InicioRencontres franco-indiennes sur la migration indienne

InicioRencontres franco-indiennes sur la migration indienne

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Publicado el lunes 16 de octubre de 2006


Ces rencontres ont pour objectif de faire se rencontrer chercheurs indiens et français de diverses disciplines (anthropologie, sociologie, géographie, démographie), travaillant sur différents aspects de la migration indienne. Ces rencontres se dérouleront en anglais.



14-15th of November 2006  

Place: CNRS Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Urbaine 27. rue Paul Bert, Ivry/Seine (Métro « Porte d’Ivry » or « Porte de Choisy »)   Workshop organised by Marie Percot (Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Urbaine, UPR34 CNRS) and Irudaya Rajan (Centre for Development Studies) in collaboration with the Institut National d’Etudes Démographiques (INED), Migrinter (UMR6588 CNRS, Poitiers University), the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme of Paris and the Ministry of Indian Overseas Affairs (Government of India)    

Programme for Thuesday 14th

-9h00-9h45: Opening session and presentation by Jean-Charles DEPAULE (Director of the Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Urbaine), Marie PERCOT and Irudaya RAJAN  
-9h45-10h30h: Christophe GUILMOTO (CICRED, Paris) India’s place in the world migratory web     
-10h30-10h45: Coffee break   
- 10h45-11h30: Prakash C. JAIN (Jahawarlal Nehru University, Delhi) British colonialism and international migration from India: four case studies    
- 11h30-12h15: Leela GULATI (Centre for Development Studies-Trivandrum) Asian women workers in international labour migration: an overview  
- 12h15-13h00 :  Marie PERCOT (Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Urbaine, Ivry) Further and further or the step by step migration of Keralese nurses  
- 14h30-15h15: Irudaya RAJAN (Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum) Socio-economic dynamics and migration in Kerala. 1999-2004: Analysis of Panel Data  
- 15h15-16h00 : Philippe VENIER (Migrinter, Poitiers) From Kerala to the Gulf : an entrepreneurial route in the UAE    
-16h-16h45:  Adeline PELLETIER (Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Paris) Household remittances, inequality and poverty : evidence from the State of Kerala      

Programme for Wednesday 15th  

- 9h30-10h15: Aswini Kumar NANDA (Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID), Chandigarh) and Jacques VERON (INED) Dreams, Displacement and Development: Some Issues in International Out migration from Indian Punjab  
- 10h15-11h30: Christine MOLINIER (EHESS) Sikhs in France    
- 11h30-11h45: Coffee break    
- 11h45-12h30: Aurélie VARREL (Migrinter, Poitiers) Non Resident Indians’ return to India    
- 14h00-14h45: Aminah MOHAMMAD-ARIF (CEIAS, Paris) Young Indian Muslims in the United States : between Americanization and Identity (Re)assertion of their Identity  
-14h45-15h30: Binod KHADRIA (Jahawarlal Nehru University, Delhi) Concluding session: Bridging the binaries of skilled and unskilled migration from India  
-15h30-16h: GENERAL DISCUSSION          

For any information, please, contact:  
Marie Percot :
el/fax: 33 2 40 03 94 33
Or Irudaya Rajan :
Tel: 91 471 244 88 84  



  • Ivry sobre Sena, Francia


  • martes 14 de noviembre de 2006


  • marie percot
    courriel : mpercot [at] aol [dot] com

Fuente de la información

  • Laboratoire d'anthropologie urbaine (UPR34 CNRS) ~
    courriel : lau [at] ivry [dot] cnrs [dot] fr


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