential. 

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  • Neuville-sur-Oise

    Call for papers - Political studies

    What Latin America says to Europe: circulations, imaginaries, viewpoints (and fantasies)

    We often tend to think of Latin America as a periphery of the global space. The very idea of globalization is frequently equated with that of cultural “Americanization”. Understood as a “United States of America-nization”, it is generally considered only as a circulation of ideas, models, knowledge, techniques or cultural objects from the North or the West to the South. However, working on Latin America frequently leads us to encounter traces of it or to identify its influence in Europe. Politics, culture or knowledge: the objective of this conference is to study some of the diverse forms of Latin American presence in Europe and/or in the European gaze. The works discussed here will take these circulations as an object, analyzing their processes, forms and impact. But they can also take a more reflexive form, by questioning the status of European-based researchers interested in Latin America.

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  • Call for papers - Urban studies

    Caring for Urban Nature

    Revue « Espaces et Sociétés »

    This issue of the journal Espaces et Sociétés is focued on the contributions of city-dwellers to the care of greenery in the city, with particular emphasis on two key perspectives. In the first, we look solely at practices that emerge in the public space, whether spontaneous and developed outside organised structures, or encouraged by institutional entities established by the public authorities. In the second perspective, the aim is to look critically at the urban nature activities undertaken by individuals, i.e. outside the collective practices traditionally pursued in shared gardens or big urban projects by public authorities, cooperatives or civil society organisations. International comparisons or case studies from outside France are welcome. Papers are expected in French, English and Spanish.

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  • Versailles

    Call for papers - History

    Networks and sociability at the court of France, 17th-18th centuries

    As part of its research programme “Networks and sociability at the court of France, 17th-18th centuries” (2017-…), the Centre de recherche du château de Versailles wishes to publish articles related to this subject on the Bulletin du Centre de recherche du château de Versailles. The court was a microcosm of society under the Ancien Régime. The royal family and the great noblemen were not only in each other’s company, but they also rubbed shoulders with a whole crowd of office-holders of greater or lesser importance, who ensured the smooth running of this mechanism.

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  • Versailles

    Call for papers - Representation

    The representation of history in the collections of the Museum of the Palace of Versailles

    As part of its research programme “The representation of history in the collections of the Museum of the Palace of Versailles” (2017-…), the Centre de recherche du château de Versailles wishes to publish articles related to this subject on the Bulletin du Centre de recherche du château de Versailles. Five themes will contribute to the ideas about ways in which these galleries can be made more accessible to the public. Indeed, in spite of its gaps, this collection offers strong evidence of a specific view of the history of France that the Museum of the Palace of Versailles should analyse and question today.

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  • Versailles

    Call for papers - History

    Court identities and the myth of Versailles in Europe: perception, adherence and rejection (18th-19th centuries)

    As part of its research programme “Court identities and the myth of Versailles in Europe: perception, adherence and rejection (18th-19th centuries)” (2017-…), the Centre de recherche du château de Versailles wishes to publish articles related to this subject on the Bulletin du Centre de recherche du château de Versailles. Research will be organised along five different lines, through which the idea of the “perfect court”, such as we find at Versailles, can be defined: organisational model, public and private areas in the residence, reigning and governing in Europe, palace and democracy, State and palace rituals.

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  • Call for papers - Science studies

    Zoological observation, experience and experimentation on animals in Antiquity and the Middle Ages

    The Zoomathia research network is organizing an international Conference in Nice on October 21 and 22, 2022, devoted to Zoological observation, experience and experimentation on animals in Antiquity and the Middle Ages. This conference will study the ancient testimonies of a practical, programmed, instrumented or interactive investigation on and with animals, as well as the hints revealing experimental protocols.

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  • Call for papers - History

    The edges of species

    Frontière·s. Revue d’archéologie, histoire et histoire de l’art

    Greek and Roman mythologies are populated by hybrid creatures borrowing physical characteristics from both humans and animals, as illustrated by the well-known examples of the Sphinx, the Faun, or the Minotaur. These imaginary hybridisations cross the permeable boundary that separates humans from animals. The affirmation of human exceptionality progressively allowed Greek philosophy to raise and isolate Man within the animal kingdom. Nevertheless, ancient and medieval literature, ethnography and zoology continued to question the interspecific boundaries not as a radical dissociation but as a porous limit, a grey zone with multiple gradients of humanity and animality, of which mythological hybridity is only one manifestation. For this eighth issue, the authors are invited to question the boun- daries between non-human animal species, but also between the animal and human species.

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  • Geneva

    Call for papers - Early modern

    Editing, Translating and Interpreting the Greek Fathers in the French-Speaking Regions of Europe (1450-1650)

    En privilégiant une approche à la fois historique, théologique et philologique, les journées d’étude apporteront un éclairage comparatif sur les différents projets éditoriaux et contextes de production qui ont contribué à la diffusion des œuvres patristiques grecques et à leur donner des nouvelles significations. L’accent régional et linguistique se veut un encouragement à combler les lacunes de la littérature actuelle et à mettre en évidence les frontières perméables entre les divers milieux confessionnels qui ont pris forme au cours de la période examinée. Une attention particulière sera accordée aux imprimeurs, éditeurs et traducteurs actifs dans les centres intellectuels francophones, depuis Genève, Lausanne et Neuchâtel jusqu’aux Flandres françaises, en passant par Paris, Lyon et d’autres villes du royaume de France, mais une place sera également faite aux centres situés dans les environs immédiats, comme Anvers, Strasbourg et Bâle.

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  • Montpellier

    Call for papers - Urban studies

    Nocturnal inequalities: social practices, uses of space, stakeholders and changes of urban spaces at night

    Organised by the members of the ANR SmartNights, this symposium aims to study the social practices and uses of space that take place at night, by paying particular attention to the conditions of access to these practices and to their (un-)equal distribution within society. It is addressed to all researchers working on these issues, including geographers, sociologists, historians, political scientists, planners and others - all disciplines are welcome - as well as to practitioners.

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  • Yaoundé

    Call for papers - Language

    Les français dans un monde multilingue : dynamique sociopolitique, usages et représentations

    French is the 5th most spoken language in the world. Sociolinguistic research on French establishes the existence of various uses of French depending on the context. The terminology on French variation varies between a meaning centered on the appropriation of French and on the different uses of French while integrating the concepts of young speakers. Numerous researches have noted the elements of language contact as well as the willingness of populations to use French for the teaching of local languages in a situation of school and other multilingualism. The present colloquium would like to ensure a continuity of the project and of the research on the variations of French in the classroom as well as in the standardized or endogenous uses. It would also like to update the data on the socio-political dynamics of French in Africa and in countries using languages other than French.

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  • Call for papers - Africa

    Space, Heritage and Sustainable Development

    Pour cette cinquième édition de son colloque international, le Laboratoire de recherche en sciences économiques et sociales (LARSES) de l’université Assane Seck de Ziguinchor n’a pas dérogé à sa tradition scientifique. Comme à son habitude, il a choisi un thème transversal englobant les aspects économiques, managériaux, juridiques, socioculturels et historiques. Cette présente édition qui marque les dix ans du LARSES sera le lieu d’échanges sur différents aspects relatifs à l’espace, au patrimoine et au développement durable.

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  • Yaoundé

    Call for papers - Thought

    Man, space and development in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Collections in honour of Professor Kengne Fodouop

    Tout au long de sa carrière d’enseignant-chercheur, le professeur Kengne Fodouop, s’est investi sur la question des rapports entre l’homme, l’espace et le développement, à l’échelle de l’Afrique subsaharienne. L’utilisation que l’homme y fait de l’espace dans l’optique d’améliorer ses conditions de vie ou d’assouvir sa volonté de puissance, ainsi que les impacts négatifs qui en résultent, ont été au cœur de ses préoccupations de recherche et ont inspiré ses multiples publications scientifiques. À tout bien considérer, les travaux de recherche à l’actif de cette figure emblématique de la science géographique africaine, se rapportent à quatre champs thématiques majeurs : s’accommoder de la ville, les réalités des campagnes, les dynamiques entrepreneuriales et l’équation géopolitique en Afrique subsaharienne. Les mélanges à lui dédiés se proposent de mener les réflexions scientifiques y afférentes.

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  • Call for papers - Epistemology and methodology

    Les usages sociaux et extra-académiques de la recherche en sciences humaines et sociales

    Social and non academic uses of research in humanities and social sciences

    Passerelles SHS est une revue numérique qui traite de l’interdisciplinarité en sciences humaines et sociales. La revue a vocation à publier des travaux abordant de manière concrète les enjeux et les méthodes de l’interdisciplinarité. Pour 2022, la revue Passerelles SHS consacre son deuxième numéro aux usages sociaux et extra-académiques de la recherche en sciences humaines et sociales.

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  • Nancy

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology


    Esthétique de la respiration et culture de la qualité de l’air

    In the vast atmosphere, I breathe the air inside my house, the air in my garden, on my street, in my city. What air does each of us breathe? The whole environment we inhabit: from our objects and our spaces to the products of human activity. Air quality relies on the material reality of our environments. It speaks to the senses, echoes in the development of our perception and requires the ability to acknowledge it. The “Respire” (Breathe) conference aims at exploring new ways of knowing the air we breathe and developing a sensitive culture of various qualities of air; presenting projects which explore ways to reconnect with a sensory perception of the air. Structured around three axes, the conference will question the relation between measuring tools and sensory perception, somatic and artistic research on breathing, research on “breathing” materials, and design and atmospheric architecture projects.

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