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  • Padua

    Call for papers - History

    European Space Agency's Space History Conference

    There is more to space than rocket science. Historians, diplomats, economists, law students, political scientists and sociologists have all contributed to our understanding of the space age and its impact on our societies over the past decades. Sixty years on from the placing of the first human-made object in orbit around Earth, space is now an integral part of our daily lives. Space science and technology are projects for the whole of humankind, reaching not only outside Earth’s atmosphere, but also beyond our Solar System. While the technological and scientific challenges of working, living and travelling in space motivate students to pursue such studies, the impact of space activities on our lives on Earth, on relations between nations and organisations, and our collective recent history, provides fertile ground for students and scholars in the humanities to take up space-related subjects. 

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  • Montauban

    Call for papers - Religion

    Spiritual effervescence in Christianity in the age of Luther (1483-1546) in countries subject to the Reformation

    Aux origines du protestantisme

    L'objectif de ce colloque sera de réfléchir sur la période où s'est affirmée la Réforme, de s'interroger sur l'évolution des sensibilités religieuses au moment où se diffusent les idées nouvelles dans une multitude de livres imprimés. Le foisonnement des courants spirituels a-t-il influencé les milieux dévots et contribué à rejeter les pratiques traditionnelles ? L'humanisme a-t-il été précurseur de la Réforme ? Pourquoi Luther a-t-il choisi de rompre avec l'Église ? Comment et pourquoi les expériences de réformes se sont-elles multipliées ? Autant de questions auxquelles la SMERP (la Société montalbanaise d'étude et de recherche sur le protestantisme) invite à débattre et à échanger.

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  • Brussels

    Call for papers - Europe

    Francis I and the Artists of the North (1515-1547)

    As an extention of the events of 2015 celebrating the 500th anniversary of the accession of Francis I (1 January 1515) and the victory at Marignan (13-14 September 1515), the symposium will focus on the ties between the "grand roy Françoys" and the North. Whereas the exchanges between Francis I and Italy have attracted much attention, the King’s relations with the old Southern Netherlands, as rich and complex, have not been carefully studied. The symposium "Francis I and Artists of the North (1515-1547)" aims to fill this gap by considering the interest of the King of France in artists and musicians from the old Southern Netherlands and their works.

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  • Brussels

    Call for papers - History

    Renovatio, inventio, absentia imperii

    From the Roman Empire to Contemporary Imperialism

    At the heart of the present conference will be the ‘reception’, ‘Nachleben’ or ‘permanence’ of the Roman Empire, of an idea and a historical paradigm which since Classical Antiquity has supported the most widespread claims to obtain and consolidate power. The focus will be on ‘culture’, this latter concept intended in a broad sense, i.e. including not only the arts, architecture, literature etc., but also philosophy, religion and, most importantly, discourse. As such, a wide array of themes will be subjected to academic scrutiny. Whereas the main focus will be on Europe and North America, this conference will also reach out towards non-Western contexts, whether or not directly related to the Roman example.

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