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History of Polar Science

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Publié le mercredi 04 octobre 2006


Call for Papers: “Making Science Global: Reconsidering the Social and Intellectual Implications of the International Polar and Geophysical Years," October 31-November 1, 2007 in Washington, DC


The program committee of “Making Science Global: Reconsidering the Social and Intellectual Implications of the International Polar and Geophysical Years” invites papers for a possible two-day conference at the Smithsonian Institution on October 31-November 1, 2007, examining the impetus for (and the impact upon) science, society, and culture of the International Polar Years (IPYs) of 1882-83 and 1932-33, and the International Geophysical Year of 1957-58, as well as how this perspective might be useful for planners of the current IPY in 2007-2008.
We intend to explore the origins of these efforts, their political dimensions, and their consequences. Themes might include the place of the poles in human imagination, discipline formation, cultural nationalism, politics, and trans-nationality prior to and after 1882; the emergence of the modern geosciences in the first half of the twentieth century; the uses of new technologies to explore the poles; and changing assessments of the nature of human cultures in high latitudes.
Papers addressing the International Geophysical Year might examine its role in the Cold War and the extent to which multi-disciplinarity and multi-national cooperation and competition shaped the geosciences and contributed to environmental awareness. Pending funding, the conference will be held in Washington, D.C., immediately prior to the History of Science Society meeting in 2007. International scholars and graduate students seeking exposure to the history of the geosciences are particularly welcome. We hope that the papers will merit publication.

Proposals for papers should include a title and abstract, as well as curriculum vita.
DEADLINE: December 31, 2006. Please send these electronically to David DeVorkin, Roger Launius, and James Fleming



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  • David DeVorkin
    courriel : devorkind [at] si [dot] edu

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  • David DeVorkin
    courriel : devorkind [at] si [dot] edu


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