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Published on Monday, May 22, 2006


Organisée dans le cadre du programme de recherche Challenge, cette journée de conférence sera l'occasion, pour les 23 partenaires européens du programme, de présenter l'avancement de leurs recherches. Elle rassemblera, au sein de 8 workshops aux thématiques à la fois distinctes et complémentaires, des intervenants issus de sphères différentes (universitaires, membres d'ONGs, hauts resopnsables des institutions nationales et européennes, praticiens de la sécurité...). Elle vise ainsi à éclairer, depuis une perspective résolument transdisciplinaire, les transformations contemporaines de l'Etat moderne pour reposer la question des pratiques illibérales des régimes libéraux.


Conférence annuelle du programme de recherche Challenge

Challenge Annual Conference Illiberal Practices of Liberal Regimes?

Conference Programme

Friday 9, June 2006

Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches Internationales (CERI)
56 rue Jacob 75006 Paris
9h00 – 19h00
Grande salle de conférence, Large conference room

After the plenary session, workshops will be disseminated in three different rooms to be announced on the conference day



At the limits of the liberal state: security, sovereignty and liberty in the EU
Plenary Session

09:00 – 11:00 Location : Grande Salle de conférence. CERI

Welcoming Remarks : - Gérard Grunberg (Sciences Po Scientific Director)

The roots of the liberal state and its relation to security, sovereignty and justice

Chair: Gérard Grunberg (Sciences Po Scientific Director)
- R.B.J. Walker (Challenge Partner/WP1, University of Keele, United-Kingdom) Sovereignty, state law and international law
- Elspeth Guild (Challenge Partner/WP14, Radboud University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands) Justice and Sovereignty: in whose name ?
- Vivienne Jabri (Challenge Partner/WP1, Kings College, London, United-Kingdom) Political agency and human rights in the context of the politics of security

Discussants: Didier Bigo (Challenge Scientific Coordinator/WP2, CERI/Sciences Po, France)
Jef Huysmans (Challenge Partner, Open University/WP1, London, United-Kingdom) Workshop Session

– 13.00 Workshop 1 Media and public opinion. Fear, protection, populism.

Chair: Guillaume Devin (Sciences Po, France) tbc
Alessandro Dal Lago (Challenge Partner/WP8, University of Genoa, Italy)

- Anastassia Tsoukala (Challenge Partner/WP2, University of Paris 11, France) “Communcating on terrorism. A fear-mongering strategy?” i

- Michalis Lianos (Challenge Partner, University of Porthmouth/WP11, United-Kingdom) “Perceptual Proximity: The Foundations of Public Demand for Security"

- Thierry Balzacq (Challenge Partner/WP5, CEPS, Belgium) “Audience and the Problem of Legitimacy while securitising an issue”

- Andrew Neal (Challenge Partner/WP1, Keele University, United-Kingdom) “War on terror or law on terror”

Rapporteur: tba

Workshop 2
Policing abroad in the name of freedom Terrorism, Crime, War or to prevent migration?

Chair: Vivienne Jabri (Challenge Partner, Kings College, London, United-Kingdom)

- Peter Lock (Challenge Partner/WP4, EART, Germany) “Violence and economic regulation - charting a preliminary typology”

- Felix Berenskoetter (Challenge Partner/WP2&7, LSE, United-Kingdom) “The ESDP and the fight against international crime”

- Andras Pap (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Legal Studies, Hungary)
“Contradictions of the regimes of the Security Council, the EU and Hungarian Government on how to stop the financial transactions for terrorist organisations and undemocratic organs”

- William Vlcek (Challenge Partner/WP2&7, LSE, United-Kingdom) “The ECJ and Acts to Combat the Financing of Terrorism by the European Community”

- Diede-Jan Dieben (University Groningen, The Netherlands), Thom Dieben (University Maastricht, The Netherlands) “When does war become a crime? Aspects of the criminal case against Eric O.”

- Amandine Scherrer (Sciences Po, France) “The role of the ‘Groupe de Lyon’ inside the G8”

Rapporteur: Jacques Isnard (Journalist, Le Monde, France) tbc

Workshop 3
EU governance and regulation of market and people: Border control, and Visas policies

Chair: Pierre Hassner (CERI/Sciences Po, France)

- Nikos Scandamis (Challenge Partner/WP12, University of Athens) “Market and Democracy in the EU governance system”

- Angelina Tchorbadjiyska (Challenge Partner, European Instiute Sofia, Bulgaria) "On visas and the freedom of movement - the price of visa free travel”

- Agnieszka Weinar (Challenge Partner/WP7, Batory Foundation, Poland) "Under the Old Europe's frownng eyes - the New Member States and the European Borders"

- Anita Szymborska (Challenge Partner/WP9, Batory Foundation, Poland) "Managing the visa polcy - the Schengen dilemma"

- Andras Kovats (Challenge Partner/WP7, University of Szeged/CIMRES, Hungary) “The possible role of the visa polcy in fomulating the Hungarian immigration strategy”

Rapporteur: Rachel Nield (Open Society Justice Initiative)


Legitimacy of the use of force in time of danger

Workshop Session

– 16.00 Workshop 4 Islamophobia
Chair: Astrid von Busekist (Sciences Po, France)

- Jocelyne Cesari (Challenge Partner/WP10, Harvard University and CNRS, France) “Presentation of the research. Synthesis of the results”

- Jose Maria Ortuño Aix (Challenge Partner/WP9, University of Barcelona, Spain) Anti-terrorism and Security Laws

- Alexandre Caeiro (EHESS-Paris France and Institute for the Study of Islam in the Muslim World, Leiden, The Netherlands) “Relations between the State and Muslims”

- Marcel Maussen (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands) “Legal status of Islamic Religious Practices in Europe after 9/11”

- Chris Allen (University of Birmingham, United-Kingdom); Riem Spielhaus (Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany) “Anti-Islamic Discourses in Europe: Agents and Contents”

Rapporteur: Ioannis Dimitrakopoulos (Head of Unit Research & Data Collection, European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia - EUMC)

Workshop 5 Mapping the field of the professionals of security in the EU: recent transformations and adaptations r t )
tr ) t

Chair: Jef Huysmans (Challenge Partner/WP1, Open University, London, United-Kingdom)

- Willy Bruggeman (Former Senior Deputy Director of Europol) “The Future of Europol”

- Didier Bigo (Challenge Scientific Coordinator/WP2, CERI/Sciences Po, France) “A Boudieusian approach tohe professionals of (insecurity)”

- Christian Olsson (Challenge Partner/WP2, CERI/Sciences Po, France); Julien Jeandeboz (Challenge Partner/WP2, CERI/Sciences Po, France), Stephan Davidshofer (Challenge Partner/WP2, Sciences Po, France), “Mapping a ansnational field of European (insecurity insitutions”

- Emmanuel-Pierre Guittet (Challenge Partner/WP2, C&C, France) “Looking at the involvement of the military inside, an example”

Rapporteur: Colonel Cavalier (National Gendarmerie, Ecole de Formation de Saint-Astier) tbc

Workshop 6 Controlling Social cohesion? Citizen and rights of foreigners
Chair: Anne de Tinguy (CERI/Sciences Po, France)

- Sergio Carrera (Challenge Partner/WP5, CEPS, Belgium) “Integration of Immigrants versus Socal Incusion: A Typology of Integration Programmes in the EU”

- Cristina Fernandez (Challenge Partner/WP9, University of Barcelona, Spain) “Symbolic dimenson and real consequences of border polices"

- Federico Rahola (Challenge Partner/WP8, University of Genoa, Italy) “The logic of human excedent and the defintive transit zone”

- Rutvica Andrijasevic (Challenge Partner/WP5, CEPS, Belgium) “How to balance rights and responsibilities on asylum at the EU’s southern border of Italy and Libya”

- Judith Töth (Challenge Partner/WP7, University of Szeged/CIMRES, Hungary) “Borders, neighbourhood policy and enlargement”

Rapporteur: Paolo Martino Cossu (Council of the European Union; General Secretariat, DG H - Justice and Home Affairs; Directorate 1 - Asylum and Immigration; Unit 1-A - Asylum and Immigration)

Coffee Break

– 16.30 Workshop Session 3

– 18.00 Workshop 7 Surveillance and control in the name of protection and survival (biometrics and data bases)

Chair: Julian Reid (Challenge Partner/WP1, King’s College London, United-Kingdom)

- Ola Tunander (Challenge Partner/WP3, PRIO, Norway) “The War on Terror and Pax Americana”

- Juliet Lodge (Challenge Partner/WP6, University of Leeds, United-Kingdom) “The Challenge of bomeric function creep - beyond the human bar code” i t

- Bruno Fransen (Challenge Partner/WP6, University of Leeds, United-Kingdom) “Transparency in the Council: The road towards a more open EU?”

- Philippe Bonditti (Challenge Partner/WP2, CERI/Sciences Po, France) “Governing Modern societies. What about Biometrics?”

- William Keller (ISI Partner, Director, Ridway Center; University of Pittsburgh, USA) “Characteristics of Internal Security in the 21st Century”

Rapporteur: François Thuillier (UCLAT, Coordination Unit for the Fight against Terrorism, Ministry of Interior, France)

Workshop 8 Foreign Policy: from enemy to neighbours?

Chair : Judith Toth (Challenge Partner/WP7, University of Szeged/CIMRES, Hungary)

- Alessandro Dal Lago (Challenge Partner/WP8, University of Genoa, Italy) “The transformation of the concept of war and its impact on US and European foreign policy both externally and internally”

- Esther Barbé and Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués (Challenge Partner/WP2, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain) "Defusing conflict in the near neighbourhood? The EU and the ENP"

- Karen Smith (Challenge Partner/WP2&7, LSE, United-Kingdom) “Balancing between inclusion and exclusion: The EU's fight against irregular migration and human traficking from Ukraine, Moldova, and Russia” f

- Victor Bojkov (Challenge Partner/WP2&7, LSE, United-Kingdom) “Bulgarian security sector reform in the context of EU and NATO accession”

- Gilles Favarel-Garrigues (CERI/Sciences Po, France), Anne Le Huérou (EHESS, France) “Antiterrorist polices in Russia”

Rapporteur: François Campagnola (Chargé de Mission, Delegation for Strategic Affairs, Ministry of Defence, France)

18.00 – 19.00

Plenary Session Danger and emergency. Rule of law and Human Rights: The European standard

Co-chair: Angela Liberatore (European Commission; DG Research) Ghassan Salamé (Sciences Po; Senior Advisor to the UN Secretary General)

Each Rapporteur will speak for 5 minutes to address from hs/her own professional perspective the results of the workshop he/she has attended and how they contribute to a better understanding of what has happened since September 11, in respect of the main themes of the conference.

Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches Internationales (CERI)
Bureau Challenge
56 rue Jacob
75006 Paris
or an email with the required information at : bonditti@ceri-sciences-po.org



  • Paris, France


  • Friday, June 09, 2006


  • Bonditti Philippe
    courriel : bonditti [at] ceri-sciences-po [dot] org

Information source

  • Masse Jean-Pierre
    courriel : jpmasse [at] libertysecurity [dot] org


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