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    Journée d'étude - Histoire

    Polices et ordre public en France et en Angleterre (1750-1850)

    Les perspectives de l’historiographie contemporaine

    Traditional historiography has often opposed the French police model to its English counterpart. However, for twenty years, many researchers relativized the differences of these models and focused more on the interactions between cultures of social control. Recent studies have shown the limits of approaches focused on the only national police models as well as the importance of the circulation of police knowledge and technics in the late 18th century and early 19th century. Everywhere in Europe, this period is marked by the will to reform and by reflections on the procedures for the exercise of the police. Through a panel of international researchers, the conference aims to investigate beyond the national perspective by questioning the permanence and changes in police practices on both sides of the Channel. We will ultimately highlight the major trends of contemporary historiography and identify new paths of work.

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