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Le point de vue de nulle part (IA)

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Published on Monday, March 20, 2023


Ce colloque international et interdisciplinaire vise à interroger et analyser l’idée selon laquelle l’intelligence artificielle (IA) proposerait un point de vue neutre, objectif et impartial, qui s’exprimer tant dans des données que des images, les théories que les applications. Des algorithmes aux drones, de la répartition des allocations sociales aux femmes effacées de l’histoire de l’IA, cette idée court partout et toujours s’agissant de l’IA. Ubiquitaire, elle apparait ainsi comme un « point de vue de nulle  part ». C’est sur cette tension entre ubiquité et point de vue de nulle part, cet implicite d’un spectateur ou d’une spectatrice neutre ou d’un impartial de l’IA que nous souhaitons porter la discussion en faisant dialoguer ensemble des perspectives éthiques, épistémologiques et esthétiques, théoriques et artistiques.


Conference in Paris, France - May 11-12, 2023


Artificial Intelligence is now ubiquitous and permeates all aspects of our personal, social and professional lives. In recent years, however, claims have emerged and taken hold about the many biases of AI that are at odds with the neutrality, objectivity, and impartiality that we (more or less) spontaneously ascribe to it. This international interdisciplinary symposium aims to question and analyze the idea that AI offers a neutral, objective and impartial point of view, expressed in data as well as in images, and in theories as well as in applications. From algorithms to drones, or from the allocation of social benefits to women erased from AI history, this idea is pervasive throughout AI. Ubiquitous, it appears as a "view from nowhere". We want to focus the discussion on the tension between ubiquity and the view from nowhere, and the implicit neutral or impartial spectator of AI, by bringing together ethical, epistemological, aesthetic, theoretical, and artistic perspectives. We can approach the question of the emergence of the view from nowhere in the context of the development of certain uses of artificial intelligence, particularly, but not exclusively, the widespread proliferation of surveillance systems that permeate both public and private spaces. Indeed, the machine does not deal with the person as such, but selects relevant features and develops statistical models by combining them with other data, in other words, it produces profiles from supra-individual representations that then become objects or even an it. This it is replicated in multiple invisible - or at least invisibilized - places, in data centers or in the lens of the camera, usually hidden under an opaque dome, reminiscent of the panopticon without being reduced to it, since these data are only part of the processed flows. What about my smart watch? My mobile phone? Or my banking transactions? The list could go on and on once every technological object becomes an interface for data collection and production. If the view from nowhere does not give rise to a collective, but to a collection of data, do we not end up with a median and disengaged point of view that cannot be localized, the point of view of all, that is, of no one? We will begin by exploring the concept of the "view from nowhere" in the history of ideas, in order to put into perspective how this notion may have crystallized one of the essential aspects of AI. The idea of the "view from nowhere" is rooted in many approaches (science and technology, morality and politics, economics, art, etc.), so rather than focusing on one or another aspect, it is important to try to understand how and why this idea has prevailed, but also why it is problematic.

The conference will be divided into 5 sessions:

1/ Perspectives on the view from nowhere

2/ Epistemological, Scientific and Technological Approaches

3/ Ethical and Political Approaches

4/ Aesthetic and artistic approaches

5/ Session on the implementation of the UNESCO Recommendation on AI regarding diversity and inclusion.

Submission guidelines

Deadline for submission of proposals: April 3, 2023

Working languages: English / French

Please upload your proposal to Easychair in PDF format and include a short bio-bibliography: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=noview23

Contact: chaireunesco-eva@univ-cotedazur.fr


This international symposium is organized within the framework of the UNESCO EVA Chair (Ethics of the Living and the Artificial) held by Vanessa Nurock, CRHI, Université Côté d'Azur. It is co-organized by Arnaud Regnauld, TransCrit, and Pierre Cassou-Noguès, LLCP, Université Paris 8


  • Paris, France (75)

Event attendance modalities

Full on-site event


  • Monday, April 03, 2023


  • éthique, intelligence artificielle, subjectivité, point de vue


  • Chaire UNESCO EVA
    courriel : chaireunesco-eva [at] univ-cotedazur [dot] fr

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Information source

  • Arnaud Regnauld
    courriel : aregnauld [at] univ-paris8 [dot] fr


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