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    Co-Ethnics as Unwanted Others

    Intra-Group Tensions After the Fall of Communism: Causes, Consequences, and Contexts

    Much has been written about the intricacies of acceptance and integration of immigrants who are racial, ethnic and/or confessional ‘others’ in relation to host populations. There are many examples of co-ethnics’ interaction which are overtly or latently accompanied by intra-group conflict, tension and misunderstanding, but academic coverage of co-ethnics’ encounters is far less ‘mature’ in terms of conceptualization, and literature devoted to these issues is far less abundant. The pattern of peoples' interaction being studied is usually a result of various kinds of population movement provoked by serious socio-political cataclysms in the 20th and 21st centuries, including the collapse of multi-national states and the intensification of labor migration resulting from post-socialist economic transformation. Our aim is to bring together international scholars who could present results of their latest research on these topics, preferably from a comparative and/or micro-level perspective.

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