• Athen

    Stipendien, Preise und Stellenangebote - Europa

    Bourses de l'École française d'Athènes pour l'année 2020

    L'appel à candidature à une bourse de l'École française d'Athènes pour l'année 2020 est ouvert.

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  • Beirut

    Beitragsaufruf - Soziologie

    Challenging Power and Inequality: Gender and Social Justice in the Middle East

    Lebanon Support is seeking submissions for the 2021 issue of the Civil Society Review on Challenging Power and Inequality: Gender and Social Justice in the Middle East. This CSR issue is interested in exploring the current landscape of gender and social justice activism both in Lebanon and across the MENA region through the lens of the myriad power dynamics embedded within the fields of “gender” and “gender equality” work and activism. 

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  • Berlin

    Kolloquium - Ethnologie, Anthropologie

    Emotional attachment to machines

    New ways of relationship-building in Japan

    Currently, technologies that foster emotional connections between humans and digital beings are perceived as a threat by many. Because emotional devices are considered to be make-believe systems based on ‘simulation’ (which is often confused with lying, deceit or fraud), emotional technologies could potentially be suspected of affecting human sexual identity or disrupting social bonds. This Symposium will examine the ways in which humans form intimate relationships with ‘emotionally-intelligent entities’ (robots, digital characters, downloadable boyfriend…) and what purposes these relationships to machines serve for them. 

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  • Löwen

    Beitragsaufruf - Religionswissenschaften

    Religion, social commitment, and female agency

    Encounters with subalternity and resilience

    The Research Network on Christian Churches, Culture and Society ( fosters historical research on the interaction of religion, culture, and society in Europe from the second half of the eighteenth-century until the present. CCSCE aspires to a renewed approach to religious history, implementing a broad and transnational European perspective. It aims to develop a durable and multidisciplinary research community on the subject, involving both senior and promising young scholars. On 6 and 7 July 2020 CCSCE, in cooperation with KADOC-KU Leuven, is organising an international conference on Religion, social commitment, and female agency. Encounters with subalternity and resilience. 

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  • Kolloquium - Studien zur Wissenschaft

    Alexandre von Humboldt et les sciences du système Terre

    Alexander von Humboldt and the Earth System Sciences

    L'idée de ce colloque d'une journée sur Alexandre von Humboldt est de réunir des spécialistes de diverses disciplines qui couvrent aujourd'hui les nombreux domaines auxquels le travail et les idées de von Humboldt ont contribué, en particulier dans son œuvre maîtresse Kosmos (1845-1862). Nous voulons montrer comment le travail scientifique de ce plus grand encyclopédiste de la première moitié de l'Europe du XIXe siècle est plus que jamais au cœur des questions liées à notre planète d'origine, la Terre, et aux questions posées par notre entrée dans l’Anthropocène.

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  • Tempe

    Kolloquium - Frühe Neuzeit

    Gendered Species: Colette, Gender and Sexual Identities

    Espèces genrées : Colette, le genre et les identités sexuées

    Although French woman writer Colette was indifferent to and even critical of the feminist movement of the early 1900s, in the way she lived her life as in her fiction, she exemplified financial and social independence and shame-free sexuality, or what would be call today “gender fluidity”. This international conference will show how Colette represents a vibrant and radical expression of feminism in tune with the #MeToo spirit in today's society

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  • Löwen

    Beitragsaufruf - Neuere und Zeitgeschichte


    7th biennial conference of the European Network for Avant-Garde and Modernism Studies (EAM 2020)

    Notions of crisis have long charged the study of the European avant-garde and modernism. Throughout their history, avant-gardists and modernists have faced crises, be they economic or political, scientific or technological, aesthetic or philosophical, collective or individual, local or global, short or perennial. Modernists and avant-gardists have in turn continually stood accused of instigating crises, whether artistic or cultural, sensorial or conceptual, incidental or intentional, far-reaching or negligible, representational or other. The very concepts of ‘avant-garde’ and ‘modernism’ are time and again subject—or subjected—to conceptual crises, leaving modernism and avant-garde studies as a field on the perpetual brink of a self-effacing theoretical crisis. The 7th biennial conference of the EAM intends to tackle the ways in which the avant-garde and modernism in Europe relate to crisi/es.

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  • Huddersfield

    Fachtagung - Geschichte

    Music and Political Democratisation in Late Twentieth Century

    This event aims to innovatively question how musical practices formed ways of imagining democracy in the democratic transitions that took place after Portugal’s ‘Carnation Revolution’ in 1974 – what Huntington (1991) called the ‘third wave’ of democratisation, which involves more than 60 countries throughout Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Rather than studying music’s diverse deployments within these political contexts (music ‘in’ transitions to democracy), these study days place the emphasis upon ways in which music embodies democratisation processes and participates in the wider social struggle to define freedom and equality for the post-authoritarian era (hence the ‘and’ in the title of the event).

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  • Berlin

    Kolloquium - Neuere und Zeitgeschichte

    Prisons of Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany : Questioning Prison Violence

    Almost twenty years after the European Court of Human Rights affirmed the right to decent conditions of detention, has this aspiration for a violence-free sentence succeeded in counteracting operation modes usually described as inherent to prison? Has the European project for common minimum standards succeeded in overcoming national penological conceptions and professional cultures, in other words overcoming the historical inertia of prison? What resistance/adaptation strategies have deployed prison administrations in response to these reform injunctions? In view of these experiences, what are the ways out of prison violence? Can civil society actors force these transformations? In particular, can lawyers help maintaining vigilance? The Seminar is held as part of the European Lawyers' Day and will bring together former detainees, researchers, civil society leaders and lawyers to discuss the issue of prison violence as is manifest in Western (Germany, France) and Eastern former soviet (Russia, Ukraine) European prison systems.

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  • Stipendien, Preise und Stellenangebote - Sprachwissenschaften

    Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies – University of Maryland

    The Department of French and Italian in the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (SLLC) at the University of Maryland (UMD) invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor with a specialization in 19th-century French and Francophone literatures/cultures and expertise in Digital Humanities beginning August 2020.

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  • Prag

    Beitragsaufruf - Vorgeschichte und Antike

    Visual culture in the classical world

    8th international postgraduate conference Pecla 2019

    Cette année, la conférence a pour thème « Visual Culture in the Classical World » elle vise principalement les doctorants, qui en tant que participants peuvent présenter les résultats de leurs recherches devant un publique international. Les articles de cet événement peuvent être publiés dans le journal de notre faculté « Studia Hercynia » et qui se trouveront aussi dans la database générale ERIH+.  Nous sommes également très ravis de vous annoncer qu’un de nos principal discutant sera Francois Lissarrague, directeur d’études à l’EHESS émérite.

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  • London

    Beitragsaufruf - Ethnologie, Anthropologie

    Approaching indigenous territorialities in (post)colonial contexts

    Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future (RAI2020)

    The panel invites geographers and anthropologists to exchange about the epistemological and methodological challenges of understanding indigenous territorialities - the way to inhabit, think of and represent space, and the complex set of social relationships unfolding in (post) colonial contexts.

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  • Kolloquium - Asien

    Elites, Knowledge, and Power in Modern China

    The formation and transformation of elites in modern China

    The ERC project “Elites, Networks, and Power in Modern Urban China” investigates how elites and elite networks in their various configurations and articulations emerged and operated not just in major cities in China, but beyond, across the Western and Japanese empires, and the power nations (Great Britain, France, United States, Japan) themselves. It focuses specifically on individual actors rather than state institutions or community organizations. The workshop seeks to address a number of core issues about the individuals and groups that emerged as elite and the modalities and processes of elite formation and (re)deployment of elite networks; the vectors, patterns and timelines of the involvement of elites in public action, from acting in an official capacity, in self- organized associations but also assuming the role of opinion leaders

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  • Paris

    Kolloquium - Ethnologie, Anthropologie

    « Creative State-Making » et quelques conséquences (im)prévues de l’islamisation

    Trajectoires surprenantes de l’islam, genre et politique en Asie du Sud-Est

    L’islam en Asie du Sud-Est a connu une trajectoire prospère ces dernières années. Ceci est en grande partie dû aux divers mouvements d'islamisation dirigés par l'État qui ont réussi à intégrer les valeurs et les principes de l'islam au tissu même de la vie quotidienne des musulmans, renforçant ainsi le pouvoir de l'État qui prétend incarner l'autorité divine et l'immuabilité de l'islam. Mais alors que l’État s’imagine être le « gardien » légitime (et unique) de l’islam, ses tentatives de monopoliser les interprétations et les institutions islamiques ouvrent également - peut-être involontairement - un espace discursif plus complexe qui permet aux acteurs non étatiques de se soumettre, contester ou adapter et reformuler diverses formes de pouvoir symbolique de l’État, souvent de manière imprévisible.

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  • Aix-en-Provence

    Kolloquium - Recht

    Soft Law Research (Solar) Network

    Financed by the European Commission, the Academic Network of Soft Law Research (SoLaR) aims at stimulating the debate between academics and practitioners on the national role of EU soft law. SoLaR asks whether and how non-binding EU instruments are used bynational administrations when implementing EU policies and bynational courts when ruling in cases falling within the scope ofapplication of EU law. This final event will present the results of the project (to be published by Bloomsbury as an edited collection in 2020), introduce the policy recommendations and discuss follow-upactivities

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  • Winston-Salem

    Beitragsaufruf - Neuere und Zeitgeschichte

    “Marine Feet and Vesuvian Eyes”: The Volcanic Aesthetics of Maria Orsini Natale

    Edited Collection

    This volume intends to fill a gap in the critical reception of a remarkable Southern Italian woman writer. A journalist, a poet and a writer, Maria Orsini Natale (1928-2010) lived and worked at the foot of Vesuvius, and began writing at age 69, receiving several literary recognitions. Her novel, initially written as Ottocento Vesuviano, then entitled Francesca and Nunziata, and published for the first time in 1995, was also made into a 2001 film directed by Lina Wertmüller, starring Sophia Loren and Giancarlo Giannini. The book earned her a semifinalist’s place in the Strega Prize, the most prestigious Italian literary award, and features a family from Amalfi, dedicated for generations to the white art of pasta making. More than fiction, it illustrates what in Neapolitan is called a ‘cunto’, part historical account and part allegorical tale, derived from a reservoir of collective as well as personal memories.

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  • Hammamet

    Beitragsaufruf - Städteforschung

    Urban and architectural identities in Mediterranean cities

    Identités urbaines et architecturales dans les villes méditerranéennes

    La diversité architecturale et urbanistique caractérisant les villes méditerranéennes est indissociable de leur identité. Il semble évident que cette diversité et cette multiplicité d'indentités sont à considérer comme une des plus grandes valeurs culturelles et humaines. La cohabitation des formes dans le temps et dans l'espace, les mélanges entre les cultures urbaines et architecturales, les influences et les contaminations voire même les contrastes et les contradictions identitaires qui se révèlent sur le territoire urbain méditerranéen traduisent traduisent la stratification de la ville dans ses implications pragmatiques et ses significations identitaires. Aujourd'hui, dans un contexet de mise en concurrence et d'attractivité des territoires, plusieurs villes méditerranéennes connaissent de profondes mutations. Face à ces transformations, la  référence à des "territoires identitaires" (Troin, 2004) et la capacité de la ville à se construire une identité et à la diffuser sont remises en question. 

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  • Beitragsaufruf - Neuere und Zeitgeschichte

    Archives, history and memory from the age of revolution until the first world war

    The long nineteenth century witnessed four major historical processes of the utmost significance: the modernisation of the state, nation-state building, the independence of the American colonies from Europe, and the colonisation of the African and Asian continents. The modernising of the state entailed its growth and bearing on the economy and society, the widening of the state’s role, the “bureaucratization” of its administrative apparatus, and protracted democratisation. Along came the reduction or removal of competing powers, namely the church and aristocracy. The state also became a vehicle for the enshrinement of private property, free enterprise and, increasingly, the freedom of association among citizens. In addition, the modernised state would favour and support nation-state building in a number of ways.

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  • Leipzig

    Beitragsaufruf - Asien

    Locating negative affects in post-reform China

    This panel takes the prevalence of positivity in post-reform China as an invitation to investigate its opposites: the variety of negative ordinary affects that can be viewed as ensuing from state-induced “situations of restricted agency”. What can we learn from the various forms of negativity that morph out of the socio-political circumstances of post-reform China, and how to tread a fine line between the risk of romanticization and analytical dismissal? Under what conditions do the expression and performance of negative affects constitute “a manifestation of autonomy from state directives” in the context of pervasive “happiness” campaigns? Or is their work ambivalent, if not problematic, especially when they come to be associated with specific marginalized groups?

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  • Clermont-Ferrand

    Beitragsaufruf - Soziologie

    Thinking the future of work in agriculture

    IInd international symposium on work in agriculture

    The second symposium « Work in Agriculture » welcome various disciplinary approaches of work such as Economics, Ergonomics, Medicine and Health Sciences, Design, Sociology, Management, agrarian sciences and Farming Systems), and various approaches of cross cutting issues, dealing with a deep understanding of the work in agriculture continuities and changes, exploring future scenarios and providing resources for the future. We also welcome research, education and extension contributions.

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