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    Viet Nam depuis 1945

    Colloque du Groupe d'Etudes sur le Viet Nam contemporain

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    Publié le vendredi 22 décembre 2000 par Marin Dacos


    Vietnam since 1945 : States, Margins and Constructions of the Past Organisers: Benoit de Treglode et Christopher E. Goscha Place: Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences-Po), Room Francois Goguel (5th floor), 56, rue des Saints


    Vietnam since 1945 : States, Margins and Constructions of the Past

    Organisers: Benoit de Treglode et Christopher E. Goscha

    Place: Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences-Po), Room Francois
    Goguel (5th floor), 56, rue des Saints-Peres, 75007, Paris, France

    Dates: 11-12 January 2001, Paris

    Aim of the Conference:

    Like nations everywhere, the Vietnam of today has had to define itself from the inside in terms of creating a "new" State and from the outside by finding out where that State fits into the region and the rest of the world. The decision to orient this conference around the theme of The
    State, Its Margins and Constructions of the Past is based upon two observations: 1) that one cannot understand present day Vietnam without considering the internal evolution of its State(s) since 1945 and 2) that very little has been done in recent years to explore just how complex that process "on the inside" may have been. On the latter note, this gathering might also provide us with a useful opportunity to consider new methods and approaches for studying this process, moving beyond such oppositions
    as "winners/communists vs. losers/non-communists".

    In order to get at this internal complexity of Vietnam since 1945, we have grouped the papers around four major sub-themes. Outlined in greater detail below, these rubrics are designed to stimulate discussion about the
    institutionalisation of the State, the importance of its sometimes elusive margins, the role of the army, and the meanings of the different constructions of the national past.

    The conference aims to bring together international specialists on Vietnam, in a friendly spirit of inter-disciplinarity, in order to take another look at the past and the present of contemporary Vietnam


    Vietnam since 1945: States, Margins and Constructions of the Past

    Thursday, 11 January 2001

    9H30 - 10H00: Opening Session: Jean-Luc Domenach

    10H - 12H30:

    Panel no. 1

    Mobilisation and the Institutionalisation of the State: From the Bottom

    In the late 1940s, was the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV) necessarily synonymous with the borders of Vietnam? Engaged in full-scale war, the DRV's real territorial control did not allow it to unite fully into the State the cultural, ethnic and and political diversity of its
    people. Further down, the peasant population was perhaps harder to control than the nationalist historiography would have us believe. The aim of this panel is to take another look at the "reach" of the State in times of war and peace, following it as it moves its way down into the heart of the Vietnamese village. While Philippe Devillers and Bernard
    Fall provided ground-breaking studies of this subject during the wars, the renewal of fieldwork in Vietnam and the opening up of vast amounts of new materials allow for another look at the mobilisation of the population and
    the institutionalisation of the State at its different levels.


    Nguyen The Anh (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris)


    David Marr (Australian National University)
    Beyond High Politics: DRV State Formation, 1945-1946

    Shawn McHale (George Washington University)
    Freedom, Violence, and the Struggle over the Public Arena in the DRV, 1945-1958

    Trinh Van Thao (Universite de Provence)
    Logiques socio-historiques de l'engagement intellectuel dans le processus de changement social au Viet Nam

    Judy Stowe (BBC, independent researcher)
    Money and Mobilisation: The Difficulties of Building a National Economy in a Time of War, 1945-1950

    15H00 - 17H30:

    Panel no. 2: Writing the Past: Biography and National Identity

    Since 1945, Vietnam has worked hard to unify and bring together the nation. The DRV/SRV has tried to bring to the forefront the daily lives of its heroes and its political figures in order to provide a model to emulate for the youth and the society in general. This panel is designed
    to consider how the DRV/SRV has gone about reinforcing its political legitimacy by generating new, patriotic geneologies of the past through biography. The recent publication of new works on the famous leader Ho
    Chi Minh will serve as a framework for thinking about the role of national biography in the emergence of national identity in Vietnam since 1945.


    Pierre Brocheux (Paris VII)


    William J. Duiker (University of Pennsylvania)
    The Man and the Moment: Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese Revolution

    Daniel Hemery (Paris VII)
    Ho Chi Minh: Vie singuliere et nationalisation collective

    Sophie Quinn-Judge (School of Oriental and African Studies, London)
    Writing the History of the Revolutionary Upsurges (1930-31): The Shifting Cast of Heroes

    Benoit de Treglode (Groupe d'Etudes sur le Vietnam contemporain)
    Reflet d'une nation : La figure de Ho Chi Minh dans les biographies du heros nouveau

    Friday, 12 January 2001

    10H00 - 12H30:

    Panel no. 3: The State and its Margins

    Like any State, the quest for political legitimacy has led the DRV and the SRV to establish the parameters of what constitutes the past and what does not. In so doing, it has skirted several key questions that may nonetheless throw some light on our understanding of the State itself:
    the place of minority peoples, the question of religions, non-communist nationalism, dissidence and the emergence of civil society, etc. This round table explores the ways in which the history of the margins of the State can help us to understand better the DRV/SRV itself.


    John Kleinen (CASA, Amsterdam)


    Francois Guillemot (EPHE, Paris)
    Vietnam 1945-1946 : L'elimination de l'opposition nationaliste et anticolonialiste dans le Nord

    Nguyen Van Ky (Independent Researcher)
    Contestataires et contestation au Viet Nam : A la recherche d'un mode d'expression

    Tran Thi Lien (Groupe d'etudes sur le Vietnam contemporain)
    Communistes et catholiques pendant la guerre d'independance (1945-1954) : De l'union nationale a la Guerre Froide

    Andrew Hardy (Singapore University)
    Carried by the Waves: A Short History of the Vietnamese Boat People

    15H00 - 17H30

    Round Table no. 4: The People=92s Army and "Resistance Culture"

    Following thirty years of war against the French, the United States and China, the Peoples' Army of Vietnam occupies today a key place in Vietnamese society and history. Not only has the army played a key role in
    the institutionalisation of the State since 1945, but it has also participated in inscribing the new regime and leaders in a long tradition of "resistance history" (lich su khang chien). This round table seeks to consider the ways in which the People's Army and the development of a
    "resistance culture" has contributed to building political power and how it has played itself out in Vietnamese historiography.


    Bui Xuan Quang (Paris X)


    Christopher E. Goscha (Groupe d'etudes sur le Vietnam contemporain)
    Se battre dans le Sud : Nguyen Binh et les difficultes de creer une armee dans un moment de guerre (1945-1951)

    Gerard Hervouet (IEP Bordeaux)
    L=92armee vietnamienne : Acteur du developpement economique ?

    Hugues Tertrais (Paris I)
    L'experience de l'economie de guerre : Quel heritage depuis 1975 ?

    Stein Tonnesson (University of Oslo)
    The Vietnamese Navy and the Defence of Maritime Space

    Dang Phong (Institut d'economie, CNSS Hanoi)
    Les relations entre la France et le Viet Nam vues a travers la vision vietnamienne de l'armee et de l'administration francaise, 1945-2000

    17H30 - 18H30 Plenary session
    Nguyen The Anh, Pierre Brocheux, John Kleinan
    Bui Xuan Quang

    18H30 Cocktail


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    • jeudi 11 janvier 2001


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