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Colloque sur la litterature contemporaine des femmes en francais

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Published on Sunday, June 16, 2002


Le colloque 'New Women's Writing in French' aura lieu le 26-28 septembre 2002 a l'Institute of Romance Studies, Universite de Londres.


Le colloque 'New Women's Writing in French' aura lieu le 26-28 septembre 2002 a l'Institute of Romance Studies, Universite de Londres.


Thursday 26 September

13.45 Opening and Introduction: Gill Rye

14.00 PLENARY SESSION 1: Experimental writing
Shirley Jordan (Oxford Brookes University, UK)
‘Un coup de pied dans le château de cubes’: formal experimentation in Marie Darrieussecq’s Bref séjour chez les vivants
Mark Lee (Mount Allison University, Canada)
The enemy from within: narration and doubling in Cosmétique de l’ennemi by Amélie Nothomb
Susan Ireland (Grinnell University, USA)
Bessora’s literary ludics
15.30 TEA

16.00 PARALLEL SESSION A: Black holes
Miléna Santoro (Georgetown University, USA)
Writing and/in mourning: the forms of loss in recent Quebec women’s writings
Kathryn Robson (University of Newcastle, UK)
Virtual reality: loss, (dis)embodiment and female creativity in Marie Darrieussecq’s Naissance des fantômes and Régine Detambel’s La Chambre d’écho
Cheryl Toman (Millikin University, USA)
Evelyne Accad: a new approach to breaking the silence

PARALLEL SESSION B: Textual violence
Marie-Françoise Chitour (Université d’Angers, France)
Des femmes et des îles ‘en colère’: les romancières francophones des Caraïbes et de l’Océan Indien (Agénor, Devi, Pineau)
Laureline Amanieux (Paris, France)
L’amour et le langage meurtriers dans l’oeuvre d’Amélie Nothomb
Marjorie Attignol Salvodon (Suffolk University, USA)
Re-membering childhood: violence, gender and cultural identity in Bouraoui’s Le jour du séisme

PARALLEL SESSION C: Return to origins
Dora Carpenter (University of Brighton, UK)
Colette Fellous, française juive de Tunisie, émergence d’une voix
Cécile Guillard (Vanderbilt University, USA)
Nancy Huston: autopsie d’une exilée
Claire Boyle (Girton College, University of Cambridge, UK)
Writing self-estrangement, possession and loss in Cixous’s recent autobiographical work


19.30 Writers' event at the Institut Francais a Londres: Linda Le, Lorette Nobecourt and Marie Rouanet will be speaking about their work.

Friday 27 September

10.00 PLENARY SESSION 2: Gender
Marie-Claire Barnet (University of Durham, UK)
The undutiful daughter on fire: Régine Detambel’s La Verrière
Michelle Denby (De Montfort University, UK)
Gender, subjectivity and agency in Marie NDiaye’s postmodern fantastic texts
Lucile Desblache (University of North London, UK)
Food for thought: orality, animality and identity in Marilyne Desbiolles’s La Seiche
11.30 COFFEE
Michael Worton (UCL [University College London], UK)
Sexual/textual transgressions
13.00 LUNCH (own arrangements)

14.15 PARALLEL SESSION D: Intertextual dialogues
Jennifer Willging (Ohio State University, USA)
La fille du Gobernator’s descent into colonial hell: Paule Constant’s debt to Céline and Duras
Susan Bainbrigge (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Experiments with identity in Jacqueline Harpman’s Orlanda
Victoria Best (St. John’s College, University of Cambridge, UK)
What does woman want? Psychoanalysis in the 21st century (Hausser, Laurens)

Simona Barello (New York University, USA)
Models of voicing: the alternation of various narrative voices in three novels by Tassadit Imache
Julia Waters (University of Bath, UK)
Madness, marginality and marriage: challenging stereotypes in Ananda Devi’s Paglia
Alison Rice (University of California Los Angeles, USA)
Foreign origin, French text (Brina Svit)

PARALLEL SESSION F: Crossing genres
Anna Norris (Michigan State University, USA)
Annie Ernaux et le rejet du romanesque
France Grenaudier-Klijn (Massey University, New Zealand)
La place de l’autre dans l’oeuvre romanesque de Lorette Nobécourt
Miléna Horvath (Pecs University, Hungary)
La médiation par l’écriture: entre-deux et interculturalité chez Djebar
15.45 TEA

16.15 PARALLEL SESSION G: Metaphors of movement
Cathy Wardle (Jesus College, University of Cambridge, UK)
Perpetual motion: walking and writing in Jeanne Hyvrard’s Le Marchoir
Margot Miller (University of Maryland, USA)
Of ‘nomadism’ and narration: Malika Mokeddem’s N’zid
Najib Redouane (California State University, USA)
Amina Saïd: poétesse des deux rives

PARALLEL SESSION H: The vagaries of being a woman
Nathalie Morello (University of Wales Swansea, UK)
Un coupable peut en cacher un(e) autre: confrontation with the mother in Lorette Nobécourt’s first three novels
Victoria Korzeniowska (University of Surrey, UK)
Gender, space and ageing in Marie Rouanet’s La marche lente des glaciers and Du côté des hommes
Catherine Rodgers (University of Wales Swansea, UK)
When the Other is Man: Laurens’s Dans ces bras-là

PARALLEL SESSION I: Transculturation
Kimberley Healey (University of Rochester, USA)
Chinoiseries (Bresner, Nothomb, Sa)
Valerie Raoul (University of British Columbia, Canada)
Nancy Huston: bilingualism, transplantation and betrayal of the mother/tongue
Nicki Hitchcott (University of Nottingham, UK)
Calixthe Beyala’s Les arbres en parlent encore

19.30 Conference Dinner

Saturday 28 September

10.00 PARALLEL SESSION J: Private and public spaces (historical, geographical, legal)
Abd-el-kader Cheref (University of Oran, Algeria)
Female Prometheuses and/or thieves of language: Assia Djebar and Malika Mokeddem
Ben Lebdai (Université d’Angers, France)
Yasmina, an autodiegetic character: Herstory and History in Nina Bouraoui’s Un garçon manqué
Paula Ruth Gilbert (George Mason University, USA)
Mothers who kill their children: Suzanne Jacob’s L’obeissance

PARALLEL SESSION K: The workings of memory
Emma Webb (University of Sheffield, UK)
Remembering, repeating and working through: the function of memory in Marie Cardinal’s
Sylvie Blum (University of Florida, USA)
Linda Lê’s ghost stories
Ruth Cruickshank (The Queen’s College, University of Oxford, UK)
Marie Redonnet, the question of resistance, and the turn-of-the-millennium novel

PARALLEL SESSION L: Gender and textuality
Roseanna Dufault (Ohio Northern University, USA)
Is God a feminist? Gender and omnipotence in Nancy Huston’s Dolce agonia
Marinella Termite (Bari University, Italy)
Autour des figures féminines de Maryline Desbiolles
Sarah Capitanio (University of Wolverhampton, UK)
Camille Laurens: formalism, character portrayal and language
11.30 COFFEE
Diana Holmes (University of Leeds, UK)
Romancing the text: love stories in recent women’s writing
13.00 LUNCH (own arrangements)

14.15 PLENARY SESSION 3: Sexuality

Philippa Caine (University of Stirling, UK)
Destructive encounters: Legendre, Despentes, Brasme
Sarah Cooper (Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, UK)
Reconfiguring sexual space: Jouir (Cusset) and the seduction of a gay aesthetic
Margaret-Anne Hutton (University of Nottingham, UK)
Hard-core, hard-sell: Marie Nimier’s La nouvelle pornographie

Organiser: Gill Rye (Institute of Romance Studies, University of London, UK): gill.rye@dial.pipex.com

Venue: Institute of Romance Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU (No smoking building)

It is advisable to register in advance to guarantee a place. It is often possible to book on the day but places cannot be guaranteed. Registration forms (see over or the Institute's website on http://www.sas.ac.uk/irs) should be sent to the Administrators at the Institute of Romance Studies.

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Discounted price for registrations received and paid by Wednesday 31 July 2002:
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£10 whole conference (graduate students in subscribing departments)


  • London, Britain


  • Thursday, September 26, 2002


  • la litterature 1995-2002, Darrieussecq, Nothomb, Detambel, Laurens, Nimier, Nobecourt, Linda Le, Rouanet, Djebar, Mokeddem, experiment, sexualite, voix hybrides


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