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  • Naples

    Appel à contribution - Europe

    International migrations and labour from the 70s to the present

    Since the 70s the presence of migrants in Europe, and especially in Italy, has become a structural issue and has been at the center of the public and political debate. The progressive demolition of welfare systems, the job precariousness, and new consumer lifestyles have generated different responses in terms of regulation of the admissions of foreign citizens in search of a job and their management (housing issues, access to health care, etc.). Both with regard to organization of forms of protection of immigrants in the exercise of theirs fundamental rights, especially in cases of serious discrimination and exploitation (immigrant associations, trade union action, etc.).

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  • Appel à contribution - Économie

    Economics of Science and Innovation

    Topical Issue of "Open Economics" Journal

    This topical issue aims to gather current research on underlying mechanisms as well as economic consequences of scientific and innovative activities in a broad spectrum from the individual level analysis of the production of scientific articles and/or patents to sectoral level analysis of R&D activities and policies.

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  • Paris

    Appel à contribution - Asie

    Competition and solidarity networks in contemporary South Asia's Labour Market 

    Hegemonic neo-liberal discourse assumes that free competition on all levels sparks a virtuous cycle of economic growth, which eventually trickles down to poor populations. Over the past three decades, the idea that restrictive labour laws hamper such competition has justified the deregulation of labour in the North and the un-regulation of labour in the South, notably in South Asia, where labour relations had already mainly been informal. Various sociologists have noted that intensified economic interactions and the rise of competition have made individuals more likely to activate their social networks to protect their individual interests. In this respect, to what extent do social networks shape relations in the diverse South Asian labour markets? How do new forms of social groupings reconfigure competition and solidarity relations? What forms of social interactions prevail, emerge and weaken in the market: chosen solidarity and inherited solidarity; inter-caste and intra-caste solidarity; class solidarity; corporate solidarity etc.?


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  • Milan

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    States in Crisis

    Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics – University of Milan 2013

    The 2013 conference theme, "States in Crisis," is an opportunity to ask and answer a broad range of questions about the contemporary state, from its role in and reactions to economic and fiscal crises to the way in which its contours have or have not adapted and changed in concert with the modern economy to its place as a bulwark against or a catalyst for the construction of more market-driven societies. Within the well-established remit of SASE, participants are invited to submit theoretical and empirical contributions, at multiple levels of analysis from the local to the global, drawing from multi-disciplinary socio-economic frameworks.

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  • Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Temps éclatés, urgence et perte de sens

    Dossier thématique de la Nouvelle revue du travail

    Le monde du travail subit de plus en plus la dictature du présent. Cela donne une impression d’agitation permanente, qui est aussi une façon d'éviter de se poser des questions sur le sens de l'action. Que veut dire, matériellement et symboliquement, de devoir travailler dans l’urgence ? Que fait l’urgence aux conditions d’exercice du travail et au sens même de ce travail ? Que fait-on concrètement subir au travail et au travailleur quand on accélère son rythme ?

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