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    Les diasporas africaines (programme)

    Les diasporas africaines de l'Ancien et du Nouveau Monde : conscience et imaginaire

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    Publié le mardi 24 octobre 2000 par Marin Dacos


    26, 27, 28 octobre 2000 Equipe diaspora. Etudes africaines américaines de Paris 7 UFR Charles V et Cercle d'Etudes Afro-Américaines Renseignements auprès de Catherine Huart Té


    26, 27, 28 octobre 2000

    Equipe diaspora. Etudes africaines américaines de Paris 7 UFR Charles V
    et Cercle d'Etudes Afro-Américaines

    auprès de Catherine Huart
    Téléphone : 01 44 78 34 69 ou +33 1 4 78 34 69
    programme: affichage sur place, envoi sur demande


    Jeudi 26 octobre / Thursday, October 26
    Sorbonne, Amphithéâtre Liard

    9h30-10h30 Accueil et Ouverture/Opening
    10h30 Moore, Ammon. Song and Music

    11h-13h Sorbonne Liard Littérature 1
    Chair: Julien, Claude (U Tours).
    Benesch, Klaus (Bayreuth U).:"Diasporic Vision in William Demby's The Catacombs."
    Cossu, Laurence (U Paris 7).: "Richard Wright : écrire la diaspora".
    Berben, Jacqueline (U Nice).:"Reflections on the Theme of Diaspora within the Father-Son Paradigm in John Edgar Wideman's Fiction."
    Porter, Horace (U Iowa) : "Baldwin's Philosophical Reflections on the Meaning of Africa."
    Rocchi, Jean-Paul (U Tours): "Du lieu à l'être, d'une écriture à l'autre: le fantasme du retour à l'origine chez Baldwin".
    Zaborowska, Magdalena J. (U of Michigan) :"Impossible Interiors : Identities of Diasporic Spaces in James Baldwin's Giovanni’s Room."

    11h-13h Jussieu A 24 Art 1
    Chair Sanconie, Maïca (Paris)
    Navarra, Enrico (Paris) Artist, collaborator of Basquiat, galeriste.
    Télémaque, Hervé (Haïti, Paris) Painter.
    Rodriguez, Richard ( Paris) Collectionneur

    13h (1 pm) Jussieu A 24
    Gates, Henry Louis (Harvard U) Introducing the Encyclopedia Africana. (to be confirmed)

    13h-14h30 (1-2:30 pm) Pause déjeuner/Lunch Break

    14h-16h (2-4 pm) Sorbonne Liard Diaspora 1
    Chairs: Edwards, Brent,.(Rutgers U) and Lejeune, Catherine (U Paris VII).
    Respondents : M'Bokolo, Elikiah (EHESS, Paris) and Papp N'diaye (Paris).
    Moten, Fred (NYU) : "Voices/Forces: Migration, Surplus and the Black Avant Garde."
    Palumbo-Liu, David (Stanford U) : "A Critique of Paul Gilroy's Against Race ; Music versus Visual Culture in the Creation of Racial Identities across National Boundaries."
    Mayes, Janis A. (Syracuse U).: " 'InTonation' : the Language and Resonance of 'TransAtlantic Translation."
    Boyce Davies, Carole (Florida U).: "Movable Borders: Diasporic Consciousness and Ocean Space Mobility."
    Rahier, Jean (Florida International U) : "Towards a Multi-centered and Muti-spatial Approach in African Diasporic Studies."

    16 h-17h (4-5 pm) Sorbonne Liard Diaspora 2
    Chairs: Paquet, Anne-Marie (U Paris III) and Feith, Michel (U. Nantes).
    Chiwengo, Ngwarsuhgui (Creighton U) : " Diasporic Selves: Richard Wright, Peter Abrahams, Buchi Emecheta and Tshitenge's Diaspora "
    Feith, Michel (U Nantes) : "The Signifying Monkey as Critical Methodology."
    Traylor, Eleanor (Howard U.) : "Criticism, Diaspora and Creation."

    14h30-17h 15 (2:30-5 15 pm) Jussieu A 24 Art 2
    "Place , Space and Identity in African American Art"
    Chair Willis-Kennedy, Deborah (Smithsonian Institution) : "The Black Female Body in Photography: Africa, France and the Americas."
    Kennedy, Winston (Howard U) : "Out of the Shadows: The image of the Black Male in Printmaking."
    -oleman, Floyd (Howard U) : "Art, Politics and Social Change: Elizabeth Catlett and the African American Diaspora."
    King-Hammond, Leslie (Maryland Institute) : "Sanctified Space : Multimedia Installation in the context of the African American Diasporic Experience."
    Stoke-Sims, Lowery (Studio Museum of Harlem) : " Wilfredo Lam, Painter in the Chinese-African-Cuban Tradition."
    Donaldson, Jeff. (Founder of Africobra) : "Place, Space and Identity in African American Art". To be confirmed.

    17h30-18h 30 (5:30-6 30 pm) Jussieu A 24 Plenary Session
    Thompson, Robert Farris (Yale U) : "Notes from the African Quarters of Buenos Aires: Candombe, Canyenge, Milonga, and Tango."

    18h-30-19h15 (6 30--7 15 pm) Jussieu A 24
    Moss, Dean (NY, dancer, choreographer) : " 'American Deluxe' : Fragmented and Multivocal African Diaspora."

    20h45 (8:45 pm) Sorbonne Liard Lectures d'écrivains / Writers reading
    Des Rosiers, Joël (Montréal,, Caribbean), Métellus Jean (Haïti, Paris). Palacios, Arnoldo (Colombia, Paris), Harris, Eddie (Saint Louis, Paris).. To be completed.,

    20h30 -21h30 (8 30 pm-9 30 pm) Jussieu A 24Films 1
    " The Black Film Wave and Middle Age : Independence and Mainstreaming"
    Chair: Taylor, Clyde (NYU) and Guerrero, Ed (NYU)
    Massiah, Louis (Philadelphia) Filmmaker. Round table and film showing.


    Vendredi 27 octobre/ Friday, October 27

    9h-10h45 Sorbonne Liard Diaspora 3
    Chair: Cossu, Laurence (Paris VII) and Finley, Cheryl (Yale U)
    Walker, Sheila ( U Texas, Austin)"Everyday Africa in the USA: Afrogenic Interpretations and Comparative Diasporan Cultures "
    Brooks, Lori (Berea College) : "Tolosa, the Cole-Johnson Trio and the Critique of American Imperialism, 1898-1900".
    Finley, Cheryl (Yale U) : "Concept of Diaspora and Understanding of African Art."
    Nyongo, Tavia (Yale U) : "Diaspora and Citizenship :White Man, Listen"
    Yow, Laura (Indiana U) : "Wright's 'Blueprint for Negro Writing': a Discussion of the Basis and Meaning of Nationalism in Negro Writing."

    11h-12h30 Sorbonne Liard Diaspora 4: Theorizing Diaspora :
    Chair: Feith, Michel (U Nantes)
    Des Rosiers, Joël (Montréal) : " Théorie des Caraïbes : Poétique du déracinement".
    Abdul-Karim, Mustapha (Duke U) : "Of Invaders, Pirates and Slaves. Allegory of Primitive Diasporic Accumulation."
    Ostendorf, Berndt (U Munchen) : "Diaspora or Mainstream? Africa or America? Celebration or Pathology? Commodity or Art? The Cognitive Quandaries of African American Expressive Culture."

    9h15-10h30 Sorbonne Commissions Littérature 2
    "The Sea is Slavery: the Sea is History. Caribbean Middle Passages in the African American Diaspora"
    Chairs: Boyce Davies, Carole ( Florida International U) and Cottenet, Cécile (U Provence)
    Gadsby, Meredith (Oberlin College) : "The Sea and Her Back Door: Caribbean Literature and Diaspora Re-imagination."
    Jardine, Monica (SUNY Buffalo) : "The Unsettled Caribbean Boundary: Four Texts on the Discursive Space between Europe and America."
    Robinson, Karima (Northwestern U) : "Negociating the Middle Passage: Slave Ship as Symbol and Site in Fred d'Aguiar's Feeding the Ghosts."

    10h45-12h30 Sorbonne Commissions Littérature 3
    Chairs: Pedersen, Carl (U Odense ) and Birat, Kathie (U Metz)
    Mve Bekale, Marc.(IUT Troyes) : "Temps cosmogonique, temps transatlantique et temps diasporique dans Middle Passage de Charles Johnson et Feeding the Ghosts de Fred d'Aguiar".
    Birat, Kathie (U Metz) : "The Conundrum of Home: Displacement and Return in the Fiction of Caryl Phillips and Fred D'Aguiar".
    Ledent, Bénédicte (U Liège) : " Ambiguous Visions of Home: the Paradoxes of Diasporic Belonging in Caryl Phillips's Writing."
    Reneau, Ingrid M. (U Carolina) : " 'Dancing the ‘Clearing’ in the African Diaspora: Recreating Memory, History." and Identity ".
    Chauhan, Pradyurma (Beaver College) : "Praisesong for the Caribbean Woman : Fictions of Jamaica Kincaid and Paule Marshall."

    9h30-11h15 Sorbonne Gréard Histoire 1
    Chair : Marienstras, Elise ( (U Paris 7),.
    Browne, Tsekani (UCLA) : "Gender, Nationalism and the Notion of Diaspora in Julia Anna Cooper's Life and Works."
    Dhanvantari, Sujaya (U Alberta) : "French Revolutionary Song in the San Domingo War of Independence ."
    Larrier, Renee (Rutgers U) : "Du Sable, Douglass, and ‘Dessalines’: The Haitian Pavilion As Historic Site ."
    Mudimbe-Boyi Elisabeth (Stanford U) : "Le mouvement indigéniste haïtien: une re-lecture ".

    11h30-12h30 Sorbonne Gréard Histoire 2
    Chair: Parfait, Claire (U Paris 7)..
    Raupach, Kirsten (Muenster U) : "Black Magic and Diasporic Imagination."
    Kirschke, Amy (Vanderbilt U) : "Africa in Crisis: W.E.B Du Bois and Images of the Diaspora in Crisis magazine."
    Zacaïr, Philippe (U Memphis) : "Roots of Inter-Caribbean Unity in the 19th Century: The Afro-Cuban Leader Antonio Maceo in the British Caribbean. "

    9h00-11h30 ChV (A 50) Art 3
    Bruce, Marcus (Bates College) : "Imagining Diasporas: Barbara Chase-Riboud, Africa Rising, and the Aesthetics of Diaspora."
    Bowie, LaVerne Wells (Clemson U) : "Syntax of Place, History and Memory."
    Gaither, Edmund (National Center of Afro-American Studies) : "African Art and Contemporary Expression of Culture."
    Jordan, Coleman (U Michigan) : "Double Consciousness and Diaspora : Imagining Spaces of the Black Atlantic."
    Wood, Marcus (UK) : "Imagining the Unspeakable and Speaking the Unimaginable: Visual Representations of the Middle Passage from Turner to Bob Marley."
    McKay, Christine and Lindo, Nashormeh ( ) : "Ollie Harrington: Cartoonist in Exile at Home and Abroad;"
    Morgan, Stacy I. (Ohio U) : "Transnational Travel and Diasporic Identification: The Case of John Wilson in Mexico;"

    11h30-13h ChV (A 50)Art 4
    'Visual Culture, Ethnography and ritual/artistic production")
    Chairs: Lelièvre, Viviane (Paris VII ) and Binder, Wolfgang ( U Erlangen
    Moore, Zena (U Texas; Austin) : "Clash of Diasporic Cultures: Women in the Trinidadian Calypso and the Tejano Corrido."
    Bettelheim, Judith (Emory U) : "The Celebrations of Mardi-Gras in Panama by Los Congos de Portobello."
    Lindsay, Arturo (Spelman College) : "Preserving Old while Creating New Traditions on the Congo Coast of Panama."
    Sweet, James (Emory U) : " 'Not a thing for white men to see': Central African Divination Rituals in Seventeenth-Century Brazil?"

    12h30-14h30 Pause Déjeuner / Lunch Break

    14h-15h30 Sorbonne Liard Histoire 3
    Chair: Le Dantec, Hélène (U Paris 3)..
    Navarro, Consuelo (Virginia Commonwealth U) : "Palmares Memorialized: African Diaspora & Cinematic Discourse in Carlos Diegues' Quilombo."
    Frey, Sylvia (Tulane U) : "Cultural Migrations: A Time-&-Space Outline of Black Atlantic."
    Sensback, Jon (U Florida, Gainesville) : "Rebekka's Revival: Afro-Christian Women and the Origins of the Black Protestant Movement."
    Walker, Corey D.. (Williams and Mary U) : "African American Intellectual Formation in Connection with the Atlantic World."
    Hodges, Graham Russell (Colgate U, NY) : "The African Diaspora for African Americans Living and Working in and around New York in the 1830s."

    15h45-17h15 Sorbonne Liard Littérature 4 - Poetry
    Chair: Clary, Françoise (U Rouen). Chair.
    Clary, Françoise : "Diasporic Dimensions of Poetry, from Hughes to Nicolas Guillen"
    Christol, Hélène (U Provence) : "Daughters on the Borders: the Island and the World in Ntozake Shange."
    Moglen, Seth (Lehigh U, PA) : "Modernism in the Black Diaspora: Langston Hughes and the ‘Broken Cubes of Picasso''.
    Rubeo, Ugo (U Roma) : " Ingrained Diasporas: Africa and Memory in Contemporary African American Poetry."
    Boyd, Melba Joyce (Wayne State) : "Dudley Randall: To Russia through Paris"

    14h-15h30 Sorbonne CommissionsLittérature 5 Caribbean
    Chairs Alliot, Bénédicte, (Paris VII) and Kekeh, Andrée Anne (Paris VIII).
    Gyssels, Kathleeen (U Antwerp) : " 'I Talked with a Zombie': Haitian Diaspora in "Your Handsome Captain" and "Children of the Sea";"
    Nunez, Elizabeth (Trinidad, CUNY) : "Caribbean and Female: A Writer Talks about Overcomig Barriers;"
    Cudjoe, Selwyn R. (Trinidad, Wellesley U) : "Making Love Across the Atlantic: Trinidad Narratives in Their International Contexts."
    Binder, Wolfgang (U Erlangen) : "Diaspora Discourse in Austin Clarke's Works, or: Is There A Barbados in Canada? "

    15h45-17h Sorbonne Commissions Littérature 6
    Chair: Charras, Françoise (U Montpellier). Chair.
    Abraham, Keshia ( ): " 'We Are a Conspiracy': Black Women Political Autobiography; US and South Africa."
    Smith-Bermiss, Michelle (George Mason U) : "Zora Neale Hurston's Lies: Writing, (Dis)Location and Diaspora."
    Peterson, Carla L. (U. Maryland) : "Historical Consciousness and New Negro Chairernity in African-American Novels of the 1890s."
    Jackson-Brewer, Karla (Rutgers U) : "Ancestral Resonance, Ancestral Memories: The Bridging of the Past with the Present as Evidenced in Julie Dash's Daughters of the Dust."

    14h-16h15 Sorbonne Gréard Archives and Collections
    "Building Research Collections for the Study of the African Diaspora"
    Chair: - Dodson, Howard
    Blockson, Charles (Curator of the Blockson Collection (Temple U)..
    Bethel, Kathleen, Librarian, Special Colections, (Northwestern U)
    Bischof, Phyllis (UC Berkeley). Librarian, Special collections) : "The Black Diaspora: A Bibliography of Autobiographies."
    Hill, Walter (Washington, DC National Archives).: "Building Research Collections."
    Camp, Kimberly, Director, the Barnes Foundation, Pa.
    Dodson, Howard (Director, Schomburg Center for Afro-American Research, NY) : "Documentary Resources and Collection Building; the African Presence in South and Central America and the Caribbean".
    Williams-Connell, Erica. (Trinidad): "Building Research Archives on the African Diaspora."
    Allen, James (Emory University) : "Without Sanctuary ; Exhibit of Lynching Photos"

    16h15--17h15 Sorbonne Gréard Editors / Publishers
    Chair : Bruyère. Claire (U Paris VII).
    Joyce, Janet (London). Editor: The Continuum International Publishing Group [Collection "The Black Atlantic"].
    Randle, Ian (Kingston, Jamaica).Editor. Publisher (Ian Randle Publisher Limited)
    Besse, Christiane, Editror, Editions Stock, Paris
    Bess, Benjamin (Besspress, Honolulu) : "New Electronic Media and New Demands on Publishing and Distribution: Publishing in the 21st Century".
    Mulvey, Chris (U Winchester) : "French Browser/African American User: The Construction of a Gallomanic Cyberworld ".

    14h-17h ChV (A 50) Dance and Visual Arts
    Chairs Dorothy Firsher-Hornung (U Heidelberg) and. Long, Richard (Emory U).
    Jones, Ida E. (Howard U) : "Chairel for Tomorrow Paul Robeson, Advocate of Human and Gender Rights."
    Brown, Tamara (Smithonian Institution, Anacostia Museum) : "In Celluloid Color:Katherine Dunham Dance and Film in Black Hollywood."
    Fischer-Hornung, Dorothea (U Heidelberg) : "A Dancer Possessed: Katherine Dunham Dance Technique in Dino De Laurentis's 'Mambo' (1954) "
    De Frantz , Thomas (MIT, Ma). Dance Historian.,
    Perpener, John.(U Illinois) : "African American Dancers and Europe ".
    Goler, Veta (Spelman College) Dance historian.
    Long, Richard (Emory U) : " Dance in the Diasporic Perspective: South-East Asia and Atlantic America.
    Respondent. Newsome, Stephen (Anacostia Museum), plus French dance historian

    17h30- 18h15 Sorbonne Liard – Plenary Session
    James, Winston (Columbia U).: "From John Brown Russwurm to George Padmore: The Anglophone Caribbean Diaspora and Pan-African Projects."

    18h30-20h30 Sorbonne Peristyle Reception (by invittion only)

    20h30-23h Sorbonne Liard Lectures d'écrivains / Writers Readings
    Mphahlele, Eskia (South Africa).
    Breeze, Jean Brinta (Jamaica).
    Dabydeen, David (Caraibe, UK)
    Morejon, Nancy (Cuba) to be confirmed
    Goodison, Lorna ( Cuba) to be confirmed
    Perdomo, William (Puerto Rico)
    Weaver, Michael (Boston)
    Boyd, Melba Joyce (U of Michigan)
    Harris, Eddie (Saint Louis, Paris) to be confirmed

    20h-21h30 Ch V A 24 Films 2
    Walker, Sheila (U Texas, Austin) :and Jones, Jacquie: film showing


    Samedi 28 octobre/Saturday, October 28

    9h00-11h Sorbonne Liard Littérature 7
    Chairs : McDowell, Deborah, (U.of Virginia) and Raynaud, Claudine (U Tours)
    Ben Amara, Radhouan (U Cagliari, Italy) : "Clashing Languages in Assia Djebar's Multilayered Artistic Territory."
    Braxton, Joanne (William and Mary U) : "Invoking the Ancestors: Spirituality, Orality and Liberation in African American Literature(s) "
    Embry, Marcus (U North Colorado) : " Race and Gender in Geographies of Home. "
    Morris, Keidra (UCLA) : "Black British Population : (re)membrance of and (re)turn to the Caribbean."
    Ryan, Judylyn. (Ohio Wesleyan U) : "Illuminating Diaspora/Inventing ‘Home’: Subjectivity, Spirituality."
    Smith, Valerie Ann (UCLA) : "No Place of Refuge: Memory, Narrative and the Construction of Diaspora."

    9h00-11h15 Ch V A 40 Theater and Music
    Chair: Mills, Alice (U Caen).
    Lewis, Barbara (NYU, Editor Renaissance Noire) : "Lynching and Relocation: Three women Plays on the Nadir."
    Miller, Patrick (Northeastern U) : "The Little Theater on Black Campuses and the Notion of 'Diasporic Imagination': Some Texts and Contexts."
    Williams, Mark. Artistic Director of the Theater of the Diaspora; DC
    Pradel, Lucie (U des Antilles)
    Chairs: Cherry, Randall (U Paris VII).
    Berrian, Brenda : (U Pittsburgh) : " Funky Fusion : A Musical Collaboration from New York to ."
    Winders, James A. (Appalachian State U) : "Diaspora Identities: A Comparison of African and African-American Musicians in Paris."
    Martin, Carol (NYU) : "How the concept of Diaspora informed the 2000 Season of the Brooklyn Academy of Music."

    9h00-11h15 ChV (A 50) Installation
    Sligh, Clarissa (NY) Artist. : " ReUnion "
    Kempadoo, Roshini (Guyana, Caraïbe, UK) Artist : "Virtual Exiles " [Internet and Digital Print Project]."
    Rodriguez, Barbara (TuftsU) : "The American Slave Narrative: Slavery and the Persistence of Form"

    9h-11h15 ChV (Salle du Courrier) Table Ronde Artistes / Artists' Roundtable
    Chair Brunet, François (Paris VII)..
    Gastambide, Rémy (Paris). "The Black Amerasians of Vietnam : "Bui Doi" (Dust of Life) a photo documentary
    Cowans Adger W. (New York). Painter, photographer.
    Camp, Kimberly. Director of the Barnes Foundation
    Lindsay, Arturo (Spelman College, Atlanta).
    Jordan, Colema (U Michigan, School of Architecture)
    Wood, Marcus*

    11h30-12h30 ChV (A 50)– Plenary Session
    Feelings, Tom (South Carolina Graphic Artist) "The Middle Passage"

    12h30-14h30 Pause Déjeuner / Lunch Break

    14h30-15h15 Sorbonne Liard Plenary Session
    Emanuel, James (Paris). Poet. and Evanns, Chansse (Paris). Musician.

    15h15-17h30 Sorbonne LiardTable Ronde Ecrivains /Writers Roundtable
    Chairs: Ladd, Florence- and Claudine Raynaud
    Boyd,Melba Joyce (Wayne State)
    Breeze, Jean Brinta (Jamaica).
    Weaver, Michael (Boston)
    Perdomo (Puerto Rico)
    McDonald, Janet (Paris)
    To be completed.
    Ammon Moore and two musicians, Percussion and flute

    14h-30-19h ChV (A 50) Films 3
    Diawara, Manthia,(NYU) and Fongang,.Frantz (Paris VII) Chairs.
    Cham, Mbye. Filmmaker.
    Nelson, Stanley. Filmmaker.


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