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Published on Friday, November 25, 2005


Appels à contributions de la revue Nordiques


NORDIQUES is the only French-speaking academic journal devoted to the study of Nordic societies.

This journal is hosted by INSTITUT CHOISEUL, Paris, a think-tank running several academic journals (Problèmes d’Amérique latine, Mondes chinois, Géoéconomie, Maghreb-Machrek, Politique américaine and Nordiques)

NORDIQUES is a pluridisciplinary journal, dealing with cultural, political, or economic subjects. In the previous years, a variety of subjects were studied, such as the Nordic identity, the Nordic countries and Europe, Nordic philosophy, Nordic elites, Nordic litterature, women in Nordic societies, strategic questions, the Baltic-Nordic relationship...

Each issue develops a main theme, along with "varia", that is, papers on other various subjects. Papers must be written in French (preferably). Papers in Scandinavian languages (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian) or English will be translated. Maximum length : 40 000 signs, notes included. Plus a short abstract.

The next subjects NORDIQUES have planned to develop are : Greenland - Nordic cinema - the Nordic model - and The Nordic countries and Peace promotion, languages and linguistics aspects in the Nordic countries.

The Nordic countries and Peace :

The Nordic countries endeavour to promote peace is legendary. These countries, either neutral or not, are famous for their bridge-building efforts during the Cold war, and since then in difficult conflicts (former Yugoslavia, the Middle East...). Their effort to promote arms control has also been typical, for a long time (Sweden unilaterally disarmed before World War I). The NORDIQUES team would like publishing papers explaining these issues to a French-speaking audience, not always aware of them.

Some papers could also develop portraits of great Nordic peace-promoters (the Myrdals ? Galtung ? the Nobel Prize ? ). The role of SIPRI, and of peace research could be developed too.

Other contributions could develop insights of Peace in Nordic litterature or cinema.

Non governmental organizations for peace, their role in Nordic countries could also be an interesting subject.

Any proposal is welcomed and can be discussed.

Editors are Marc Auchet (Sorbonne University, Paris) for cultural aspects, and Nathalie Blanc-Noël (Bordeaux University) for political and social aspects.

Mail :
-  Marc.Auchet@paris4.sorbonne.fr
-  nblancnoel@aol.com

Web : www.choiseul-editions.com


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