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Published on Friday, November 27, 2009


Organized by UMR 201, RUME India, Mexico, Madagascar, CIESAS (Mexico) (www.rume-rural-microfinance.org). The main purpose of this interdisciplinary workshop will be a theoretical and empirical examination of over-indebtedness from the perspective of southern countries, with the following underlying hypothesis: to define and analyze the process of indebtedness requires first an understanding of the complexity and diversity of debt relationships. The following questions might be addressed: 1) The social meaning of debt, creditworthiness and over-indebtedness. 2) Financial ‘markets’ and financial providers. 3) Financial culture. 4) Impoverishment and accumulation. 5) Over-indebtedness.



7 Décembre 2009

9h15- 9h30

Accueil des participants : Why should we talk about debt and overindebtedness?
Isabelle Guérin (UMR 201), Solène Morvant‐Roux (UMR 201), Magdalena Villarreal (CIESAS)

9h 30‐10h45: Session 1.
Debt : accumulation versus impoverishment

  • Credit, finance and contractual synchrony in a south‐Indian market town, Barbara Harriss‐White, Oxford University, UK
  • Fair Interest Rates when Lending to the Poor, Marek Hudon, ULB‐Cermi, Belgique

10h 45‐11h00 Pause café/ Coffee break

11h00-12h45: Session 2.
The social meaning of debt and over-indebtedness and the role of microfinance

  • Debt, over‐indebtedness and wellbeing: an exploration, Susan Johnson, Bath University
  • Debt, impoverishment and misery in rural South‐India, Isabelle Guérin, UMR 201, France

12h45 - 14h00 : Déjeuner/Lunch

14h00 – 18h15 Session 3.
Financial crisis and financial vulnerability: Insufficient economic growth, social exclusion and indebtedness dynamics

  • Jean‐Michel Servet, IHEID, Suisse
  • Indebted Mexicans in the Californian Mortgage Crisis, Magdalena Villarreal, Ciesas, Mexique

15h30 Pause café/ Coffee break

  • Class, Caste and Pay Gaps: An Analysis of the Working‐Class Roots of Overindebtedness, Wendy Olsen, Manchester University, UK
  • The dynamics of financial vulnerability. Lessons from India, Marc Roesch, CIRAD - IFP, France

8 Décembre 2009

9h00 12h30: Session 4.
The ambiguity of debt: from protection to exploitation

  • From gift to debt: the logic of credit in Early Modern Europe, Laurence Fontaine, EHESS, France
  • Redefining Time in Changing Debt‐Bondage Relationships: Discourses and Practices of Labourers in Telangana, South India, David Picherit, UMR 201, France

10h30‐10h45 Pause café/ coffee break

  • The Multiplication of Dependency: Mexican examples for a qualitative definition of “over‐indebtedness”, Francesco Zanotelli – Università degli Studi di Siena, Italie
  • The collective dimension of debt: evidence from rural Mexico, Solène Morvant‐Roux, UMR 201, France

12h30‐13h30 Pause déjeuner/ lunch

13h30- 17h30 Session 5:
The double side of microfinance

  • Social Class and Debt Levels 1995‐2006 in Rural South India, Daniel Neff, University of Manheim, Allemagne and Wendy Olsen, Manchester University, UK
  • Crisis, microfinance, overindebtedness and social costs for women. A Mexican case study, Lourdes Angulo, CIESAS, Mexique

15h00‐15h15 Pause café/ Coffee break

  • Debt dynamics in an indigenous community in Mexico. An anthropological perspective, Agata Hummel, Varsovia University, Pologne
  • Does juggling mean struggling ? Insights into the diversity and complexity of rural households financial practices in Madagascar, Betty Wampfler, Supagro, Montpellier


  • IEDES, 45 bis, avenue de la Belle Gabrielle
    Nogent-sur-Marne, France


  • Monday, December 07, 2009
  • Tuesday, December 08, 2009


  • debt, microfinance, poor, labour, credit, India, Mexico, Madagascar, bondage, migration


  • Isabelle Guérin
    courriel : isabelle [dot] guerin [at] ird [dot] fr
  • Solène Morvant?Roux ~
    courriel : solene [dot] morvant [at] gmail [dot] com

Information source

  • David Picherit
    courriel : bourse [dot] fleischmann [at] societe-ethnologie [dot] fr


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