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Encyclopédie de l’histoire de l’église

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Published on Monday, April 15, 2024


The editors of DHGE - Louvain Dictionary of Church History are seeking contributions for its next issue.





The editors of DHGE – Louvain Dictionary of Church History are seeking contributions for its next fascicle.

This venerable ongoing encyclopaedia of Church history, begun by Alfred Baudrillart in 1909 and currently in the care of UCLouvain and KU Leuven in Belgium, publishes state-of-the-art entries on persons, institutions, phenomena and places linked to the history of Christianity in regular printed fascicles; all entries also appear on our publisher’s online platform Brepolis.

DHGE – Louvain Dictionary of Church History is a trusted source of information across academia. Publishing in this time-honoured resource means sharing your expertise with a worldwide audience and adding your name to our list of past authors, which includes David Knowles, Hubert Jedin, Michel de Certeau and Marie-Dominique Chenu.

Our publisher, Brepols of Turnhout, pays contributors a fee.

Submission guidelines

The editors are currently seeking contributions for the next fascicle. Entries should provide authoritative introductions to the subject at hand, blending both factual information and a précis of the historiographical status quaestionis, and should include a bibliography. They can be in French or English;

the deadline is 1 September 2024. T

he word count is to be agreed with the editors depending on the subject.

Please contact Brian Heffernan with proposals at brian.heffernan@kuleuven.be.

Editorial Committee

  • Dries Vanysacker (KU Leuven),
  • Eddy Louchez (KU Leuven et UCLouvain)
  • Brian Heffernan (KU Leuven et UCLouvain).


  • Sunday, September 01, 2024

Attached files


  • history of religion, church history, history of christianity, christianity, catholicism, protestantism, orthodoxy


  • Brian Heffernan
    courriel : brian [dot] heffernan [at] kuleuven [dot] be

Information source

  • Brian Heffernan
    courriel : brian [dot] heffernan [at] kuleuven [dot] be


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