• Milan | Mantova

    Conference, symposium - Representation

    History, architecture and heritage: building the architectural identity. Milan, Europe (1796-1848)

    Ce colloque international propose une réflexion collective et transdisciplinaire sur les multiples significations du concept de patrimoine architectural, artistique et culturel dans la période comprise entre la fin du XVIIIe et la première moitié du XIXe siècle. Le champ géographique d’investigation s’ouvre aux principales villes italiennes et européennes qui ont été touchées par le phénomène de redécouverte mais aussi de réutilisation - parfois abusive - de leur patrimoine architectural et culturel au cours de cette période. Le colloque propose ainsi de réfléchir sur le concept de « patrimoine » entre 1796 et 1848 en Europe, son évolution et ses interprétations en rapport avec l’histoire de l'architecture et de la ville.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Assist and Unify? Nation Building and Welfare in the Upper Adriatic and Eastern Baltic Sea Region in the 20th Century

    Monographic issue of «Qualestoria. Rivista di storia contemporanea»

    Questioning the primacy of the nation-state, a special issue of Qualestoria to be published in December 2022 aims to analyze how different welfare practices have represented a tool of nation-building in territories contested by various national groups or states. To what extent have different political contexts affected the use of welfare for nation-building purposes? What role have welfare practices played in strengthening the position of the titular nation or in attempting to integrate/assimilate minorities? What outcomes have “bottom-up” initiatives propelled? The special issue will try answer these questions with a focus on the eastern Baltic Sea region and the Upper Adriatic. Contributions related to other east central European areas will also be considered.

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  • Mendrisio

    Call for papers - Representation

    Tradition, Persistence, and Innovation in Artistic Craftsmanship and in Building and Architectural Production between the Napoleonic Era and the Restoration

    Milan in a European Context

    With Milan proclaimed first the capital of the Cisalpine Republic in 1797 (from 1802, Italian Republic) and then in 1805 the capital of the Kingdom of Italy, the city was challenged to reconsider and rebuild its image and its urban spaces in order to adapt them to its new role. Part of a network of capitals responding to a single central power, both political and cultural, Milan experienced a period that featured significant incentives for public and private architectural building works and for the transformation of urban spaces. These conditions make the Lombard capital a privileged context in which to investigate the multiple forms of organization of artisanal and artistic work, as well as the circulation of people and materials. The seminar aims to reflect on the dialectic between the new status quo and the centuries-old stratified traditions inherent to the Milanese territory, also taking into consideration the Restoration period, when, in the new political-administrative structure of the Lombard-Veneto Kingdom, Milan, while remaining the capital, found itself in a new context that established a variety of artistic geographies.

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  • Paris

    Study days - Middle Ages

    « Le Forme dell'acqua » dans la « Divine Comédie »

    Symposium franco-italien à l'occasion du sept centième anniversaire de la mort de Dante Alighieri

    À l’occasion du sept centième anniversaire de la mort de Dante (14 septembre 2021), l’académie française de l’eau, l’institut culturel italien et l’Ambassade d’Italie proposent un après-midi d’échanges franco-italiens consacré à la représentation que Dante fait des fleuves et de l’eau dans toute ses formes, symboles et significations. Une nouvelle lecture « éco-critique » de la littérature dantesque est aujourd’hui possible, afin de restituer la richesse des métaphores aquatiques dans leurs rapports avec l’environnement.

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  • Call for papers - History

    SISS Conference of Early Career Scholars in History of Science

    SISS Conference of Early Career Scholars in History of Science

    This conference will be devoted to exploring the richness of approaches, methodologies, and themes of the discipline in order to showcase a wide range of studies and provide a picture of the current state of research in the field of history of science in Italy and beyond. Consequently, the focus of this first event, which it is hoped will be held annually, has been purposefully left open in terms of topics as well as methodological and historiographical approaches. The interdisciplinary approach of the conference is combined with a broad historical scope, stretching from antiquity to the present, in order to highlight the trajectories of the various scientific disciplines in diverse traditions and geographical contexts – from the natural and hard sciences to the medical and clinical disciplines; from social, economic, and political science to cognitive science.

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  • Coimbra

    Seminar - Europe

    Universidades. Redes e Identidades

    Este seminário é composto por quatro sessões em cada ano académico e pretende ser um espaço de discussão e problematização sobre as Universidades numa perspetiva glocal. Está aberto à discussão das interconexões entre as várias instituições de ensino na Europa; ao seu papel na construção das identidades e na reflexão em torno do(s) outro(s); à importância que assumiram enquanto focos emergentes e difusores de correntes culturais e movimentos intelectuais no mundo europeu e extra-europeu.

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  • Call for papers - History

    The legacy of the arts: ideas and representations

    The transmission of knowledge through tradition, orality and Academia

    The second edition of the conference on doctoral studies in art and musicology aims to focus on research on the transmission of knowledge through the arts as a means and source of knowledge in the art world. The images and musical documents that have been preserved from ancient times to the present day - throughout the world - have made it possible to understand aspects of the social, cultural and religious life of many civilizations and also to be the same reflection of these. In this way, Art and Music, as resources, have been one of the key elements to be able to understand a culture since it has been the mechanism through which humans have been able to capture and transmit ideas and knowledge.

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  • Paris

    Summer School - Early modern

    Commenting today. The role and form of comments in the publications and translations of Italian texts in the modern period

    La Sorbonne nouvelle accueillera du 24 au 27 août une école d'été portant sur les éditions commentées de textes italiens intitulée Commenter aujourd'hui. Le rôle et la forme du commentaire dans les éditions et les traductions de textes italiens de la période moderne. Il s'agit d'un atelier de formation à la recherche, en grande partie en langue italienne, qui entend proposer des outils et des méthodes aux chercheurs souhaitant se lancer dans un travail d'édition commentée. Cette initiative est ouverte aux jeunes chercheurs (titulaires de master 2, doctorants, postdoc) et accueillera des formateurs faisant autorité dans le domaine de l'édition scientifique.

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  • Lugano

    Call for papers - Thought

    Knowledge - Power - Action

    Congress of the Swiss Philosophical Society

    The relationship between “knowledge”, “power” and “action” affects many areas of social life and individual existence. Let us think, for example, of politics, health care or education: What kind of knowledge is at the service of power? How “having to let know” and “not wanting to know” intersect in clinical practice? How to teach and to learn “to act” and “to be able to act”? In all these areas, philosophy can accompany a careful reflection on the three concepts with the aim of learning more: about “knowledge” in its various forms (theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge, universal knowledge and singular knowledge, rational knowledge and sensitive knowledge); about “power” as the ability to act and produce effects or also as authority and domination; about “action” in its manifold implications, especially about the responsibility towards others that is always inherent in it.

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  • Call for papers - Early modern

    Contagion. Knowledge, Practices and Experiences from the Late Middle Ages to the Twenty- First Century

    «Genesis. Journal of the Italian Society of Women Historians», 1/2022

    We encourage proposals for papers based on original research in a long time span (from the Late Middle Ages to the present), on Italian, European and non-Western geo-political contexts. The history of epidemics and pandemics is an ever-growing and broad research field. Therefore, we have chosen to focus our analysis on issues of intersectionality, i.e. on the ways in which disease has historically been represented, treated and experienced through the lens of class, gender and race, so as to shed light on connections and tensions that at times exacerbated these differences. The intersectional dimension of contagion is one aspect of various asymmetries of power. We encourage contributors to approach power dynamics not through the simple binary opposition command/subalternity, but alert to the mediation and circulation occurring within specific contexts. Traditions of knowledge, too, are part of such circulation, which stimulates hybridity and cross- fertilization. This is a crucial aspect of our research agenda.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Picturing Sensory Experiences

    Images re-vues

    Ce numéro d’Images re-vues vise à interroger les figurations multiples du sentir. Il a pour ambition de questionner, dans un même mouvement, les représentations visuelles de la perception et l’expérience sensible mobilisée lors de leur création et réception. Les contributions proposées s’inscriront dans le prolongement de recherches interdisciplinaires menées sur l’expérience sensible au cours des dernières décennies.


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  • Florence

    Conference, symposium - History

    (Re)reading travellers to the East

    Shaping identities and building the nation in post-unification Italy

    The conference (Re)reading Travellers to the East, shaping identities and nation-building in post-unification Italy approaches early modern travel literature (15th-18th centuries) from an innovative historiographical perspective. Rather than to discuss the documentary value of these sources for the times and spaces in which they were produced, the aim is to focus on the re-readings and re-editions to which they have been subjected, in order to highlight how travel literature has been (re)used for political and ideological purposes. The conference examines the way in which these early modern documents have been mobilised, since the 19th century and up to the present day, in the context of the formation of collective identities and nation-building. The conference focuses on the relations between the Italian peninsula and the countries which, in modern times, were referred to as the Orient, the Indies or the Levant.

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  • Saint-Denis

    Conference, symposium - History

    The question of the emancipation of women in Italy (1815-1930)

    Le colloque sera centré sur les discours produits au XIXe siècle et au début du XXe siècle sur l’émancipation des femmes en Italie dans toute leur variété et leur complexité, y compris les discours opposés à l’indépendance féminine. On prêtera une attention précise aux multiples déclinaisons du féminisme en Italie (les revendications des écrivaines, des « émancipationnistes »-emancipatrici, ainsi que des défenseurs des droits des femmes) au-delà de la tendance hagiographique qui a consisté à présenter des biographies élogieuses et idéalisées des femmes d’action du Risorgimento, ainsi que des interprétations historiographiques qui ont souvent réduit les positions féministes aux revendications suffragistes. Les récentes recherches en histoire culturelle, qui ont considérablement élargi l’approche de l’histoire des femmes au cours de la période de la construction de la nation italienne, seront ici mobilisées pour faire émerger des lectures originales et présenter des pensées méconnues.

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  • Termoli

    Seminar - Language

    Incontri su Dante

    Argomento dell'incontro è il linguaggio che risuona nella terza cantica: tema 'doppio', da intendersi sia nel senso delle peculiari modalità espressive cui fa ricorso il poeta, giunto alla fase conclusiva della sua fatica, sia nel senso delle forme con cui è la dimensione paradisiaca stessa a 'parlare', non solo per verba, ma anche e soprattutto tramite coreografie di luce, preghiere equivalenti a musica, stupende visioni.

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  • Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Childhood(s) in Latin America: diversities in tension

    Thematic Dossier vol. XIII, n. 2, 2021

    The focus of the dossier is on the processes and social spaces for the construction and implementation of ideas about childhood, as well as the debates and tensions around them: education (formal, non-formal or informal) the family and parenting networks (nurture and care), the dynamics of gender construction and the collective sense of belonging (ethnicities and intercultural relations), labour aspects (rural and urban marginality and the issue of child labour) and areas of cultural production of each social group (the imaginaries, games, literature, sports and children entertainment).

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  • Florence

    Call for papers - Modern

    1981-2021, Historical Gardens

    Experiences, research, prospects, 40 years after the Florence Charters

    Cette manifestation a pour objectif de réunir des spécialistes issus de différents horizons disciplinaires et professionnels autour des enjeux contemporains de la restauration et de la gestion des jardins historiques. Elle abordera également les questions de la formation, de la recherche et de la valorisation.

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  • Venice

    Summer School - Europe

    Trade and exchange in Venice through the prism of artistic production (12th-18th century)

    25 century of Venitian art history

    L’histoire de la République de Venise s’écrit en suivant le cours de ses échanges avec les cités ou empires voisins et concurrents. Le séminaire s’attachera aux témoignages matériels qui proviennent directement ou non de ces intenses échanges, en faisant une place initiale aux récits visuels de ce contexte maritime, tant commercial que militaire, et aux représentations de leurs manifestations festives et ambassades. Il évoquera l’histoire des lieux qui accueillirent ce commerce, leur chantier de construction et les réaménagements urbains dont ils firent l’objet, mais aussi les palais, églises, retables et décors qui manifestèrent la fortune des négociants vénitiens, la puissance de leurs corporations et la place des communautés étrangères.

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  • Call for papers - Sociology

    Doing with Delphy

    Nouvelles questions féministes journal, special issue

    Pionnière et inspiratrice d’un féminisme matérialiste toujours vivant parce qu’en débats, Christine Delphy continue d’y occuper une place prépondérante à de multiples égards. En tant que théoricienne dont les idées restent incisives et indispensables pour qui veut penser le monde en féministe. Mais aussi, et autant, en tant que militante ayant engagé une lutte radicale contre le patriarcat. Ce numéro hors-série de Nouvelles questions féministes (NQF) cherche à relayer la vitalité et l’actualité de l’œuvre de Christine Delphy. Cela, en invitant des auteur·e·s et militant·e·s féministes à présenter des textes illustrant comment elles et ils s’approprient ou se sont appropriés ses travaux. Dans une perspective radicale, chère à Delphy, notre appel ne se limite pas à l’influence de son œuvre dans le champ académique : il vise à recueillir des contributions portant sur la manière dont les textes ou les interventions de Delphy enrichissent et questionnent de nos jours la réflexion scientifique comme l’action militante, mais aussi les postures personnelles.

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  • Genoa

    Call for papers - Representation

    The social dimensions of cognitive cartography

    Cartotête fourth study day

    Cognitive representations of geographical space are often studied in order to better understand how individuals perceive and deal with everyday spatial problems (Down and Stea, 1977), including orientation, trip planning or navigation. Since these works focus particularly on the functional dimension of such spatial representations, maps are read in a literal, rather than metaphorical perspective. In addition, individual geographical experiences, both direct (trips and visited places) or indirect (spatial information) is considered as the main factor contributing to their construction. Therefore, this “cognitive tool” is essentially considered as an individual and personal construction.

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  • Conference, symposium - Prehistory and Antiquity

    Overstepping the mark

    Second conference of young researchers into pre-Roman Italy

    Du 10 au 11 mars se tiendra en distanciel la deuxième édition de la rencontre des jeunes chercheurs sur l’Italie préromaine. Elle a pour thème « Dépasser la limite ». Le colloque est pluridisciplinaire. Au cours de cinq sessions, différents aspects de la limite seront discutés sur l’ensemble du territoire de l’Italie de l’âge du Fer au principat d’Auguste : frontières et enceintes, bornes, questions de territoire et de paysage, échanges et culture matérielle, questions de genre, mondes funéraires et sacrés, et méthodes. Cela sera suivi d’une table-ronde, où les enjeux épistémologiques pourront être abordés dans le cadre des sciences de l’Antiquité et au-delà.

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