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  • Lisbon

    Call for papers - History

    Weimar and the Constitutional Cycle Post Great War

    In the Centenary of the Weimar Constitution, 1919-2019

    Congress that marks the centenary of the creation and implementation of the Weimar Constitution.

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  • Call for papers - Religion

    Phenomenology in Dialogue: Religious Experience, Visuality, and the Lifeworld

    Topical issue for "Open Theology" - Second call

    We invite submission of papers dedicated to the phenomenologically determined themes of imagination, image-consciousness, appearance and the non-apparent, phenomenological ontology, and genetic phenomenology, with regard to religious experience. We further invite innovative philosophical and theological reflections on image, imagination, and creativity in religious experiencing, as well as reflections on a reverse problem of how religious experience contributes to the above mentioned faculties examined in the psychological horizon.

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  • Toruń

    Call for papers - Information

    Information visualisation in Humanities

    The previous edition of the visualization of information took place in 2015 and was related to computer science. In 2017 we focus on the use of visualization in the humanities, and in particular book- and information sciences, history, cultural studies and the arts. The purpose of this event is to increase awareness about the importance of scientific communication in graphical form among Polish humanists, and integration of academic community for experience exchange in the field of the art of visualization.

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  • Call for papers - Sociology

    Contemporary migrations in the humanistic coefficient perspective. Florian Znaniecki’s thought in today’s science

    The Florian Znaniecki Scientific Foundation founded in 1989 plans to publish a volume, as part of the Sociological Monographs series, with a working title “Contemporary migrations in the humanistic coefficient perspective. Florian Znaniecki’s thought in today’s science”. Therefore, we would like to invite you to send us the original, previously unpublished, English-language works devoted to the application of Florian Znaniecki’s thought in contemporary migration research.

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  • Béziers

    Call for papers - History

    Vidas project - biographies of actors in the Oc Renaissance, research methods and the current state of research

    Il s’agira d’échanger sur les problèmes de méthode qui se posent à quiconque entend s’engager dans des recherches en vue d'un dictionnaire biographique : comment identifier les profils à explorer, comment trouver les sources, comment présenter les résultats de façon à peu près standardisée. On fera bien entendu toute leur place à des études de cas : la présentation de l’itinéraire biographique de tel ou tel auteur, ou de tel ou tel acteur de la renaissance d’oc depuis le XIXe siècle. Une première étape, permettant, on l’espère, de nouer des contacts et de mettre en place ce qui pourrait devenir un réseau interactif consacré à l’exploration du monde de ceux qui depuis deux siècles font vivre la culture occitane.

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  • Warsaw

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Digital Ecosystems

    The digital revolution is resulting in social, economic and political transformations. These changes are often conceptualized using the term "digital ecosystem" – understood/conceived as infosphere enriched by social and economic values. We propose the notion of "digital ecosystem" as the starting point of analysis for new interdisciplinary approaches, both theoretical and applied. Are the contemporary environments of work, economy, science, culture, politics and information becoming digital ecosystems?

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