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  • Nicosia

    Call for papers - Education

    Language Acquisition Methodology. Innovation: why and how?

    Ces dernières décennies ont vu émerger et mettre en place de nouvelles méthodes didactiques et pédagogiques (approche communicative, perspective actionnelle, exploitation intensive des TIC(E), perspective socioconstructiviste) de l’apprentissage des langues. Des besoins nouveaux de formation linguistique liés à la mondialisation, de nouvelles possibilités offertes par les technologies de la communication ont pu conduire à la réforme de politiques éducatives (fédéralisation des politiques linguistiques, refonte de programmes nationaux d’enseignement des langues, modernisation des systèmes de certification en langues) ou à la production de matériels d’apprentissage novateurs.

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  • Igoumenitsa

    Call for papers - Language

    Foreign Language Teaching in Tertiary Education IV

    Business and Foreign Languages

    The economic crisis has led to high unemployment in Greece and in the European South in general and therefore many young people leave their country in order to work in businesses either in Europe or on other continents. This mobility however, if regarded as a factor that promotes the professional competitiveness of young people, enriching their knowledge and skills abroad and allowing them to transfer their interlingual and intercultural experience to other businesses or back to their country, leads us to the conclusion that the knowledge of one or more foreign languages is one of the pillars of young people’s creativity and adaptation in the workplace.

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  • Nantes

    Call for papers - History

    Indigenous native sovereignties: monarchies, principalities, and empires in the Atlantic worlds

    Amérique et Afrique, XVe-XIXe siècle

    This conference, therefore, seeks to draw up the current state of research on this subject, and to bring together researchers in the humanities and social sciences, and law in particular, on the subject of indigenous sovereignty. The goal is to understand the parallel and related constructions of sovereignty on both sides of the Atlantic, from the end of the Middle Ages and its regimes of governance during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, up to the aftermath of the political experiences of the "Atlantic Revolutions" that ushered in new relationships to authority in the first half of the nineteenth century. The perspective adopted here should be seen less as static and focusing on a single, immunizing description of an exotic externality, and more as fundamentally involved in the particular construction of modern European sovereignty. The creation of that sovereignty was profoundly associated with issues that were raised or reopened by the world’s new geographic, religious, and political horizons.

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  • Call for papers - Psyche

    25th Annual Conference : European Society for Social Drug Research

    25e conférence de la European Society for Social Drug Research

    L’ESSD (« European Society for Social Drug Research »), fondée en 1990, est une association européenne de chercheurs en sciences humaines et sociales sur le phénomène des drogues. Son objectif principal est de promouvoir la recherche sur les addictions et les substances psychoactives en Europe. La société organise une conférence et publie un ouvrage scientifique de façon annuelle. Cette année, qui marque la 25e édition du colloque s’intéressera au développement des « New Psychoactives Substances » (NPS), des méthodologies de recherche par internet, des enjeux éthiques et de l’importance des flux migratoires en Europe.

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  • Thessaloniki

    Call for papers - Language

    Theoretical, methodological and technological novelty in language didactics

    Revue Syn-Thèses n°7

    Recent theoretical, methodological and technological innovations encourage  advances in language didactics. In its 7th number, the journal intends to publish  contributions presenting results obtained through original research, strategies and  practices.

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