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Volume 6, issue 1

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Published on Friday, June 14, 2024


ATRAS is a double-masked, peer-reviewed, and multidisciplinary journal issued by the Faculty of Letters, Languages, and Arts, Saida University, Algeria. The journal aims to provide national and international researchers with an academic environment in applied linguistics, literature, civilization, translation, psychology, cultural studies, pedagogy, arts, philosophy, and sociology. ATRAS invites researchers in the previously mentioned fields to submit their scholarly papers.




Volume 6, issue 1, 2025


Atras Journal is now inviting scholars from around the globe to submit their unpublished manuscripts for publication. The journal aims to contribute to the body of knowledge by publishing original papers in the fields of literature, gender studies, cultural studies, linguistics, education, language studies, translation, social sciences, and arts. Researchers are invited to submit their manuscripts in English, Arabic, and French.

The journal aims to offer opportunities for scholars and researchers from various national and international universities to publish their scientific productions, which are characterized by originality and reflection.

  • ATRAS calls for papers that are about applied linguistics, literature, sociolinguistics, translation, civilization, education, cultural studies, gender studies, linguistics, history, arts and so on. The journal publishes review articles, scientific reviews, reports of seminars, academic scientific reports, and critics.
  • ATRAS [ISSN: 2710-8759/ EISSN: 2992-1376, is an open-access peer-reviewed international journal which publishes twice a year (July and January). The journal has been issued by the Faculty of Letters, Languages, and Arts, University of Saida, Dr. Moulay Tahar, Algeria since 2019.
  • Indexed: ERIH PLUS, Asian Science Citation Index, Advanced Science Index, EuroPub Index, El Marifa Index, MLA Citation Periodicals, ASJP, and ABCD index.


  • Please visit Atras Journal in the Algerian Scientific Journal Platform (ASJP): https://www.asjp.cerist.dz/en/PresentationRevue/880
  • Download the Atras template from its website at: https://atras-univ-saida.dz/en/?page_id=81
  • The template is available in three languages, English, Arabic, and French.
  • Authors must register in the Algerian Scientific Journal Platform (ASJP) before submitting their unpublished manuscripts, or they can simply log in.
  • Language studies, cultural studies, gender studies, translation, literature, didactics, art

Submission Deadline for January issue 2025: November 25th, 2024

Editorial Committee

Editor in Chief : Nadia GHOUNANE, University of Saida, Dr. Moulay Tahar, Algeria

Executive Editors

Editorial Board

  • Prof. Mustapha Hamil University of Windsor Canada
  • Prof. Hugo Azerad University of Cambridge UK
  • Prof. Ylenia De Loca University of Bari Italy
  • Prof. Brahim Ouardi Saida University Algeria
  • Prof. Amaria Hakem University of King Saud Saudi Arabia
  • Prof. Djamel BenadlaSaida University Algeria
  • Prof. Hanaa Berrezoug Saida University Algeria
  • Prof. Souad Bouhadjar Saida University Algeria
  • Prof. Hacene Hamada University of Constantine Algeria
  • Dr. Naima Guerroudj University of SaidaAlgeria
  • Dr. Hassiba Addou University of Sidi Bel AbesAlgeria
  • Dr. Sihem Boukekeur Saida University Algeria
  • Dr. Nawel Ouhiba Saida University Algeria
  • Dr. Amaria Mehdaoui Saida University Algeria
  • Dr. Hanane Rabahi Maghnia University Centre Algeria
  • Dr. Chahrazed Hamzaoui Ain Temouchent University Algeria
  • Dr. Asma Rahmani Batna 1 University Algeria

International Advisory Board

  • Prof. Charles Andrew Breeze Navara University Spain
  • Prof. El Hadj Dahman Meloz Colmar University, Strasburg France
  • Prof. Jean Paul Bronckard University of Geneva Switzerland
  • Prof. Jean Michel Adam University of Lausanne Switzerland
  • Prof. Faisal Abdel Ouhab Kikrit University  Iraq
  • Prof. Nawal Fadhil Abbas Baghdad University Iraq
  • Dr. Leslie Malland versity of Texas Permian Basin United States of America
  • Dr. Amina Tahraoui Princess, Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Nidhi Sharma Post Graduate Government College for Girls, Sector-11,Chandigarh India
  • Dr. Reshmi S M.E.S ASMABI College P. Vemballur, Kodungallur Thrissur, Kerala India
  • Dr. Mouna Salem Prince Hultan University Saudi Arabia
  • DPrakash Chandra Kasera Department of Education, Jaunpur University India
  • Dr. Pallavi Sinha Das Adamas University India
  • Dr. Bhabajyota Saikia Assam down town University India
  • Dr. Qais Almaamari Gulf UniversityBahrain
  • Dr. Mohammed M.  Obeidat  Yarmouk University Jordan
  • Dr. Zeinab Ridha Hamoudi University of Bebil Iraq
  • Dr. Zeid Ben Amour University of Sousse Tunisia
  • Dr. Jem Cloyd M. Tanugan  Cebu Normal University - Integrated Laboratory School Philippines
  • Dr. Cynthia Dilag Loilo Science and Technology University-BC Philippines
  • Dr. Nathaniel G. Gido University of the Visayas Philippines
  • Dr. Syed Tahseen Raza Aligarh Muslim University India


  • BP 138 cité ENNASR 20000, Saida, Algérie
    Saïda, Algeria (20000)

Event attendance modalities

Full online event


  • Monday, November 25, 2024


  • literary studies, cutlural studies, didactics, translation, language studies


  • Nadia Ghounane
    courriel : atrasuniv2022 [at] gmail [dot] com

Reference Urls

Information source

  • Merouane Mebarki
    courriel : mebarkimerouanedz [at] gmail [dot] com


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