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  • Chicoutimi

    Appel à contribution - Études urbaines

    Regards multidisciplinaires sur l’adaptation aux changements climatiques dans les futures villes

    Quelles nouvelles formes, insuffisances et nouvelles pistes ?

    Ce colloque s'intéresse à l’adaptation aux changements et à la variabilité climatiques (CVC) dans les villes, les métropoles et les régions qui les entourent au Québec et partout dans le monde. Des questions se posent sur l’impact du CVC sur la ville actuelle, les métropoles, les régions urbaines et métropolitaines et sur ses composants ainsi que sur les mesures à prendre pour une bonne adaptation.

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  • Cincinnati

    Appel à contribution - Époque contemporaine

    World Cinema and Television in French

    This interdisciplinary conference will examine cinematic and televisual cultural productions that fall under a broad "French-language" umbrella in order to map out significant trends as well as new directions in the study of global French-language cinema and television and its points of contact with other languages and industries. It also aims to explore the opportunities and limitations of adopting labels such as cinéma-monde, transnational, Francophone, and World Cinema, as critical frameworks.

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  • Montréal

    Appel à contribution - Études du politique

    Borders, walls and violence

    Costs and Alternatives to Border Fencing

    More border walls and border fences are being built every year all across the world. Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, and Tunisia are among the latest to announce yet another border fence. Twenty-five years ago it was believed that the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reconfiguration of international relations would open an age of globalization in which States would become obsolete, ushering in a world without borders. In the wake of 9/11, however, borders came back in light, new borders were created and new border walls erected. In the wake of the Arab Spring, came even more border barriers and walls, symbols that were thought to have disappeared with the collapse of the bipolar international system. Today, they reinforce borderlines the world over, transforming both soft and semi-permeable borders alike into sealed, exclusionary hard borders. Walls are symbols of identity reaffirmation, markers of State sovereignty, instruments of dissociation, locus of a growing violence.

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  • Montréal

    Appel à contribution - Information

    Hégémonie ou résistance ? Sur le pouvoir ambigu de la communication – International Communication Section

    Conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) 2015

    The International Communication Section of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) invites submissions of abstracts for papers and panel proposals for the IAMCR 2015 conference to be held in Montreal, Canada, from 12th to 16th July 2015.

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  • Marseille | Ottawa | Dakar

    Appel à contribution - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    Ce que guérir veut dire

    Expériences, significations, politiques et technologies de la guérison

    Le colloque 2015 de l’AMADES, en collaboration avec le Centre Norbert Elias, se déroulera cette année à Marseille, Ottawa et Dakar du 27 au 29 mai 2015. À travers cet évènement, nous proposons aux anthropologues - et plus largement aux chercheurs en sciences sociales et aux professionnels de santé - de discuter des enjeux de la guérison dans ses dimensions théoriques, sociales, culturelles, cliniques et historiques.

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