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Histoire des scénaristes

Arts and Communication at the Era of Screenwriters

Arts et communication à l´ère des scénaristes

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Published on Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Quoi : deuxième séminaire histoires des scénaristes - arts et communication à l´ère des scénaristes (cinéma et audiovisuel) et le pré-event I Workshop des technologies de la vidéo digitale. Quand : 16 (pré-event) et 17, 18 et 19 Novembre 2010. Ou : Université Presbiteriene Mackenzie, a São Paulo, SP, Brésil (Brazil)


II Seminário Histórias de Roteiristas

Arte e Comunicação na Era dos Roteiristas (guionistas)

CALL FOR WORK (article or video+short article) until 15 Sept 2010 (submission form: http://www3.mackenzie.com.br/congressos/SemHistRot2010/inscricao.php) - whith publication
URL: https://sites.google.com/site/iiseminarioroteiristas2010/home
Contact: roteiristas2010.ccl@mackenzie.br (Pour des informations en français ou en inglais, ecriver nous au roteiristas2010.ccl@mackenzie.br)  


As the human history is organized by periods and cycles, historical national cinema and audiovisual approaches don’t escape this model, considering their political, cultural, productive faces, their theoretical and creative manifestations. Brazilian cinema as well examined by Paulo Emílio Salles Gomes has been marked by alternating periods of attempts, successes and failures. Reviewing facts from a distant past and carefully staring at contemporary events make us able to recognize in audiovisual history, traditional elements interlaced with new devices brought by technology managed by a new human sensibility to make films. These are warning signs of traces and rites that testify timeline placed social, political and cultural moments and spaces.  

The end of XX century’s light pictures the clear image of the inescapable renewal of Brazilian audiovisual achieved through simultaneous and incessant movements of professionals considering idealization of new ways to reinvigorate and perpetuate it.  Allied to this effort, we find the movement produced by digital innovations and the absorption of the concepts of new media. At that time cinema was past 100 years and the rescue of the language roots, the reiteration of the film matrices (narrative or not), the approval of the vanguards and verdict about audiovisual expansion over the years to come were already consolidated. The class of professionals in film and audiovisual started to require a new position that valuated screenwriters, however not tenting to ruptures or radical changes, but growing in an organic and spontaneous demand. The writers began to see and be seen as professionals prepared to run the "first creative performance" - the screenplay written and illustrated, as well as first visualized.

Now we borrow the greatest gift of writers, their ability to deal with a solitary game of letters, drawings and imagination, to predict histories that will be seen and testified by an audience. Once we kindly appropriated this gift and become able to read the future we can attest the increasing need of this creative character, the screenwriter or audiovisual writer. Therefore, as more than deserved we credit them as protagonists of this Screenwriters Stories Seminar. Unconditionally this growing prestige of the writers in audiovisual area sets a "new age" different from any other in Brazil.  Validate the Age of screenwriters is to bring them as integral part of History and of their own stories. It somehow makes them to sign the authorship of the text and the independence of it. However without taking the authorship from the director, but  instead of it recognizing that there must a be a partnership between them director and screenwriter. A partnership that blends probable paths, dreams, probabilities, syntax, grammar and structures traced by the writer, and translated by the director using figures, colors, backgrounds, actions, settings, time and space. The goal is an audiovisual production containing the script in its ways, hidden and crystallized, and ready to be experienced by the viewer.  

Proposed under the foundation of four themes and the diversity of thirteen approaches (and / or languages), the II Screenwrites Stories Semminar aims to:
(1) promote academic, cultural and  professional approach in the area within presentations, discussions, reflections about screenplays and screenwriters and the relations between creation, production, exhibition and history;
(2) reiterate the importance and continue the discussion started in the first "Screenwrites Stories Semminar” in 2009, whose themes brought out the real fact of the new audiovisual paradigm: represented by the inclusion and representation of writers in the history of cinema and audiovisual
(3) share and expand the repertoire of knowledge
(4) contribute with the diffusion of the production of several researchers and scholars in this field;
(5) maintain a close relationship with contemporary technologies;
(6)  approximate and change the various countries experiences

  I Workshop on Digital Video Technologies.

 The development of researches in the field of audiovisual technologies by the group Nucleo de Audiovisual (NAV) has generated the opportunity to shelter within the activities of Screenwriters Stories Semina, the I Workshop on Digital Video Technologies designed, organized and coordinated by the professors Flávio Albuquerque (NAV) and Mark Nepomuceno. This event preceds the Seminar.

Believing that we will share the authorship of this chapter of audiovisual story,

We welcome all of you,

 Gláucia Davino  and  Fernanda Bellicieri

Abonnements/ Inscriptions: until 15 septembre (pour les Appeles/ for Call for paper)

Abonnements/ Inscriptions;

30 septembre au 08 novembre (d´autres activités)
URL information:  https://sites.google.com/site/iiseminarioroteiristas2010/home   ou  http://www.mackenzie.br/iiseminario_hist_roteiristas.html
Contact: roteiristas2010.ccl@mackenzie.br (Pour des informations en français ou en inglais, ecriver nous au roteiristas2010.ccl@mackenzie.br)


  • Rua Piauí, 143, Higienópolis, (Centro de Comunicação e Letras da Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie)
    Sao Paolo, Brazil


  • Wednesday, September 15, 2010


  • cinéma et audiovisuel, scénario et scénaristes, Process Creatif, histoires, marche audiovisuelle


  • Glaucia Davino
    courriel : glau [dot] dav [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Glaucia Davino
    courriel : glau [dot] dav [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Fernanda Bellicieri
    courriel : fernandavns [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] br

Information source

  • Gláucia Davino (PhD) ~
    courriel : gcine [at] arquitetos [dot] com


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