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    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Co-Ethnics as Unwanted Others

    Intra-Group Tensions After the Fall of Communism: Causes, Consequences, and Contexts

    Much has been written about the intricacies of acceptance and integration of immigrants who are racial, ethnic and/or confessional ‘others’ in relation to host populations. There are many examples of co-ethnics’ interaction which are overtly or latently accompanied by intra-group conflict, tension and misunderstanding, but academic coverage of co-ethnics’ encounters is far less ‘mature’ in terms of conceptualization, and literature devoted to these issues is far less abundant. The pattern of peoples' interaction being studied is usually a result of various kinds of population movement provoked by serious socio-political cataclysms in the 20th and 21st centuries, including the collapse of multi-national states and the intensification of labor migration resulting from post-socialist economic transformation. Our aim is to bring together international scholars who could present results of their latest research on these topics, preferably from a comparative and/or micro-level perspective.

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  • Sofia

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Si proches voisins mais si peu connus : perspectives sociologiques pour les Balkans

    Deuxième conférence annuelle du forum sociologique des Balkans

    The main objective of the Second Annual Conference of BSF is by identifying the common and specific problems in the contemporary development of Balkan countries, to contribute to a better understanding of our own society, and to the development of sociology as a cognitive solution to the contextual problems, a solution based on adequate theoretical and methodological tools.The discussions will be organized around the following thematic centers:• The Contemporary Economic Crisis: Political Solutions, Technological Answers, Individual Strategies;• Mobility and Social Inequalities;• Global Social Order, States, Citizens;• Transformations of Identities and Social Relationships in the Balkans;• National Sociological Traditions and the Sociologist’s Vocation Today.

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