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Changing Identities in Film

Changing Identities in Film, Television and 'New Media'

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International Association for Media and History (IAMHIST) The XIXth IAMHIST Conference: Call for Papers Changing Identities in Film, Television and 'New Media' 18th - 22nd July 2001 (Wed - Sun) University of Leipzig (Germany) Inst


International Association for Media and History (IAMHIST)
The XIXth IAMHIST Conference: Call for Papers

Changing Identities in Film,
Television and 'New Media'

18th - 22nd July 2001 (Wed - Sun)

University of Leipzig (Germany)
Institut für Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaften /
Institute of Communications and Media Studies

Co-ordinator: Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Steinmetz

At Zeitgeschichtliches Forum (Museum of Contemporay History), Leipzig
In Cooperation with: Zeitgeschichtliches Forum, British Council, Consulate General of the United States of America



The mass media of the past forged the identities of the present; now 'New
Media' are shaping the emerging identities of the new century. This conference
seeks to illuminate the rapid changes to contemporary society and notions of identity. It seeks do this by analysing the history of the representation of identity in film and television. The conference will also consider the early days of film and television -- when today's 'Old Media' were the 'New Media' which transformed the world.

Cultural Changes in and by media can be studied by means of comparison of the "Before " and "After" at key historical, cultural and political moments
comparison of media form and production between different contemporaneous cultures a combination of these perspectives.



This conference has five main themes:

I. Changing Identities in/by early Film (1895 - 1915)

II. Changing Media Identities (1948 - 1960s)

III. Changing Film Cultures and Changing TV Cultures (1986 to the present) -- with special focus on Eastern Europe, for example: former USSR, Georgia, Baltic States, Poland, Czechoslovakia, German Democratic Republic

IV. Forging Identities: Race, Class, Gender
Films & TV programmes by and about minorities

V. Sources/Archives: Researching Identities for Film and TV Production

In a workshop the future of IAMHIST in the context of New Media shall be discussed.

The conference, like all IAMHIST events is intended to appeal to Film, TV and New Media programme makers as well as academics and archivists. It consists of plenary sessions along with parallel workshops focusing on the five main themes. Participants will be encouraged to present their own programmes at the evening screenings. The organisers will provide special support to encourage participants from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.


Other Events

Other events and excursions include:

A visit to the St. Nikolai Church, scene of the dramatic events which led to the collapse of the German Democratic Republic.
A special screening of the German feature film Nikolaikirche, directed by Frank Beyer, based on Erich Loest's novel, based on these events.
A visit to the Museum of Contemporary History, where the media and every day culture of the German Democratic Republic is placed in its historical context.
A visit to the city of Dessau, home of the Bauhaus.


The City

Leipzig today is a city of sharp contrasts. It has been a trading centre for 800 years; located at east-west and north-south cross-roads of Germany and Europe. Leipzig has the second oldest university in Germany, founded in 1409. It was home to Johann Sebastian Bach and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The first university institute for journalism and media studies was founded here in 1916. Leipzig was also the city at the heart of the peaceful East German revolution of 1989. Eleven years after the unification of Germany this is an excellent place to explore the changes in German, European and other identities.


Paper Proposals

Proposals (maximum 200 words) for papers on the above mentioned topics and/or suggestions for special screenings should arrive not later than by January 15th, 2001. Please use this form and address it to:

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Steinmetz
Universität Leipzig
Institut für Kommunikations-
und Medienwissenschaften
Augustusplatz 9
D - 04109 Leipzig

Tel.: +49-341-9735700
Fax: +49-341-9735749


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  • Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Steinmetz
    courriel : rstein [at] uni-leipzig [dot] de

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