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    Being French

    Perspectives on Identity, Nation and Community

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    Publié le mercredi 28 février 2001 par Marin Dacos


    THE UNIVERSITY of MANCHESTER Ambassade de France au Royaume-Uni The Society for the Study of French History 15th Conference With the Support of the University of Manchester 150th Anniversary funds and the Being French: Perspectives on Identity



    Ambassade de France au Royaume-Uni

    The Society for the Study of French History 15th Conference
    With the Support of the University of Manchester
    150th Anniversary funds and the

    Being French:
    Perspectives on Identity, Nation and Community'

    Monday 9, Tuesday lO April 2001
    Dalton Ellis Hall

    9.30-10.30 Registration

    10.30-11.30 Plenary Session

    Jean-Francois Sirinelli (Institut des Etudes Politiques, Paris): 'Y-a-t'il une crise des intellectuels français? Le regard de l'historien.'

    11.30- 12.30 Being French in the world of Publishing
    Round table with French, American and British publishers

    12.30-1.30 LUNCH
    1.30-300 Parallel Sessions

    1. Wars of Religion: Identity in crisis?

    Arlette Jouanna (Montpellier), 'Etre bon français au temps des guerres de religion'
    Penny IRoberts ('Warwick3 'Identifying the Enemy during the wars of religion'

    2. Revolutions and Empire: revising French identity

    Tom Kaiser (University of Arkansas at Little Rock), "On Not Being French Enough:
    Marie-Antoinette and the French Revolution."
    Mike Rapport (Stirling), 'Patriote and Cosmopolitans in Revolutionary France,

    3. The French and the other

    Daniel Gordon (University of Sussex), 'Français, immigrés, même biberon? The Far
    Left and Ethnic Minorities in Nanterre, 1968-1971'
    Steve Garner (University College, Cork), 'Republican Order vs 'Ethnie Disorder':
    Constructions of the Idea of Ethnicity in France'

    3.00-3.30 TEA


    3.30 5.00 Parallel Sessions

    4. Borderlands I (The South)

    Bernard Rulof (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research & Nijmegen), 'A Land Unlike the Rest of France: Travellers and Prefects Views on Southern Mentality and Southern Politics'
    Noelle L. Plack (University of Birmingham), 'Common Land in the Department of Gard 1770-1819'
    Roger Mettam (University of London, Queen Mary), 'The Roussillonais and France in the Seventeenth Century'.

    5. Reinventing France

    Marion Demossier (University of Bath), 'Fragmented France: Cultural policies and the heritagisation of the French national identity'
    Judith K. Proud (University of Exeter), 'The Importance of 'The Other' in Establishing National Identity and Unity: The Example of France in WW2.'

    6. Medieval identifies

    Sean McGlynn (London School of Economics) 'War and National Identity in the France of Philip Augustus'
    Michael Jones (Nottingham) 'Les enseignes du pouvoir: the ducal use of symbole and ceremonial in fate medieval Brittany'.

    : 5-6.30 Plenary Session

    Françoise Bayard (Lyon) 'Dans les poches des morts'

    6.30-7.30 RECEPTION
    7.30 DrNNER

    Tuesday 10 April

    9.00-9.30 SSFH: AGM

    9.30-10.30 Plenary Session
    Jeremy Popkin (University of Kentucky) Autobiography and Identity in France

    10.30-1 1.00 COllý~:E
    11.00-1.00 Parallel Sessions

    1. Ancien régime identifies

    Jean François Dubost (Université de Caen), 'Naturalization in Ancien Régime France' Luc Racaut (Crichton College, University of Glasgow) 'Astrology, Hermeticism and the Occult during the French Wars of Religion'

    2. Borderlands II (the East)

    Detmar Nein (University of London, Royal Holloway), 'Alsace aux Alsaciens: The Quest for National Identity in Alsace under German rule, 1870-1914'
    Carolyn Snipes- Hoyt (University of Middle Georgia),'Jeanne d'Arc: Emblem of Lorraine and French Identity in 1912'
    Elizabeth Vlossak (University of Cambridge), 'Women and French Nation-Building in Alsace, 1918- 1940'

    3. Foreign gaze and foreign places

    Helene Cecilia de Burgh (University of Melbourne3, 'Being French in Foreign
    Places: Identity and Colonialism in the Oeuvre of Pierre Loti'
    Pamela Pilbeam (IJniversity of London, Royal Holloway), 'The Revolting French:
    British Attitudes to C19 Revolutions'

    1.00-2.00 LUNCH

    2.00-3.30 Parallel Sessions
    4. Liberalism, religion and national identity, ideology and voting practices

    Malcolm Crook (University of Keele), 'How the French Learned to Vote: Suffrage and Citizenship, 1800-1848'
    Georgios Varouxakis (Aston University), 'The National Question in French Liberal Thought during the Restoration and the July Monarchy'
    Judith Bowen (University of York), 'Citoyen de Rome Souterraine: Religion and Identity during the Second Empire'

    4. Provincialism and identity

    Kiva Silver (University of Cambridge), 'Urban Regionalism: Provincial Identities Paris, 1895-1925'
    Margaret Butler (University of Essex), 'Paysage, Paysan, Patrie: French Film and Rural Life 1940-1950'
    Julian Wright (New College, Oxford), 'Unity and Uniformity? Regionalism and the Acceptance of Diversity in the Belle Epoque'

    5. Patriotism in times of crisis

    Eric Cahm (Université de Tours), 'Jean Jaurès: Dreyfusard and Patriot'
    Peter Tame (Queen's University Belfast), 'Divided France: French Writers at War (1939-1945)'

    6. In the papers of the absolutist stase

    Marie-Catherine Vignal (La Sorbonne), les papiers de Richelieu sous Louis XIV'
    Mark Bryant, Madame de Maintenon: Religion, power and politics'
    Diego Venturino (Université de Metz), 'Louis XIV, ses mémoires, sa correspondance'
    3.30-4.0 Tea

    4.00-5.00 Plenary Session: round table: Being French then and now.

    Please send all correspondance to Dr Alan James and/or Bertrand Taitbe, Department of History, Facult,v of Arts, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL, E-mail :,uk /


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