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  • Paris

    Call for papers - America

    The creative power of margins: the rise of black, native, and mixed-race intellectuals in the Americas, 19th-20th centuries

    Journal IdeAs 16

    Issue 16 of IdeAs magazine. Ideas from the Americas, to be published in October 2020, will focus on “The creative power of margins: the rise of black, native, and mixed-race intellectuals in the Americas, 19th-20th centuries”. We want to focus on the Black and non-white intellectual Americas. We receive proposals for articles on all countries of the American continent, in French, English, Spanish or Portuguese. 

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  • Toulouse

    Call for papers - Language

    "Literary Brazil" viewed from abroad - transnational perspectives (1822 to the present day)

    « Cahiers de Framespa », 2019/3

    La revue Cahiers de Framespa lance un appel à contributions pour son numéro 2019/3, dont le dossier s'intitule « Le “Brésil littéraire” vu de l’étranger – perspectives transnationales (de 1822 à nos jours) ». Ce dossier souhaite approfondir la réflexion autour de la dimension connectée de l’histoire culturelle du Brésil contemporain à partir d’une perspective différente, à savoir la projection internationale des œuvres littéraires et intellectuelles brésiliennes, ces « lettres » que l’on qualifie volontiers de « Pátrias » au XIXe siècle. 

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  • Call for papers - Middle Ages

    Empire of letters and Tigers of parchment

    International Medieval Congress

    Script is not a neutral communication medium. Scripts were particularly used throughout the Middle Ages to stage the idea of Empire, power and domination. The writing has the ability to connote authority and Empire and to inspire respect. On the other hand, the scriptural domain is a world in itself with its coherence and history. The idea of an ‘Empire of letters’ may have emerged within this world too. Both parts of this “empire of letters” are relevant for the palaeographical sessions on the specific thematic strand of ‘Empire’ organised at the International Medieval Congress 2014 in Leeds and sponsored by Apices and Cap Digital.

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