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Changing European borders: from separation to interface?

Frontières européennes : de la séparation à l'interface ?

Articulo - Journal of Human Sciences 6-2010

Articulo - Revue de sciences humaines 6-2010

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Published on Friday, March 05, 2010


L'objectif de cet appel à contributions est d'analyser l'évolution des frontières européennes d'une manière comparative. Les articles seront publiés par Articulo - Revue de sciences humaines, une publication en ligne à comité de lecture qui se consacre à l'articulation des sciences humaines.


Changing European borders: from separation to interface?

Guest editors

Olivier Walther, Centre for Population, Poverty and Public Policy Studies Luxembourg

Jen Nelles, University of Toronto 

The special issue

The aim of this special issue is to address the evolution of European borders from a comparative perspective. In the past, border situations were seen mainly as a problem of peripheral regions. Political borders created many problems in terms of competition and development because of administrative obstacles, lack of services or competing interests. For the last decade, though, an increasing number of researchers have shown that the opening of borders in Europe also constituted an opportunity for regions and cities to exploit border differentials and flourish from the positive effects that they represent.  This is particularly true for cities located close to new members states in Europe, which can operate as nodal centres of cross-border interactions. Far from being only territorial barriers or obstacles being abolished, borders in Europe are increasingly becoming interfaces encouraging contacts and exchanges. 

Against this background, the guest editors welcome conceptual and empirical papers on any aspects of the evolution of European borders. Papers dealing with – but not necessary limited to – one the following topics are particularly welcome: 

  • The importance of borders in economic development strategies
  • The spatial impact of the opening up of borders (including labour markets)
  • The strategies of states in regulating border differentials and flows
  • The strength of cross-border partnerships in the development of national policies
  • The development of local and regional levels of government in border areas
  • The effectiveness of cross-border development strategies
  • Cross-border initiatives in key areas such as transportation, environmental management, and sustainable development
  • The importance of new institutional tools that can help formalise cross-border projects
  • The perceived relevance of the border in social and/or economic interaction patterns

How to submit a paper?

Authors are invited to submit a 2-3 page abstract in English or French by 20 April 2010

to the editors (olivier.walther@ceps.lu and jen.nelles@utoronto.ca). Feedback will be sent to authors by 20 May 2010.

Authors selected to write full papers will then be invited to submit their manuscripts no later than 1st September 2010. According to the journal review policy, these papers will then be submitted to a double-blind review which will guarantee that both the referee and the author remain anonymous throughout the process.

Articulo - Journal of Human Sciences

Articulo - Journal of Human Sciences (http://articulo.revues.org) is a peer-reviewed online journal devoted to articulating the different human sciences and their different levels of analysis. It was created in 2005 as a multidisciplinary open access journal and is now referenced by several international online directories, including DOAJ and INTUTE. The journal’s website currently receives over 3,000 visits per month and publishes about 16 articles per year in two or three issues totaling about 240 pages. Articulo only publishes papers which have not been submitted or published elsewhere. More information about the submission procedure can be found here: http://articulo.revues.org/index921.html.


  • Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
    Luxembourg City, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


  • Tuesday, April 20, 2010


  • frontières, Europe, interface, États, géographie politique


  • Olivier Walther
    courriel : ow [at] sam [dot] sdu [dot] dk
  • Jen Nelles
    courriel : jen [dot] nelles [at] utoronto [dot] ca

Information source

  • Olivier Walther
    courriel : ow [at] sam [dot] sdu [dot] dk


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