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  • Weimar

    Appel à contribution - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    Schalten und walten. Towards Operative Ontologies

    IKKM Biennial Conference 2019

    The conference will conclude the IKKM six-year research program on ‘Operative Ontologies’. A term seeming contradictory at first, it assumes that everything that exists is not simply present or given but has been called into being through media and their operations in the most general sense: The ruling (das Walten) of nature as well as the ruling of the social reside under the command of technology, which as increasingly digitized technology is based on switching operations (das Schalten) — e.g. the achievements of bioengineering or the computational models of planet Earth. When embodied operations establish ontological orders and the difference between the ontic and the ontological thus re-enters the ontic, this demands a radical remodeling of ontology. The IKKM Biennial Conference 2019 therefore investigates the given with regard to the procedures through which it has been made possible, produced, set up, brought into the world and called into being — “switched on” — in the first place.

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  • Evora

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Collection "Fontes e inventários"

    CIDEHUS: Call for e-book proposals

    CIDEHUS (Centro Interdisciplinar de História, Culturas e Sociedades) has one book collection with peer-review: Fontes e Inventários that publishes historical sources editing or inventories of archives and other collections. From now on, once a year, CIDEHUS opens a call for book proposals to general academic community and not only to the members of our research center.

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  • Héraklion

    Appel à contribution - Europe

    Semantic Web for Scientific Heritage

    SW4SH 2016: Second International Workshop

    Classicists and historians are interested in developing textual databases, in order to gather and explore large amounts of primary source materials. For a long time, they mainly focused on text digitization and markup. They only recently decided to try to explore the possibility of transferring some analytical processes they previously thought incompatible with automation to knowledge engineering systems, thus taking advantage of the growing set of tools and techniques based on the languages and standards of the semantic Web, such as linked data, ontologies, and automated reasoning. SW4SH 2016 aims to provide a leading international and interdisciplinary forum for disseminating the latest research in the field of Semantic Web for the preservation and exploitation of our scientific heritage, the study of the history of ideas and their transmission.

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  • San Antonio

    Appel à contribution - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    Encoding Data for Digital Collaboration (ASOR 2016)

    Data encoding entails an analog-to-digital conversion in which the characteristics of an object, text, or archaeological site can be represented in a specialized format for computer handling. Once encoded, data can be stored, sorted, and analyzed through a variety of computer-based techniques ranging from specialized data-mining algorithms to user-friendly mobile apps. Especially when encoded data is open-source, researchers around the world can collaborate on the collection, encoding, and analysis of data.

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  • Nancy

    Appel à contribution - Époque contemporaine

    Des jeux « traditionnels » aux jeux numériques

    Depuis le début des années 2000, l’étude des jeux numériques a pris une place considérable dans la littérature académique consacrée aux phénomènes ludiques, au point où de nombreux articles se proposant de faire un état des lieux des « game studies » actuelles se concentrent essentiellement sur les travaux abordant les jeux sur ce support. Pour questionner les relations qui s’établissent entre jeux « traditionnels » et jeux numériques, cet appel se décline en cinq thématiques qui donneront une vision assez large des différents genres d’articulation envisageables. Tous les types de recherches, fondamentales ou appliquées, et approches disciplinaires sont concernés.

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  • Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Médias, internet, démocratie

    Médias, internet, démocratie : colloque international en trois volets : 1. : 23 avril 2012, Nouvelle Université Bulgare, Sofia ; 2. : 25 avril 2012, Université Matej Bel, Banská Bystrica et 3. : 27 avril 2012, Université Pierre Mendès France, Grenoble. « Nouveaux » médias, nouveaux usages, les espaces publics se transforment, les «massmedia » tentent de décliner dans de nouveaux modèles économiques une nouvelle personnalisation de l’organisation de l’information désormais participative où les réseaux sociaux, massivement investis, jouent un rôle ncontournable. « Digital natives » ou non, les citoyens développent des usages sociaux avec ordinateurs connectés, téléphones portables ou encore télévisions interactives, autant d’évolutions technologiques qui permettent de nouvelles pratiques, mais qui installent également de nouvelles identités numériques.

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