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The native podcast: understanding its development, questioning its future

Le podcast natif : comprendre son essor, interroger son avenir

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Published on Thursday, October 26, 2023


Ce colloque international a vocation à interroger la place du podcast en France et en Europe. Pourquoi, alors qu’il ne présente pas une innovation de rupture majeure et qu’il existe depuis longtemps, le podcast s’est-il récemment développé aussi rapidement et aussi fortement ? Comment expliquer les ressorts et les enjeux sociaux, économiques, technologiques de ce succès et de ses ambivalences ?



Day 1 December 14th

8h30 - Light breakfast

9h – Welcome speech

  • 9h15 - 10h15 : Keynote - Richard Berry (University of Sunderland) : 20 years in making. The past, present, and future of podcasting

10h15-11h45 : Panel 1 - News podcast and traditional medias

Moderation : Arnaud Mercier

  • Jacquelin Léopold - Podcasted news : the way of press agencies ? Case study of the Agence France-Presse's podcast strategy
  • Monforte Cristian - The war in Ukraine and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict by native news podcasts : event, narratives and media discourses through Radio France, BBC and RTVE podcasts
  • Equoy-Hutin Séverine - Is podcasting a radio category ? A semio-discursive analysis of the Radio France app

11h45-12h : Coffee break

  • 12h - 13h Keynote - Martin Spinelli (University of Sussex) - The Rez : A podcast intervention in the children’s mental health crisis

13h-14h15 : Lunch break

14h15-16h15 - Panel 2 - modes and podcast's writing

Moderation : Flore Di Sciullo

  • Detraz Cécile - Intimate podcasts in French-speaking Switzerland : sharing information and creating meaning through personal accounts
  • Da Silva Jaercio & Méadel Cécile - Is technology an issue on podcasts ? A case study focusing on the metaverse
  • Alexis Lucie - The reuse of audiovisual archives within podcasts
  • Ferrandery Marion –"Histoires de daron.ne.s” : An overview of French podcasts for (young) parents

16h15-16h30 : Coffee break

16h30-18h - Panel 3 - News and podcasting

Moderation : Marie-Eva Lesaunier

  • Georgia Eskiadi Ioanna - Global stories, local voices : The role of podcasts in promoting global journalism
  • Deleu Christophe – « The Daily » ou la mise en voix du travail journalistique…
  • Mchugh Siobahn - The Invisible art of native podcasts : where theory and practice meet

18h : Cocktail

Day 2 - December 15th

8h45 : Light breakfast

  • 9h-9h45 : Keynote - Marta Perrota (Università Roma Tre) : Cross-cultural practices in news podcast production. The case of WePod

9h45-11h15 - Panel 4 - International case studies

Moderation : Tristan Mattelart

  • Copeland Stacey - Examining Dutch podcast industry futures : Can global media nurture local diversity ?
  • Cenni Diletta - Navigating challenges and expanding horizons : Lessons from the online newspaper II Post's Podcasting Success in Italy
  • Theodosiadou Sofia - School podcasting as a form of early citizenship : the case of COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

11h15-11h30 - Coffee break

11h30-13h : Panel 5 - Podcasts economics

Moderation : Nathalie Sonnac

  • Thuillas Olivier & Wiart Louis - Independent native podcast studios : an attempt of typology
  • Sanz Martín Marina - Advertising in digital audio : a case study of "Podium studios" as an example of the growth of branded podcasting in Spain
  • Baur Monica - Knowledge transmission and business models : voice and path of popularization podcasters

13h-14h : Lunch break

  • 14h-14h45 : Keynote - John Sullivan (Muhlenberg College) : The political economy of podcasting in the US (Title to be confirmed)

14h45-16h15 : Panel 6 - Podcast as mediation's tool

Modération : Hélène Bourdeloie

  • Fontrier Florian - Pedagogy and promotion of African heritage : podcast as a tool for cultural mediation in a restricted technological context
  • Beauprez Olivia, Marsotto Meghann, Saint Georges Marie-Eve - The “Histoires de psy” podcast as an object of study and access to the researcher's intimacy
  • Verquère Laura - Podcasts, knowledge, and ordinary mediations : the politicization of intimate experiences of motherhood

16h15-16h30 : Coffee Break

16h30-18h30 : Panel 7 – Podcasts in public space

Moderation : Cécile Méadel

  • Peria Olivier & Zakharova Gulnara - An earful of antifeminism : Podcasts as a new emerging format of antifeminist discourses
  • Manguili Doucé Marie Lyne - Challenges and limits of the podcast to publicize the reflections of a collective on territorial public problems.
  • Bazin Maëlle & Lezer Arthur - Native podcasts, a more gender-fair media ? Evolution of women’s speech time in informational podcasts (2002-2022)
  • Bourdeloie Hélène & Larochelle Laurence - Feminist podcasts : a territory for resisting patriarchal norms ?

18h30-18h45 : Conclusive remarks

18h45 : End of the symposium


  • salle 214 - Institut français de presse 92, rue d'Assas
    Paris, France (75006)

Event attendance modalities

Hybrid event (on site and online)


  • Thursday, December 14, 2023
  • Friday, December 15, 2023


  • podcast natif, audio, information, numérique, pluridisciplinaire


  • Marie-Eva Lesaunier
    courriel : obcast [dot] carism [at] gmail [dot] com

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  • Marie-Eva Lesaunier
    courriel : obcast [dot] carism [at] gmail [dot] com


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