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First World War

2nd European Conference in First World War Studies

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Published on Monday, June 09, 2003


International Society for First World War Studies MAISON FRANÇAISE, UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD 23 & 24 June 2003 An international conference organized with the support of the Maison Française d’Oxford, the University


International Society for First World War Studies


23 & 24 June 2003

An international conference organized with the support of the Maison Française d’Oxford, the University of Oxford, the Cultural and the Scientific Services at the French Embassy in London.

Monday 23 June 2003

2 pm: First Session

Chair: Dr. Jenny Macleod, JSCSC / King’s College, London

Thomas Weber, University of Glasgow: British war propaganda and the thesis of German militarism: Friedrich von Bernhardi’s Germany and the Next War reconsidered

Discussant: Ismee Tames, University of Amsterdam

Vanda Wilcox, The Queen’s College, Oxford: Discipline in the Italian army during WWI

Discussant: Dr. Anne Duménil, Université de Picardie

Prof. Dennis Showalter, Colorado College: Mastering the Western Front: German, British and French approaches

Discussant: Heather Jones, Trinity College, Dublin

Moni Riez, University of Calgary: The food crisis in Budapest during the Great War

Discussant: Prof. Jay Winter, Yale University

5.45 pm. Keynote Speech

Professor Len Smith, Oberlin College “Imagining Survival: Death, Mutilation, and Killing in French Combatants' Testimonies of the Great War”

Chair: Prof. Hew Strachan, All Souls College, Oxford

Tuesday 24 June 2003

9 am: Second Session

Chair: Dr. Matthew Stibbe, Sheffield Hallam University

Gearoid Barry, Trinity College, Dublin: Marc Sangnier’s war, 1914-1919. portrait of a soldier, catholic and social activist

Discussant: Prof. Robert Gildea, Merton College, Oxford

Heather Jones, Trinity College, Dublin: Encountering the ‘enemy’ : prisoner of war transport and the development of war culture in 1914

Discussant: Dr. Gary Sheffield, JSCSC / King’s College, London

Patrick Porter, Magdalen College, Oxford: 'New Jerusalems’. English and German Military chaplains and the ideal of redemptive sacrifice'

Discussant: Dr. Jeff Verhey, Berlin

10.30: Coffee

10.45: Third Session

Chair: Pierre Purseigle, Maison Française, University of Oxford

Dr. Jennifer D. Keene, University of Redlands: ‘The war within the war’: protest and disability among African-American veterans of the First World War

Discussant: Dr. Niall Barr, JSCSC / King’s College, London

Dr. Keith Grieves, Kingston University: Huts, demobilisation and the quest for an associational life in rural communities in England after the Great War

Discussant: Gail Braybon, University of Brighton

Nicolas Ginsburger, ENS / Université de Paris X: Un géographe américain entre science et diplomatie: la mission de Douglas W. Johnson en Europe (mai-nov. 1918)

Discussant: Dr. Mike Neiberg, U.S.A.F. Academy

2pm: Fourth Session

Chair: Jessica Meyer, Pembroke College, Cambridge

Elizabeth Fordham, EHESS: The Great War and modern scholarship: academic responses to war in Paris and London

Discussant: Clarisse Berthezène, Maison Française, University of Oxford

Paul Mulvey, LSE: The wartime career of Josiah Wedgwood, the English Radical politician

Discussant: Dr. Martin Farr, University of Newcastle

Catriona Pennell, LSE/ Trinity College, Dublin: English public opinion and the outbreak of WWI: the myth of war enthusiasm

Discussant: Dr. Adrian Gregory, Pembroke College, Oxford

3.30pm: Coffee

3.45pm: Fifth Session

Chair: Dr Stefan Goebel, Churchill College, Cambridge

Dr. Nicolas Beaupré, Université de Paris X: La question de l’émergence d’un nouveau type de ‘littérature combattante’ pendant la Grande Guerre au miroir d’une étude comparée (France, Allemagne)

Discussant: Prof. Len Smith, Oberlin College

Elise Julien, Université de Paris I / Freie Universität, Berlin: Paris, Berlin: la mémoire de la Première Guerre mondiale (1914-1933)

Discussant: Veronika Burget, The Queen’s College, Oxford

Leen Engelen, Catholic University of Leuven: Cinematographic representation of the enemy in Belgian fiction films 1918-1939

Discussant: Dr. Martin Conway, Balliol College, Oxford

International Society for First World War Studies

Société Internationale d'étude de la Grande Guerre


  • Oxford, Britain


  • Monday, June 23, 2003


  • Grande Guerre, 1914-1918, Première Guerre mondiale, histoire comparée, histoire culturelle


  • Pierre Purseigle
    courriel : p [dot] purseigle [at] warwick [dot] ac [dot] uk

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  • Pierre Purseigle
    courriel : p [dot] purseigle [at] warwick [dot] ac [dot] uk


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